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  1. Re: Gary Gardner - The future of Aston Villa's midfield. Aye, he wasn't renowned for free flowing football up here with Rangers. Feel he has to get a least a season at the helm before he can be judged, as he, Given, Hutton, Jenas and N'Zogbia apart, has inherited the team.
  2. Re: Lewandowski or Pazzini? I concur, Lewandowski for me also.
  3. Re: risind defenders! There is your man there.
  4. Re: Gary Gardner - The future of Aston Villa's midfield. Thanks for the update. Could have done with his drive this evening in that abject performance v. United. Nice work.
  5. Re: Buying with rating change IMO I would keep Hummels and swap Ruiz and a little bit more cash for Gomez. Hummels > Ruiz.
  6. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings-By Kun,BRNL and Jor||- Had some nice risers this week thanks to this thread, so many thanks to all contributors.
  7. Re: A rising goalkeeper Kenneth Vermeer has replaced Stekelenburg' date=' he has played in all 12 league games so far. Has been around Ajax for a while, 25 years old and rated 85.[/color']
  8. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings-By Kun,BRNL and Jor||- Some good information on here, I have invested in a few players that have been suggested for a rise. Many thanks.
  9. Re: Need some advice - Sell or keep This lad here seems to be a decent proxpect. http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=95881
  10. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Smart move' date=' big prospect.[/color']
  11. Re: DJURICIN, Marco I think that the Hertha players have already been rated, as the teams that were promoted, or certainly the top Bundesliga 2 teams, were rated in May. He may be worth holding onto for the first Bundesliga rating changes next season, not the one about to take place this week, but there are forumers out there that would have a better idea than me.
  12. Re: About mobile Phone Part II HTC Desire S for me. I have been looking into getting a new mobile for a wee while now, done a bit of research and that is the one I am hoping to purchase next week.
  13. Re: SHAWN PARKER - GERMANY U19 Talent Good scouting there mate.
  14. Re: Sami Khedira 91-92? Keep Khedira, quality player, may not reach 92 this time around, but will surely get there next season.
  15. Re: ****Alexis Sanchez to join Barca**** Sanchez is quality, no doubt about it, but what manager wouldn't want to pick from Messi, Pedro, Villa and Sanchez for the three starting slots? IMO, if the transfer came off, it could be the making of Jeffren also.
  16. Re: Di Maria or Pedro? Pedro, simple.
  17. Re: French Ligue 1 & 2 (Risers Edition) Is it now time to sell Haruna Lukman? With Monaco being relegated, I am thinking of cashing in for a tidy profit or would there be any Ligue 1 teams willing to purchase him in the close season? Thanks in advance.
  18. Re: Ranieri SANDRO I would think a rise to 89 would be in order definitely.
  19. Re: Belgian Jupiler Pro League Rating Predictions 2010/2011 The Belgian ratings were done at the end of February' date=' begining of March, so I would doubt they will be getting done anytime soon.[/color']
  20. Re: The EREMENKO brothers Aleksei Eremenko is by some way the highest rated player at Rugby Park already with 85, he may be at their ceiling already? Since the last rating change, although he has played to a decent standard, he has scored 2 goals in 19 appearances, which has been matched by red cards! Stay IMO.
  21. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (II) Great thread once again Phil, one, if not the best prediction threads on the forum. Cannot believe I have just discovered it, as I had read on your previous Bundesliga thread that a new one was in the offing!
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