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  1. Morgan Taking Over! Real Betis has announced that Morgan Schneiderlin has taken over, in search of glory back to the Division 3 Spanish side. He has been pleased with the squad structure, stating players like Ruben Castro, Thorgan Hazard, and Mario Gaspar to be "key players" in hope of advancing backup to the top.
  2. Put Kolansic as CB and sign Jetro Williems or get Sule?
  3. Can't assess the Juventus squad page, , what to do
  4. Hmmm... looks like I'll take Chennayin, Rakitic, and a good squad balance, as well as extra money "Thanks Matt :)" is too much to pass over I will quit my open game world of real madrid to free up this game spot
  5. Am I allowed to know the budgets of each club, or is that too much
  6. Accidentaly clicked unfriend I AM SO SORRY please add me back And could you show me the 2 squads? Idk how
  7. Am I on? ?or is game done
  8. I am definitely not happy about losing Aguero not at all
  9. Welcome McCarthy! James McCarthy has joined Tottenham Hotspur, along with Christian Atsu, as part of a P/E swap deal for Santos Ramires. The Irish box-to-box midfielder was praised most by Hotspur coach Toni Kroos, who expects him to excel with flying colors here at White Hart Lane.
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