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  1. Re: Busquests at 91? Surely a joke if Carrick is rated 92 why not busquets?
  2. Re: Josip Ilicic - Palermo 85 and soon much more
  3. what is going to be his position?will he raise to 91? and adam johnson?89?
  4. Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings Hamsik i hope raises to 91, Sissoko is a future 92-93 but he is always injured so maybe he will remain 90 Lavezzi 90 for now
  5. Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings Handanovic will stay (udinese is not going good) Muslera 88 Galloppa is a hot prospect but he will probably remain 87 Frey says Antunes was on loan last season to lecce i think but never plays, i think he is going to return to portugal soon
  6. is he going to raise? 93? and would SM change his position in Fwd/winger?
  7. Re: Lucio or Carragher Lucio is playing good for inter, carragher is definitely in one of his worts season, like liverpool. i think he is going down 93, maybe 92
  8. Re: LUCHO GONZALEZ, Oscar Gonzalez is going down, navas is younger and sevilla captain. no doubt pick the second one
  9. Re: How will these players do in ratings?? J.Cesar 95 Mexes 92 Chiellini 93 Gamberini 91 Godin 91 rodriguez 90 beckham 91 gago 92 simao 93/92 robben 93/94 Mutu 93 Vucinic 92 Toni 94
  10. is he going down? Milan ac is not going good and Kaka was injured twice...
  11. Re: juventus rating prediction Has gael Clichy ever played for FRance?i don't remember him in the Euro Champ...and he is a 92 Molinaro is not as good maybe but a 90 is the minimum after playing the hole season
  12. Re: juventus rating prediction molinaro is playing so it's obvious that he gets a 90. de ceglie remains 88 chiellini 93 legrottaglie 91 camoranesi 91-92 zantti and tiago 88-89 iaquinta for me is a 92...but he will stay 91 amauri 92-93...maybe is too soon for him to get a 93 Esposito is a young player of the primavera team (young team of juventus)..maybe next year he will be play more in a small club on loan
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