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    VillaKnollBoy got a reaction from LauraAFCA in English Premiership Rating Predictions   
    Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions
    Have you not watched any of Liverpools' games this season? Their defence is shocking.
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    VillaKnollBoy got a reaction from KYQS in Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers *   
    Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers *
    Wouldn't be overly impressed when/if Hoolahan puts pen to paper.
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    VillaKnollBoy got a reaction from rbdutch in Serie A Rating Predictions   
    Re: Serie A Rating Predictions
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    VillaKnollBoy got a reaction from ruggermad in Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers *   
    Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers *
    About to commence on a 760 mile round trip for tomorrow nights game! I also did the same for the game last December! So hoping for a decent performance first and foremost, but a decent result wouldn't go amiss also.
    Happy days.
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    VillaKnollBoy got a reaction from kdBz in risind defenders!   
    Re: risind defenders!
    There is your man there.
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    VillaKnollBoy reacted to Magic J in Gary Gardner - The future of Aston Villa's midfield.   
    Re: Gary Gardner - The future of Aston Villa's midfield.
    He just grabbed the assist for coventrys equaliser against Pompey. Quality.
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    VillaKnollBoy reacted to Spam in Risers destined for 90+ in 2011   
    Re: Risers destined for 90+ in 2011
    A* thread lad, just thought I'd make a few suggestions.
    Bearing in mind that the 'major' leagues are set to be reviewed at least 3 times before the end of 2011 (assuming that SM's fingers weren't crossed behind their back) then there's plenty of opportunities for new 90+ rated players.

    One of the top defenders in the Eredivisie, and constantly linked with pastures new further afield than the boundaries of Holland, the Belgian is a stalwart internationally and one of the first 89 players I could think of who IMO already deserve 90.
    Top defender at a club in resurgence, 90 before the end of 2011 is almost inevitable, and it would help it if he moved to a certain North London club that he's been linked with over the years. The one that doesn't want to up sticks to West London if you didn't know.
    90 standard, and if not, close on it. Probably close to rising last time around.
    Great DM, even better centre back. Likely to rise within a couple of changes.
    Should the Dutchman grab the bull by the horns and force his way into the Milan starting XI, a 90 should come relatively easily given their fantastic season and the potential Serie A crown coming their way. If he plays well and Milan keep up their form it's nigh on guaranteed.
    Possible departee at Goodison in the Summer (Munich p'raps?) if their season ends badly, and he's showed on many occasions this season that he's '90 standard'. Shame Ashley Cole still plays for England.
    His form has picked up of late and Arsenal are having a good season thus far, ought to be 90 by the end of 2011 if this situation continues, but he needs to get 89 first!
    Having a great season at Espanyol, and being constantly linked with bigger and better clubs. Whereas 89 is probably more likely than 90 at the end of the year, if a good club comes in for his signature and he features heavily then who knows?
    I <3 Keisuke right now! Top dog for Japan, and itching to move on from CSKA (plenty willing to scratch...), 90 is realistic in the imminent Russian changes and assuming that the Summer break in Russia reults in his transfer out of the country, 91 or dare I say 92 isn't out of his reach.
    It's fair to say that a +2 would be warranted for the young Englishman, who at this stage in his career is every bit as critical to the Arsenal engine room as Fabregas this season, his place in the starting lineup is guaranteed when fully fit and he's knocking on England's door. IMO 90 is inevitable, and he's already 90 standard in my eyes. Like Pedro, Bale etc., it just takes a while for SM to recognise that on the database. Sure he's three off it, but Jack can hit the big nine o.
    Bit iffy, this one. Song/Cesc/Jack have made the midfield 3 their own this seaosn and I cannot see Arsene Wenger changing the 433 system given its success thus far. Undeniably a top player, but unless he can force his way back into contention for a starting berth his development may stall.
    Starting for Dortmund? Check. Rated under 88? Check. The Pole meets all the criteria to reach 90 in a few changes. But seriously, he's a starter for his national side and pumping out good performances for the champions incumbent in Germany, and given the ratings boost the Dortmund team is going to recieve between now and the Summer, it's fair to say he's got a very good chance to hit 90.
    Guaranteed starter for Lille and Belgium, and starring for his club, surely 90 is possible before the Summer, never mind the fact that Arsenal and Madrid are very interested in his signature...
    Xabi Prieto
    Yeah, he's rated 87, but Prieto's been a diamond in the rough this season in La Liga, and given the number of changes Spain is set to get, he could one up his way to 90 before 2012.
    Renato Augusto
    Attacking fulcru in a not-too-shabby Leverkusen side, 90 has been on the cards for ages and it's not unlikely that he'll finally get his rise before the year's out.
    Luiz Gustavo
    OK, so SM haven't declared their undying love for Bayern Munich just yet, but given the ratings of some of their players, it's clear for all to see that they're generous with the ratings of the Champions/also ran's players. Having walked in at the perfect time (MvB's departure to Milan complete), if the young Brazilian can cement himself in the Bavarian's starting lineup then a 90 before the end of the year is on the cards.
    A +3 to 88 would be fair on the young German given his immense contribution to Dortmund's phenomenal season, and a further +1/+2 would also be fair after they're crowned Champions. The kid's been a class act this season and can now start squadding for Loew's national side - the sky's the limit and 90 is a definite possibility in 2011.
    When West Ham get relegated, it's a certainty that Talisman and star player Scott Parker won't be going over the edge with them. Whatever club snaps him up will make a very nice platform for him to hit 90 the changes after the 2011/12 PL season starts.
    Adam Johnson
    If Mancini played him as much as a lot of people think he should, then AJ would be a safe bet for 90 by the end of the season. Also in with a shout for England minutes.
    Sven Bender
    Another one who'll benefit from Dortmund's fine vein of form, an 89 by the end of the season is odds on, and if Dortmund keep their side together and avoid 'doing a Wolfsburg' then a further rise is plausible.
    Fantatsic second fiddle/impact sub at United, a rise to 89 is very likely in the next PL changes, and as many will guess, 90 is sure to follow that provided he keeps stabbing them in.
    +1s for himself and his chum Aduriz. TIA.
    Eduardo (<3)
    Not on top form at the moment in Ukraine, but goals for fun ex gunner Eduardo and dud Chygrynskiy ought to have swapped ratings by the end of the year. His record thus far in the CL is testament to his ability, another outside chance though.
    El Hamdaoui
    Many believe he ought to have gotten 90 last time around, but after the Summer he'll be the main man after Suarez leaves (not to Liverpool whose £12.5m valuation of him says it all) and some Van Wolfswinkel (or similar) shaped package from the lower echelons of the Eredivisie arrives. Reasonable shot at 90.
    Alexis Sanchez
    The Chilean has undoubtedly outgrown Udi, where he's the star man. Also the star of an exciting, up and coming Chilean national side, 90 is on the cards before he leaves, and if he lands himself a big club to play at he could well be 91 at wherever he chooses to demonstrate his Ronaldo-esque wingsmanship.
    Ought to get 90 after a deserved +2 last time 'round. Should get it within a couple of changes, and definitely once Porto reenter the CL as Portuguese Champions.
    The undoubted star of the South American continent (although I'd still have Jonas or Conca over him!) has begun to establish himself in Menezes Brazil squads, and is set for a Summer move to one of the World's biggest (richest...) clubs. A +1 to 89 is pretty likely and I wouldn't like to bet on him being rated lower than 90 before his 20th birthday.
    87 -> 89 for the Belgian League's best player please. Oh, and after his move to one of Europe's biggest clubs in the Summer for £30m give him another +1 when he bangs in a few. TIA SM.

    EDIT: IMO Bold Green have a chance at 91 before 2011's over.
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    VillaKnollBoy reacted to timesle in Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (I)   
    Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (I)

    Well, guys, here's a early X-mas present for you.
    I had some free time so I decided to make a
    Compilation of the recent risers and if they are worth keeping
    Please be aware that it's way to early to predict exact ratings. I just made tendencies.
    High rated risers (88+)

    (Mainly young) Low rated risers

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    VillaKnollBoy reacted to Phil (GT) in Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (I)   
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    VillaKnollBoy reacted to andyowls in Young Argentine Talent   
    Re: Young Argentine Talent

    Matias De Federico

    Celebrating a goal for his former club, Huracan.
    2009 Clausura Stats:
    Starts: 19
    Sub Apps: 0
    Mins: 1654
    Goals: 5
    Assists: 8
    Shots (on target): 46 (23)
    Discipline: 3Y, 0R
    2009/10 Stats:
    Starts: 2
    Sub Apps: 2
    Mins: 168
    Goals: 0
    Assists: 0
    Discipline: 1Y, 0R
    Last Rating Change: 77 –-> 84

    Taking on two Tigre defenders.

    Together with Javier Pastore and Mario Bolatti in particular, Matias De Federico was one of the main reasons why Huracan came so close to winning the 2009 Clausura title. Although he first arrived on the scene in 2007, it wasn't until late in 2008 when he really began to announce himself on the Argentinian stage when he attracting everyone's attention with a long-range screamer against Velez Sarsfield, late into the Apertura. That effort, along with an impressive mid-season showing convinced manager Angel Cappa to put him in the first XI, and boy, did it pay off. De Federico began tearing up defences up week after week with his fantastic dribbling and impressive close control, and his style of play and diminutive figure led to inevitable comparisons to Barcelona's Lionel Messi. The forward had a direct hand with a third of Huracan's goals (either scored or assisted) in a season where they, undeservedly, fell short of the title on the very last day. But it was clear from his performances that term that he wasn't to be stopping in Huracan for very long.
    Summer Transfer

    Being unveiled as Corinthians new signing.

    An off-season move was inevitable, but his destination was unsure. Many clubs were linked with his signature, both in Europe and in South America, but it was Brazilian side Corinthians who were the ones to prize him away from his native Argentina. Corinthians payed somewhere in the region of US$4m (depending where you read) to acquire his services and he made his debut recently in the Paulista derby, against Sao Paulo. Since then, he has figured in all of Corinthians games in some context, although he is still adjusting to the Brazilian game. But De Federico is sure to be a good signing for Corinthians and Corinthians should be a good step up for De Federico to continue his education.
    First Argentina Call-up

    Celebrating his goal for Argentina's "B" team.

    Earlier this year, De Federico was called up by Diego Maradona for an Argentina "B" international against Panama, alongside Nicolas Otamendi. The match was arranged in the wake of Argentina's humiliating 6-1 defeat to Bolivia and Maradona called up a group, mainly youngsters, from the Argentine Primera. De Federico impressed and scored a good goal, which can be seen below.


    While he remains at Corinthians, De Federico has a good chance of rising further in the near future. If he can get plenty of game time and if he can impress as much as he did last season with Huracan, then I can easily envisage him hitting 87 whilst he remains with the Brazilian outfit. After that, I reckon a move to Europe is inevitable, but it is too soon into his time at his new club to be mooting new transfer rumours.
    Here is a decent report on De Federico by IMScouting.com which includes a good video. Below is another good video showcasing De Federico's goals, tricks and skills. Link.


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    VillaKnollBoy reacted to RuudReijnders in Dutch Eredivisie   
    Re: Dutch Eredivisie
    Boy Waterman..................25-82...........+-0
    Robert Zwinkels.................26-80..........+-0
    Gino Coutinho....................27-74..........+1/+2
    Mitchell Pique....................29-81..........+-0
    Ahmed Ammi......................28-84..........+-0
    Joel Tillema........................20-73..........+-0
    Timothy Derijck..................22-83...........+1/+2
    Csaba Horvath....................27-80..........+3/+2
    Christian ***......................24-80..........+1
    Pascal BOsschaart...............29-81.........+2/+1
    Danny Buijs.........................27-85..........+-0
    Roel Stoffels........................22-77..........+-0
    Richard Knopper...................32-82..........-1/+-0
    Aleksandr Rankovic...............31-81..........+-0/-1
    Mike de Geer........................19-70.........+-0
    Yuri Cornelisse......................34-82..........+-0
    Wesley Verhoek....................23-78..........+4/+5:eek:Riser:eek:
    Karim Soltani.........................25-80..........+2/+3
    Bogdan Milic..........................21-77...........+5/+4:eek:Riser:eek:
    Lex Immers............................23-80...........+2/+3
    To be Added:
    Ditewig (8app.)
    Schwiebbe Haarlem-->ADO den Haag (3app.)
    Ricky van den Bergh Heracles Almelo---> Ado Den Haag(8app.)
    kai van hese(6app.) Sparta-->Ado
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    VillaKnollBoy reacted to Radebe20 in Argentinian Analysis   
    Argentinian Analysis


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    VillaKnollBoy reacted in Serie B Youngsters.   
    Re: Serie B Youngsters.
    I just ot word from SM - they said Francesco di Tacchio will be added when Italy get's reviewed.
    I rate him quite highly..
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    VillaKnollBoy reacted to Philippe Nguyen in Official French Ligue 1 & 2 Thread   
    Re: French Ligue 1 and 2
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    VillaKnollBoy reacted to Herbythelovebug in German Changes   
    Re: German Changes
    That's a REALLY hard one to pick Keith.
    I'm hoping he'll get to 87 but SM could be harsh and only bump him to 85/6. He has played GREAT when he has played but his BL stats show a total of 1096 minutes (15 games), 2 goals and 1 assist.
    Kicker rates him as the 2nd best (2,79) defender in the league, after Hertha's Simunic (2,78) who's been massive this term.
    He's also played both CL qualifiers (against Atletico Madrid) and 5 UEFA Cup games, so hopefully his european experiences this season will help him hit 87 or even 88.
    Howedes is also first choice for U21 German NT, with 10 games and 1 goal to date.
    SM have been conservative of late again so my money is on either 86 or 87.
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    VillaKnollBoy reacted to Insider in Alfredo Sanchez - Jean Alain Fanchone - Sebastian Ribas   
    Re: Alfredo Sanchez - Jean Alain Fanchone - Sebastian Ribas
    Oscar Vera wears 55. I'm not sure what the Guardian is pulling here
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