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  1. Mike_SM


    Re: Croatia Bad grades in geography ?
  2. Re: World Championship 20000? Duh I've forgot that this WC was bout to open today, got Boca Jnr. finally. GL to everyone Btw guess im the only one that didn't make a bid for M'Vila ? lol
  3. Alright so, I have Chelsea and this is a deal I've received : Lukaku (88) + 5mil = Pirlo (92) I have Lukaku but im in need of a good CM. I know that Lukaku is a great prospect for the future. On the other side Pirlo is in top form with Juve this year. Apart from the deal, do you see Lukaku getting a rise anywhere in the near future ? With all of those speculations, linking numerous strikers (Higuain etc) with a move to Chelsea, in my eyes it seems that Lukaku is considered as a sub striker for the upcoming season. Any help is welcome
  4. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread
  5. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread
  6. Re: PURGATORY - Official Launch May 14th Actually count me out too.. I know anyway, that ive no chances to join this league as i dont have enough exp for this so ill be rejected eitherway ;] I remove my interest. Good Luck to the rest and have fun
  7. Re: World Championship 20000? I'm up for this too ;]
  8. Re: Rooney + Cleverly + 5 mil = Messi ? Whatever + Whatever for Messi .. Just get him ;]
  9. Re: Who to buy? Giovinco.No doubt about it. And melo will drop.
  10. Re: Cassilas for Ramos? Yes get Ramos as long as he wont be your penalty shooter
  11. Re: Cazorla or Podolski?! Although Podolski will either succeed or suicide in the Gunners, id bump up for him.Its like his last chance to return at high level.
  12. Re: Rooney + Valencia for Messi If Messi then yes.Period.
  13. Re: Lisandro Lopez for Giroud.. Id say Giroud.. Lopez will need time to get back on his level after the injuries that he had. Giroud seems to be a good project.
  14. Re: Younes Belhanda? Well it depends on the team tho.. And montpellier are flying high this year.. I'd grab him just because of his team.
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