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    Re: Croatia Bad grades in geography ?
  2. Re: World Championship 20000? Duh I've forgot that this WC was bout to open today, got Boca Jnr. finally. GL to everyone Btw guess im the only one that didn't make a bid for M'Vila ? lol
  3. Alright so, I have Chelsea and this is a deal I've received : Lukaku (88) + 5mil = Pirlo (92) I have Lukaku but im in need of a good CM. I know that Lukaku is a great prospect for the future. On the other side Pirlo is in top form with Juve this year. Apart from the deal, do you see Lukaku getting a rise anywhere in the near future ? With all of those speculations, linking numerous strikers (Higuain etc) with a move to Chelsea, in my eyes it seems that Lukaku is considered as a sub striker for the upcoming season. Any help is welcome
  4. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread
  5. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread
  6. Re: PURGATORY - Official Launch May 14th Actually count me out too.. I know anyway, that ive no chances to join this league as i dont have enough exp for this so ill be rejected eitherway ;] I remove my interest. Good Luck to the rest and have fun
  7. Re: World Championship 20000? I'm up for this too ;]
  8. Re: Rooney + Cleverly + 5 mil = Messi ? Whatever + Whatever for Messi .. Just get him ;]
  9. Re: Who to buy? Giovinco.No doubt about it. And melo will drop.
  10. Re: Cassilas for Ramos? Yes get Ramos as long as he wont be your penalty shooter
  11. Re: Cazorla or Podolski?! Although Podolski will either succeed or suicide in the Gunners, id bump up for him.Its like his last chance to return at high level.
  12. Re: Rooney + Valencia for Messi If Messi then yes.Period.
  13. Re: Lisandro Lopez for Giroud.. Id say Giroud.. Lopez will need time to get back on his level after the injuries that he had. Giroud seems to be a good project.
  14. Re: Younes Belhanda? Well it depends on the team tho.. And montpellier are flying high this year.. I'd grab him just because of his team.
  15. Re: Robinho for Hazard Sounds good deal.. the 93 rat of robinho might lure him so try to give as less mills as possible ;].. Robinho has reached his top tho and will start dropping imo..
  16. Re: Gotze vs Rues Gotze idd!
  17. Re: Selling Bale I'd keep bale tho.
  18. Re: PURGATORY - Official Launch May 14th Sounds interesting..Count me in too, if it's possible.
  19. Re: Reality Check - Officially Full! - ID 112077
  20. Re: Reality Check - Officially Full! - ID 112077 Hey guys, was wondering if Montpellier (France) is still available.. Gotta say that the concept of this league is very interesting
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    Re: Hiya Hey mate and welcome
  22. Re: Xabi Alonso Hmm, aight thanks..I think ill go for it
  23. Hey there, Well Im in a WC with Sevilla and im trying to sign Xabi Alonso.I made an offer and heres the counter offer that he made to me : Alvaro Negredo (90) + 20M = Xabi Alonso (94) Just wanna know if it worths..I know both are gonna rise soon. Negredo will probably get a +1 and xabi will either keep his 94 or get a +1 aswell..Although, Xabi Alonso is almost 30 years while Negredo is 25.So i dont know.. Any suggestions would be helpful. thanks in advance
  24. Re: Iker Muniain or Sotiris Ninis Id say Ninis atm.. Btw keep him in mind for the next season..He is bout leavin from Panathinaikos this summer. And fetfatzidis has some future but for now you cant make a comparison between them. Fetfatzidis needs more matches and he will get them when the new season will start.
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