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  1. Re: a typical day in the life of a chat room.. I got banned from chat recently Went in today though so ban must have expired
  2. Re: Middle of the Road Championship Even though I dont support them, would Standard Liege or Sunderland be availible?
  3. Re: Jeremy Helan, Darnel Situ and Davide Petrucci I dont think Jeremy Helan has signed for Manchester United. I think he has signed for Manchester City . Here is a link to say he has signed for Man City.
  4. Re: Angelo Dragone Can I just ask, what is the potential of this guy? And is he worth buying?
  5. Re: Cattermole Red Card I thought that challenge was awful and he deserved to get sent off. The game itself seemed rather dirty, two sendings off, some more yellows, a couple of bad challenges and maybe could have had more red cards. However, Parker should possibly have been sent off before that happened, so maybe it would have been avoided. Still, awful challenge I thought.
  6. Re: How Do You Rate This Forumer? (part 1): Seftinho I'm sorry, but I really dont like this thread. I kind of like the idea of it, for rating forumers, but that should only happen with the permission from the forumer in question. Also, you can see who gave you what rating, which is why I think a poll without being able to see who voted for what would be better. Although, some people might post what they rated the forumer in question anyway I think. This thread also doesnt seem to have been taken seriously I dont think and isnt really a good read I dont think, also, where was the last post w
  7. According to the Sky Sports website, Dean Windass has refused to play for Oldham again due to him being on the bench for yesterdays game against Leeds and only coming on in the 89th minute. I'm not an Oldham fan but I am a bit surprised about this and I think Windass was wrong to do this. He was left on the bench once and he is refusing to play. How immature. Maybe he wasnt playing that well, did he not think of that? Maybe they didnt think he had the nessecary fitness to start that game. I think this is very silly. I wouldnt play Windass again for comments like that. He gets left on the
  8. Re: a typical day in the life of a chat room.. I got on a screenshot for the first time
  9. Re: Oldham v Leeds I would rather Oldham had won this game, but I think 1-1 against Leeds is a good result for Oldham. They've taken 4 points out of 6 against possibly one of the best teams in League 1. Thats good I think. I think Sheridan said afterwards that it shows they can compete with the top teams.
  10. Re: Greek Super League - Ratings Nice thread I think Good effort as well I think. Thanks for that thread I think quite a few people will like it. Will Stefanos Athanasiadis, who you have down to go up from 72 to 77, Do you think he will go up again at the changes after?
  11. Re: Are England good enough to win the World Cup in 2010? Poll closed, 59 votes. It seems like "Definitely Not" won this poll quite convinsingly. Final Results: Definitely Not 37 Maybe 14 Yes 6 Not Sure 2
  12. Re: GUTO, Pacheco Fraga Seems good Keep updated if possible
  13. Re: Middlesbrough possible ratings I dont think Jones will get to 87 at the next ratings. He hasnt played for the whole season and he's only just got a regular place in the team. Even if he has played well, I dont think he has played enough games to get a rise to 87. Maybe 83 or 84 would be more appropriate?
  14. Re: Middlesbrough possible ratings I think the ones you predicted to rise were too high rises. Bates from 81 to 86? No, he hasnt played that much or been that good. That amongst others I thought were too high rises.
  15. Re: Manchester City Nah, dont think so. I think Hamann wouldnt drop from 88 to 85, he was playing quite a bit until his injury. I think a 3 drop would be very harsh. Maybe a 1 or 2 drop at the most. Bojiinov would maybe drop by 1, but he has showed that he is a good striker at other clubs. I think 85 is too low, as it 86. You have to remember his ability I think when you predict his ratings and deciding how much/if he was going to drop. Caicedo barely played? He has been more active within the squad recently and has looked good, and has scored 3 goals. Maybe he wont rise but I wont be v
  16. Re: Manchester City My predictions: Given (91) - 91/92 Schemeichel (84) - 84 Hart (89) - 89 (I think he could have got 90 if he had kept playing and we hadnt signed Given. Zabaleta (89) - 89 (Maybe he can get 90 at the changes afterwards if he plays well) Logan (75) - 75 (One League start, maybe more to come) Richards (90) - 90 Dunne (90) - 90 Onouha (86) - 86/87 Glauber (85) - 85 Bridge (89) - 89 Ball (87) - 87/86 Garrido (87) - 87 Wright-Phillips (90) - 90/91 Kompany (90) - 90 Hamman (88) - 87 De Jong (91) - 91 Fernandes (87) - 87/86 Ireland (89) - 90/89 Johnson (87) - 8
  17. Re: Fed up of Sir Alex Ferguson Several? He only has 2
  18. Re: ANDERSON LESSA, Jose Seems possibly good but what are his stats?
  19. Re: Manchester City Vs Copenhagen 19:45 K.O Good result tonight Thought we played very well tonight against a good team. We created a lot of chances. Probably should have scored more I thought but Bellamy got two good goals . I thought Robinho was better tonight than he has been in recent weeks, showed good skill on the ball and a good assist for the second goal I thought. Shame he missed that chance he had but I still think he had a good game. I thought FC Coprenhagen were a good team and that beating them was a good achievement.
  20. Re: Help me choose a right back With Lell being cheaper then, I'd say buy him then. I think he could have a higher rating than Johnson in the long time.
  21. Re: Fed up of Sir Alex Ferguson Your team wasnt playing Inter, your a Liverpool fan remember.
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