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    Lensois got a reaction from Dan Griffin in Graphics Design Feedback   
    Re: Graphic Design Feedback
    On a side note... What do you guys think of this Müller sig?

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    Lensois reacted to DerbyPower in The Intercourse, General Banter Thread.   
    Re: The Intercourse, General Banter Thread.
    I won. Again. It's getting boring.
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    Lensois got a reaction from cainhoy in -Funny Images Thread!   
    Re: -Funny Images Thread!

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    Lensois got a reaction from pedro r. in Amido Baldé - Sporting CP   
    Valuable Info:
    Name: Amido Baldé
    Age: 19 (1991)
    Club: Sporting CP
    Position: Forward
    Sporting has been 'spitting' out talented players. Especially under this century many talents have emerged through the youth academies of Sporting. In the beginning of this century, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ricardo Quaresma, Simão, Hugo Viana and Luis Boa Morte were the players that stole the headlines. In the middle of this decade, Moutinho, Veloso, Nani, Rui Patricio and Carrico broke through. Is Amido Baldé the next academy player who will take this step?
    Amido started his career in Guinea-Bissau, and after cauting the eyes of Sporting scouts, he moved to Sporting in 2008. He had an instant impact in Portugal and helped Sporting defend their title in Liga Intercalar. He also scored 13 goals in 29 games in his first year in Portugal. Last season, he once again had a great season, as Sporting once again defended their title and he also ended up scoring 17 goals.
    During this summer, Baldé was sent out on loan to Santa Clara, as he is now to old to play for Sporting in the Intercalar league. Santa Clara plays in Liga Vitalis (Div 2), so he should and hopefully he'll get some minutes there.
    Baldé is a strong player and is often used as an target man. Most of his goal comes with his head, but he also possesses good technique with the ball on the feet aswell. His weakness is that he may miss one or two many opportunites, but I believe once he'll get more routine, that problem won't be in the way for him.
    And besides, I've heard that it takes 6 years to gain a Portuguese passport and if Portugal still lacks at a good, world class striker, and Baldé develops in the way he should, who knows, maybe he'll be the starting player...?
    A goal by Baldé in the last minute

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    Lensois got a reaction from Halstinho in Avatar of the Week Submission Thread   
    Re: Avatar of the Week Submission Thread

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    Lensois got a reaction from Dermo in Official French Ligue 1 & 2 Thread   
    Re: French Ligue 1 and 2
    Congrats l'OM!
    Well' date=' his roots are from Tunisia and the game was played there, hence the massive cheer.
    Rubbish player in my opinion. Azpi is way better than him, and I am so happy for l'OM that they got rid of Bonnart and bought Azpi instead of meeting Bonnart's crazy wage demands. Now, he can't even find a new team to play for, haha.
    Anyway, back to point. As Didi said, ASSE were interested in him, but I haven't heard anything for ages now so I don't think they want him more. Perhaps Bonnart moves to EPL or something like that. A team like Newcastle would perhaps do good for him and suit him and the club well. He has routine and Newcastle don't want and can't afford to spend as much as before, but they've got Simpson aswell, who's another good right-back, but screw that, routine is routine. This was just my own thoughts though.
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    Lensois got a reaction from koplfc in Official French Ligue 1 & 2 Thread   
    Re: French Ligue 1 and 2
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    Lensois got a reaction from Bourkey in David Pollet - RC Lens   
    Valuable Info:
    Name: David Pollet
    Nationality: Belgian
    Age: 21 (1988)
    Club: RC Lens
    Position: Striker
    Beeing sent out on loan over and over again often destroys a players confidence. I mean, for example in Italy, there's been loads of young players who've never made it beacuse of this. David Pollet though, is a difference case.
    Having started his youth career at Lens in 1997, he was coming through the youth rank. He played his first official game with the Lensois in 2007 against Lorient when he came in as as subsitute in 78th minute. In April '08, he signed his first pro-contract with Lens (3 years deal).
    In the summer of 2008, he was sent out on his first loan out of three within a year. He was sent out on loan to Stade de Reims. He didn't have much luck though and after a handful of games, he got injured and was ruled of for some months. When he got back, he wasn't a starting player anymore, and in fere that his development would stall, Lens sent him out on loan to Gueugnon in January '09. He had more luck there and saw regular football throughout the second half of the season. He scored 5 goals in 18 matches.
    He came back to Lens after the 08/09 season, but was quickly sent out on loan again. This time to Div 3 and the team Paris FC. He had a very successful season with Paris in Div 3 and they finished just under the promotion spots with their 6th place and he scored 20 goals and finished 3rd in the topscorer league.
    He was now a hunted by many teams around Europe, with several French, Belgian and Greece teams all sharing the same interest. But Lens didn't have any plans of selling him nor loaning out him and as of now, he seems to have a regular spot in the starting XI, and also he has got his contract renewed with 2 more year to 2013.
    Pollet is certainly happy at his current club and unlike most youngsters (and older players aswell), he wants to stay at the club of his heart and not go to the club who offer most in wages.
    He is a tall and big player and is therefore an excellent target man. That's definately his strengthness. He would fit perfect in Lens three-men attack, with the quick and technical players, Eduardo and Boukari surrounding him to the left of him and right of him respectivly. Lens attack could definately take advantage of Pollet strengthness in this way, and I believe and hope Pollet will be starter, beacuse as of now, it looks like he'll be a starting player for the next season.
    How can I say that a guy who played in Div 3 last season will be a regular this season for a Div 1 side?
    Well, we can of course not base opinions weather he'll be a regular or not at the moment, but since Lens didn't have any player at the World Cup if I remember correctly and therefore all the key players has been participating during these training matches during the summer, and the fact that Maoulida will most likely get sold this window (striker aswell), things certainly does look good for Pollet. Pollet has been starting in all games during these training games that occurs during the summer and he has been impressive aswell.
    He has so far beeing capped 3 times for the Belgian U-21 team. He hasn't been nailing a regular spot in the squad itself.
    He is on the DB with a rating of 78.

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    Lensois got a reaction from Johnny C in Official Real Madrid Thread   
    Re: Official Real Madrid Thread
    Perhaps' date=' but what's so different this time? I mean, I don't think Real Madrid wants to pay 40 mil € for him beacuse he is still very un-proven on the highest-level. Playing in Portugal, EL and being mostly sub in Argentina during the WC qualifiers doesn't apply as proven on the highest stages in my book. So, with Benfica now going to CL, they surely wants to raise some extra funds in a potential Di Maria move and why should Real Madrid spend so much on a player, who has a higher asking-fee than Benzema and Xabi Alonso went to Madrid for last season? Benzema and Xabi were also already proven on the highest stage.
    Perez nor Pellegrini signed Ronaldo. It was Calderon who already had an agreement with Ronaldo during Ronaldo's last season at United. Perez just agreed a fee with United over Ronaldo, hence Perez signed Kaka, beacuse Ronaldo was already a buy of Calderon and therefore Perez also wanted Kaka, so he could brag about that he managed to get a ''Galactico'' to Real Madrid.
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    Lensois got a reaction from AFC Chewis in Racing Club de Lens Blog   
    Re: Racing Club de Lens Blog

    Intro: Why Lens?
    A question I've gotten from friends: Why Lens? Well, a simple answer would be something in the lines of ''We all don't have support big teams''. That's not the point nor the answer. So, how come I support Lens?

    (Daniel Moreira - One of my old favourites)
    Well, it all started by me watching Eurosport when I was a kid around the age of 6-7. I remember see them trash Sedan, if i remember correctly. The result was something like 4-0. Of course the kit Lens were wearing also mattered. I really fell in love with them then and since then, they have been my favourite team. I remember having the old legend Daniel Moreira as my favourite player in Lens. He was vital for Lens back then!

    (Seydou Keita and Alou Diarra - Lens heroes)
    Of course I've suffered some bad times with Lens too. Any Lens fan don't want to remember the whole 07/08 season. We had appointed the highly rated coach, Guy Roux, who had spent magical 41 years in charge at Auxerre and taking them from amateur football to CL football and given them perhaps one of the best youth systems in Europe and they produced players like Mexes, Cisse and Boumsong. Anyway, we fighted to get him as our coach alongside Bordeaux in the summer of '07. He was originally to old for coaching a team according to the French football rules, but as I've pointed out, he was legendary and the French federation changed the rule of how you can max be to coach a team. So, after weeks of rumors weather he was heading our way our Bordeaux's, he chose us. Why did he choose us? ''Beacuse he was feeling more home in north''. He brought in players like Kalou and Akale, who he had in Auxerre previously and he brought in the ASSE captain, Julien Sable, the highly rated Left-back and talented at that time, Lucien Aubey, and the Keeper, Vedran Runje. We were thoughted as possible gold-candits, but vice-versa, the hell broke lose and after our bad start with no wins in 5 games, Guy Roux left us stating ''I don't have the energy to work with football right now''. In came the French legend, Jean-Pierre Papin. He had no previously routine as a coach on the biggest stage and after a year of humilliantion and suffer, we eventually got relegated after our loss to Bordeaux on matchday 38 on the 17th of May. I remember I was on a class-trip with my class that day and we spent the day in a house where you do funny stuffs and experiments. We also eventually sleeped over there and I remember that I and my room-mate the day after packed our bags before everybody else was awake and we ate break-fast before them all and then we watched some TV while everybody else were eating. I zapped between some channels and after some zapping, I found Eurogoals on Eurosport and I remember watching the highlights from the French league, and there it was, the game between Lens and Bordeaux, I watched the game and I couldn't hold it and I did exactly what you are perhaps thinking right now....
    Anyway, we are back now in L1, Allez Lens!

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    Lensois got a reaction from Gunner in Official French Ligue 1 & 2 Thread   
    Re: French Ligue 1 and 2
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    Lensois got a reaction from JustABoozer in Official French Ligue 1 & 2 Thread   
    Re: French Ligue 1 and 2
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    Lensois reacted to Halstinho in English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread   
    Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread
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    Lensois got a reaction from joepi in Lorenzo Tassi - Can He Do 'A Lukaku'?   
    Valuable Info:
    Name: Lorenzo Tassi
    Age: 15 (1995)
    Club: Brescia
    Position: Midfielder
    'Grow a talent, and sell him for a high fee after a few years'. That's how the smaller teams around this globe mostly gets their income, but in this case, nothing matters. Brescia may not have the best economy, but instead of selling Tassi for a high fee, they are keeping hold of him.
    Tassi has been developing under the Rondinelle system (The Brescia academy), and has already been training with the A-squad at the age of 15. He has been developing in the right way and has already attract interests from perhaps the two biggest clubs in Italy, Inter and Milan. He, and the Brescia president, Fabio Corioni has quickly turned down both. Although both Inter's and Milan's bids were quite shockingly high for a player in this age (Inter's 2.5M € and Milan's 5M €), they've been rejected, as I said.
    Fabio Corioni has already expressed Tassi as the new Baggio, and has stated that if Tassi keep playing like this, then he will have no problems whatsoever to get some first team action next season in Serie A. I also need to say that Tassi didn't want to leave Brescia when both Milan and Inter, so he has some heart for his club. This sounds abit like Roberto Baggio, don't it...?
    I personally noticed this player under the Bannikov Tournament for U-16 kids earlier this summer (yes, he played with those who are 1 year older than him). He had an outstanding tournament playing in the role as the playmaker/fantasia, just like a certain Baggio. He impressed with me his vision and passes throughout the whole tournament. He and his Italy played very good football and beat Russia, Serbia and Ukraine, and came to the final where they faced, well erm... Belarus, and lost 2-1 against Belarus. Once again Tassi played great and if it weren't for that last minute goal from Belarus, Tassi may have had a gold-medal around his neck.
    He has been dubbed the new Baggio and I can see why. He has no problems with the passes and has a great vision for the game. His primary role is beeing used as a playmaker right behind the striker, where he can use his these strengths. I believe he'll end up getting some chances in Serie A next season. Corioni is a strong man and is always getting as he wants. If he wants Tassi to play Serie A football, then I believe he'll get some too. I honestly believe we can end up seeing this player do 'the Lukaku'. I mean, he is 15 (even younger than Lukaku!), but he has a great chance of getting A-team football next season.

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    Lensois got a reaction from swanseajack in English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread   
    Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread
    Sorry for my English, but what did you mean?
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    Lensois got a reaction from andyowls in English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread   
    Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread
    Sorry for my English, but what did you mean?
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    Lensois got a reaction from Didi in Official French Ligue 1 & 2 Thread   
    Re: French Ligue 1 and 2
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    Lensois reacted to Chambo in Official FIFA World Cup 2010 Thread   
    Re: Respuesta: Re: Respuesta: Re: Official FIFA World Cup 2010 Discussions Thread
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    Lensois got a reaction from AFC Chewis in Diego Maradona Graphics Thread   
    Re: Pazzano's Graphics Thread
    RC Lens Sig!!

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    Lensois reacted to JinxMillion in SM Elite League - Discussion Thread/Sign Up sheet - Negociations/Trading thread.   
    Re: SM Elite League - Discussion Thread/Sign Up sheet - Negociations/Trading thread.
    Quite funny actually that several people felt the need to validate their time consummation in the draft after you posted the above.
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    Lensois reacted to Fercasti in ; Fercasti AVATAR Requests/Portfolio!   
    You can request any avatar here. Please don't ask more than 1.
    Preferably request famous and known players, it's easier to find a decent picture of them.
    Some of my work:

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    Lensois reacted to Kroitzz in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    I have Lisando Lopez. He is on the bench for me due to the formation I play. I am being offered 1mil + Kleber (Maritimo) + Cavani. What do you think?
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    Lensois reacted to Kensational in Mr Adamski and Kensational enter sexual relations! All is revealed!   
    Re: Mr Adamski and Kensational enter sexual relations! All is revealed!
    Phil, Pazzano and Jinx join up with, what now looks like, the greatest team possible.
    Sorry to the rest of you guys who were looking to get on my team, but this team had the best balance I felt.
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    Lensois got a reaction from Kroitzz in Lorenzo Insigne - Napoli's Biggest Talent Since The Maradona Days?   
    Name: Lorenzo Insigne
    Nationality: Italian
    Age: 19
    Club: Napoli
    Position: Midfielder
    Lorenzo started his career by playing for the small team Sant'Arpino. Players born in Frattamaggiore like Lorenzo often started their careers there and then often moved to Napoli to play for Napoli's youth teams, Lorenzo was not exepction and in 2006 he moved to Napoli to play for their youth team. He was beeing seen as a big talent and already signed a 4 years pre-contract with Napoli while he was at Sant'Arpino. At his first season with Napoli he scored 15 goals (10 in the league and 5 in the cup). After some impressive play for the youth teams, he was rewarded with an contract extension to 2011.
    In the Viareggio Tournament who is recognized as one of the biggest youth tournaments in the world, Lorenzo was the captain and was given the number 10 shirt. Which many took with big eyes, seeing as a Diego used to play there... This also shows on how much Napoli trusts in him.
    Lorenzo made his debut with the Napoli A-team in 2009 in a pre-season game that ended 0-0. His first official game was on 26th January, when he got subbed in instead of Denis. It wasn't so much playing time to brag about (got subbed in '93), but still, a debut is a debut.
    Lorenzo is called ''the dwarf'' beacuse of his height (163 CM). He is very technical and is also very strong in his body for his height and weight. He is a playmaker, but can also play as a left-winger. From what I've seen, he has no problems with dribbling his opponents too. He is compared to another Italian talent - Sebastian Giovinco.
    He plays as an attack midfielder which Hamsik currently occupies in the A-team. Italian teams in general dosen't let their youth getting alot of starts for their respective A-teams due to the big pressure at coaches there. Napoli is probably the team that is worst when it comes to letting youngsters getting a chance. Just look at Quagliarella, Di Natale for example. Anyway, the future looks bright for Insigne. Napoli has a golden boy in their hands and I am sure that they won't let this guy go so easily as Quagliarella and Di Natale did. I mean, I don't think that Napoli wants to pay 16 mil € for this guy in a couple of years (see: Quagliarella).
    Goal scored by Insigne at the Viareggio Tournament about 1 and half month ago. Goal against Parma.

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    Lensois reacted to Smartdoc in SM Elite League - Discussion Thread/Sign Up sheet - Negociations/Trading thread.   
    Re: SM Elite League - Discussion Thread/Sign Up sheet - Negociations/Trading thread.
    Just wanted to throw some figures to try and emphasise how the draft process if progressing:
    - Currently the draft has taken approximately 65 days and 14 hours
    - I don't want and name and shame the members who are taking huge amounts of time when compared to others (as there is generally a defensive persona around here), but needless to say there is roughly 5 or 6 members who have cumulatively taken more time than the other 26 or 27 members combined
    - Based on current speed of progress, the draft will take over 4926 hours to complete (extrapolating the current speed forward)
    - This means we are on course to complete the draft on November 21
    - The earlier rounds were progressing at a faster rate than the later rounds. If this trend continues (and the signs are it will as some lose interest and the risk of selecting duplicate players increases), we may be looking at the draft process being completed in 2011
    I'm hoping this post will serve as an eye-opener for all involved and we can work at trying to speed things up a little as opposed to one which is bringing negativity
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