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    Morgan Taking Over!
    Real Betis has announced that Morgan Schneiderlin has taken over, in search of glory back to the Division 3 Spanish side. He has been pleased with the squad structure, stating players like Ruben Castro, Thorgan Hazard, and Mario Gaspar to be "key players" in hope of advancing backup to the top.
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    K thank you
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    To keep all of our community up-to-date on future developments within SM15, this is the schedule of work over the coming months:

    Realistic Schedules
    Additional Continental Competitions
    Second Domestic Cup
    Transfer Improvements
    New Monetisation Options

    Trophy Leaderboard
    Transfer Improvements
    New Design.
    2D Matchday Experience

    Job Offers / Apply for Jobs
    Super Cup
    Charity Shield
    Realistic Schedule II
    Advanced Media Questions
    Advanced Transfer System - Player Contracts, Players Demanding Transfers etc

    Advanced Transfer System II
    Advanced Media Questions II
    Additional Countries and Leagues
    International Management
    Remember that Soccer Manager is a game developed by football fans for football fans and our community helps drive the game forward with their ideas and feedback. Due to this all of the work scheduled above has been based on our communities feedback. This schedule of work isn't set in stone as the different modules of work may take longer than we anticipate and the order of which we work on them may change.
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