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    Motty reacted to Seftinho in Greek Super League - Ratings   
    NB: I have added a summary to the bottom of the list for those lazy managers.
    My aim of this thread is to let the forum know of the risers from Greece, whilst keeping this brief.
    Sadly, there are few top risers from Greece. There are the odd couple of must buys, but most on here are just small risers that might be worth buying in GC's to improve smaller sides.
    It's also been interesting to predict the lower end of Greece, and very difficult. I'm not so sure what SM will do to the bottom few teams, so I've left the bottom 6 teams, as there are no risers there worth buying.
    Big risers in bold red.
    Table - 25/02/09 - 23 games played (Around 2100 minutes):
    1 Olympiakos .____57
    2 Panathanaikos.__46
    3 PAOK__________46
    4 AEK Athens_____41
    5 Larissa_________35
    6 Aris.___________32
    7 Xanthi._________29
    8 Panionios_______29
    9 Panthrakikos____28
    10 Ergotelos______27
    11 Iraklis_________26
    12 Asteras Tripolis_25
    13 Levadiakos.____22
    14 Panserraikos.___21
    15 OFI Crete______19
    16 Thrassyvoulos__13
    Olympiakos (1st)
    LB Didier Domi 30/85 (1217 minutes) -> 86
    CB Avraam Papadopoulos 24/87 (1689 minutes) -> 88
    LM Sebastián Leto 22/86 (1403 minutes; 1 goal) -> 87
    F Luis Santo Diogo 21/87 (1872 minutes; 6 goals) -> 88
    Panathanaikos (2nd)
    GK Mario Galinovic 32/87 (1788 minutes) -> 88
    LB Nikos Spiropoulos 25/87 (1808 minutes) -> 88
    CB Mate Junior Simao 20/85 (1702 minutes) -> 87
    RM Sotiris Ninis 18/83 (856 minutes) -> 85
    F Antonios Petropoulos 23/83 (633 minutes; 6 goals) -> 84
    PAOK (3rd)
    LB Miroslaw Sznaucner 29/84 (1688 minutes) -> 86
    LB Filippos Darlas 25/83 (1341 minutes) -> 85
    RB Nikos Arabatzis 24/82 (725 minutes) -> 84
    CB Stilianos Malezas 23/80 (1631 minutes; 1 goal) -> 85
    RM Paulo Sergio Conceicao 34/85 (1767 minutes; 3 goals) -> 86
    CM Ricardo Veron 28/84 (2037 minutes) -> 86
    F Ibrahima Bakayoko 32/83 (917 minutes; 3 goals) -> 84
    F Stefanos Athanasiadis 20/72 (105 minutes; 2 goals) -> 77
    CF Zlatan Muslimovic 27/86 (1560 minutes; 7 goals) -> 87
    AEK Athens (4th)
    CB Dimitris Koutoumanos 22 (467 minutes) - Not on DB
    RB Vasilis Pliatzikos 20/80 (731 minutes) -> 83
    M Panagiotis Zorbas 21/73 (192 minutes) -> 77
    Also of note:
    F Michalis Pavlis 19/75 - 167 minutes
    Larissa (5th)
    GK Stefanos Kotsolis 29/84 (2168 minutes) -> 85
    LB Stylianos Venetidis 32/84 (1935 minutes; 2 goals) -> 85
    RB Anstasios Kiriakos 30/82 (929 minutes) -> 83 (Change to RM)
    RB Naïm Aarab 21/76 (1118 minutes) -> 82 (Change to CM)
    RB Michalis Boukouvalas 20/75 (375 minutes) -> 80 *Started last 4 games*
    DM Matias Iglesias 23/83 (1246 minutes; 2 goals) -> 84
    F Facundo Parra 23/82 (1804 minutes; 6 goals) -> 85
    Aris Thessaloniki (6th)
    LB Nikolaos Karambelas 24/75 (1165 minutes) -> 82
    F Francisco Javito 25/83 (1918 minutes; 4 goals) -> 85
    Xanthi (7th)
    GK Michael Gspurning 27/83 (2014 minutes) -> 84
    CB Spyros Vallas 27/83 (2050 minutes) -> 84
    CM Kostas Fliskas 28/82 (1323 minutes) -> 83
    F Dimitrios Souanis 23/73 (922 minuts; 3 goals) -> 80
    Also of note:
    CB Staros Stathakis 21/75 - 214 minutes
    DM Pantelos Rizogiannis 21/78 - 496 minutes; 2 goals
    Panionios (8th)
    LB Georgios Tzavelas 21/76 (622 minutes; 1 goal) -> 79
    RB Giannis Kontoes 22/75 (1464 minutes) -> 82
    Panthrakikos (9th)
    GK Spios Vrontaras 24/78 (1068 minutes) -> 80
    GK José Manuel Roca 32/76 (1090 minutes) -> 80*
    LB Ludovic Clement 32/80 (1577 minutes; 2 goals) -> 82
    CB Nikolaos Zapropoulos 30/80 (1428 minutes) -> 82
    CB Emanuele Troise 30/79 (990 minutes) -> 81
    CB Perreira Robinho 31/79 (1269 minutes) -> 82
    DM Jesus Manuel Lopes 26/78 (1502 minutes) -> 82
    M Sergio Daniel Ponce 26/78 (1359 minutes; 1 goal) -> 82
    F Abdul Diallo 23/77 (1471 minutes; 5 goals) -> 82
    F Lloren Sito Riera 22/77 (2057 minutes; 4 goals) -> 82
    *Vrontaras started off in goal, but Roca soon took his spot. But on 15/02 Roca got injured, resulting in Vrontaras starting in goal on 22/02. It would seem Roca is the regular keeper, but I'm not sure how long he is injured for.
    Also of note:
    DM Anestis Argyriou 21/74 - 575 minutes
    Ergotelis (10th)
    AM Diego Romano 28/75 (1336 minutes; 1 goal) -> 79
    W Vassilios Koutsianikoulis 20/75 (1328 minutes; 3 goals) -> 79
    Iraklis (11th)
    LB Konstantinos Giannoulis 21/80 - 1346 minutes - 81?
    RB Grigoris Papazaharias 23/80 - 1919 minutes - 82?
    RB Charalabos Perperidis 22/76 - 630 minutes - 78?
    RB Francisco Martos 25/76 - 852 minutes - 79? (Change to CM)
    RM Emmanouil Papasergianos 21/79 - 1482 minutes; 2 goals - 81?
    CM Panagiotis Kone 21/80 - 1214 minutes; 3 goals - 81?
    Big Risers
    LB Nikolaos Karambelas 24/75 -> 82
    RB Giannis Kontoes 22/75 -> 82
    F Dimitrios Souanis 23/73 -> 80
    RB Naïm Aarab 21/76 -> 82
    CB Stilianos Malezas 23/80 -> 85
    RB Michalis Boukouvalas 20/75 -> 80
    F Abdul Diallo 23/77 -> 82
    F Lloren Sito Riera 22/77 -> 82
    F Stefanos Athanasiadis 20/72 -> 77
    DM Jesus Manuel Lopes 26/78 -> 82
    M Sergio Daniel Ponce 26/78 -> 82
    GK José Manuel Roca 32/76 -> 80
    AM Diego Romano 28/75 -> 79
    W Vassilios Koutsianikoulis 20/75 -> 79
    M Panagiotis Zorbas 21/73 -> 77
    F Facundo Parra 23/82 -> 85
    RB Vasilis Pliatzikos 20/80 -> 83
    CB Perreira Robinho 31/79 -> 82
    LB Georgios Tzavelas 21/76 -> 79
    CB Mate Junior Simao 20/85 -> 87
    LB Miroslaw Sznaucner 29/84 -> 86
    CM Ricardo Veron 28/84-> 86
    LB Filippos Darlas 25/83 -> 85
    RM Sotiris Ninis 18/83 -> 85
    F Francisco Javito 25/83 -> 85
    RB Nikos Arabatzis 24/82 -> 84
    LB Ludovic Clement 32/80 -> 82
    CB Nikolaos Zapropoulos 30/80 -> 82
    CB Emanuele Troise 30/79 -> 81
    GK Spios Vrontaras 24/78 -> 80

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    Motty reacted to Insider in GUTO, Pacheco Fraga (75) - 6.5C   

    Augusto Pacheco Fraga, better known as Guto, is a former U20 international for Brazil. He mainly plays as a striker, or supporting the strikers. He signed for Sport Club Internacional de Porto Alegre from Criciuma in 2007, where he scored a goal in 12 appearance in 2007 and 2008.
    At the beginning of the season, Sport Recife were unsure of what to do for attackers. Fumagalli and Paulo Baier both prefer wing/attacking midfield positions, and hot prospect Ciro was highly unproven. So they signed Guto on loan for a season. Even if Guto wasn't proven either, at least it gave them some options.
    Guto hasn't quite been a starter yet, appearing in 4 of 6 matches, two of them as a sub, but has started the last two matches. Coach Nelsinho has praised his performance, and he is compiling an impressive statline. In the 4 games, he has 3 goals, he won a penalty, and has a few assists as well, working up a great partnership with Ciro. If they can keep it up, Sport will be an interesting team to watch in the Brasilierao, and also in the Copa Libertadores (Sport qualified through the back door, winning the Copa do Brasil).
    In the long term, he has a contract until 2012 with Internacional. They have a ton of young talent, but it's a question of time before a few of Noir, Walter, Sandro Ranieri, Taison, Giuliano, Talles Cunha and Talles make the jump overseas. One thing that is sure, however, is that Guto is a talent worth watching. Rated 75, he is also a talent worth buying.

    1. January 25, 2009 v. Porto - 0:01

    2, 3. Jan 28, 2009 v. Ypiranga - 0:14 and 0:23

    4. February 4, 2009 v. Cabense - 0:09

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    Motty got a reaction from sampillin in Fed up of Sir Alex Ferguson   
    Re: Fed up of Sir Alex Ferguson
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    Motty reacted to Kirby in Fed up of Sir Alex Ferguson   
    Re: Fed up of Sir Alex Ferguson
    There's no denying he's a great manager, though Souness and Liverpool were more at fault for getting knocked off their perch then Ferguson ever was. But, as I said, he's a scumbag.
    Just a couple of points, to see if anyone bites;
    -His intimidation of match officials which far surpasses that of any other manager in the past 20 years, even Mouriniho.
    -His refusal to talk to the BBC when all Premier League managers are legally obliged to.
    -His saga with McManus and the Irish Mafia, where Ferguson effectively tried to steal from his own friends, lied, and brought Manchester United Football Club into disrepute because of his own personal vendettas.
    -Unaccounted for payments made to agents during his time at Old Trafford, in particular those to his own son.
    -Ferguson's treatment of the press; there's one anecdote where a local news reporter came with a group of children, escorted by a United steward, with cancer from the local kids hospital to get stuff signed by the team on the training ground. Where Ferguson saw them, he burst into expletives; 'Get That Fking Cnting Journalist Out of My Fking Ground' etc.
    -Ferguson sideing with the Glaziers, and condeming Manchester United AFC.
    -Ferguson's treatment of players, in particular Beckham, Keane and Stam.
    So, as I said; a great manager and a great scumbag. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.
    In regards to Ferguson's standing with other great British managers, Oliver Holt's; "If You're Second You are Nothing: Ferguson and Shankly" is a must read. Men who on the pitch had similar achievements, yet off it are like chalk and cheese.
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    Motty reacted to up gunners in Italian Starlet - Gianmarco Zigoni   
    Gianmarco Zigoni is a 17 year old striker currently under contract at relegatio battlers Treviso but will leave Treviso in June to join up with Serie A powerhouse Palermo. His father is former Juventus striker Gianfranco Zigoni.

    Youth Career

    Gianmarco Zigoni has had an extremely eventful youth career one that would mark the coming of a future superstar. He has started off his career at Treviso were he excelled and scored over 100 goals for Treviso in the youth divisions an impressive feat for the youngster. Since then he rose through the youth academy and has so far excelled in the first team.

    First Team
    Gianmarco Zigoni broke into the Treviso first team half way through January where he was given his chance to shine. He was given the chance to shine in hos league game against Ancona he ended up starting that match. Many people criticized the coaches decision to play an inexperienced youngster to lead the Treviso frontline. He ended up scoring a goal in that match and so he shut the critics up. He then played again for Treviso the very next week this time against a very solid Brescia team. Again he ceased to impreess and bagged a wonderful goal against Brescia and so Treviso won that match 3-2. He has since featured in the last 3 games for Treviso against Cittadella, Frosinone and Rimini.
    U20 Italian call up
    Gianmarco Zigoni was called up to the Italian U20 squad to play against Austria U21s in a friendly. He ended up playing the full 90 minutes for Italy and to no surprise he scored his debut goal for Italy on his debut game. This is really highlights his talent especially because he is only 17 and already playing in the U20 Italian team.
    Transfer to Palermo

    In a very dragged out transfer he finally transfered to Palermo. It looked as if he wasn't going to sign for Palermo because his dad stated that it was too far away. But in the end he signed and hopefully this will be a positive step for the youngster. He was also linked to Inter Milan at one stage of the January transfer window

    He is currently not on DB but i sent a ticket in so he gets added. Hopefully he will get added at around 74/75. A must buy once he gets added.

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    Motty reacted to Synyster in Wayne Rooney   
    Wayne Rooney

    I've seen a lot of threads turn into rants about this guy being Overated or Underated, people not liking the way he goes about playing. Well now you can feel free to rant about him, I personally don't like him and he has to be the most overated player in the world and i won't be the only person who thinks that the only people who won't feel that are United Fans.

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    Motty reacted to JakeMCFC in Reports link Man City with John Terry   
    Re: Reports link Man City with John Terry
    Now this would be great if JT came to us, But to be honest I dont think he will end up coming.
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    Motty got a reaction from JakeMCFC in Best MCFC Manager since 1992-93   
    Who do you think the best City manager since the Premiership started, and why?
    1. Peter Reid 1990-1993 P: 115 W: 48 D:28 L:39
    Was our first manager in EPL. Win Percentage:42%
    2.Brian Horton 1993-95 P:79 W: 21 D:29 L:29
    Signed Uwe Rosler. Win Percentage:27%
    Best Signings:Rosler
    3. Alan Ball 1995-96 P:41 W:10 D:11 L:20
    Unfortunately, he was the manager when we were relegated in 95-96. Win Percentage:24%
    Best Signings:Kinkladze
    4.Frank Clark 1996-98 P:52 W:16 D:17 L:19
    Never managed us in Premiership. Win Percentage:31%
    5. Joe Royle 1998-2001 P:145 W:60 D:40 L:44
    Manager in the dramatic play off win over Gillingham, took us up to Prem in the season after that, unfortunately, we were relegated in 2001 and he was sacked. Win Percentage:41%
    Best signings: Goater, Dunne, Weaver, Wanchope.
    6.Kevin Keegan 2001-05 P:151 W:64 D:35 L:52
    Took us straight back up to Prem, finished 9th and 16th in his two Prem years. Helped us beat United twice. Win Perecentage:42%
    Victories against Manchester United: 2
    Best Signings:Anelka, Distin, James, Foe (loan).
    7. Stuart Pearce 2005 - 07 P:85 W:28 D:17 L:40
    In my opinion, he is a contender for the worst rather than the best. Guided us to 8th (when in caretaker charge), but then followed that up with 15th and 14th in his next two seasons. Sacked at the end of 2006/07. Win Percentage:33%.
    Victories against Manchester United: 1
    Best Signings:Hart, Hamann.
    8. Sven Goran Eriksson 2007-08 P:38 W:15 D:10 L:13
    Took us to 9th in the league in his only season, unfairly sacked by Shinawatra in my view. Helped us do the double over Man United. Win Percentage:39%
    Best Signings: Corluka, Elano, Geovanni
    Victories against Manchester United: 2
    9.Mark Hughes - 2008 - Present P:24 W:9 D:4 L:11
    Not going to say that much really lol. I think its too early to judge him for that. Win Percentage:38%
    Best signings: Need Longer
    All Win percentages were rounded to the nearest whole number. Also, some of Reid's time at City was when it was still called the first division.
    I will be adding to this thread when I have more time.
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    Motty reacted to danny_ccfc in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Motty reacted to Umar "knuckles" Hayat in Pontus Engblom - 17 year old scoring regularly   
    I mentioned him on my scouting mission, but i decided to make it's own thread.

    Pontus Engblom

    Pontus Engblom is a 17 year old, highly talented Swedish striker currently playing for AIK. He made his name when he was playing for his hometown team IFK Sundsvall when he got promoted to the 1st team at a young age. He scored 26 goals in 21 games during the 2008 season. He were chased by many clubs and he decided to join AIK. He is not on SM, but i will submit a ticket and hopefully he will be added on SM.
    Comments Would Be Appreciated

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    Motty reacted to Dai in Dai's 2009 RBS Six Nations thread....   
    Re: Dai's 2009 RBS Six Nations thread....

    WALES 23 - 15 ENGLAND
    This match started off at a million miles an hour. Wales started on fire, passing the ball through hands. Going through phases. The England defence was making their mark though, with some great tackling. England were also being very indiciplined, giving away numerous penalties which Wales capitalized on by taking an early 9-0 lead.
    England started to get a bit of the ball after 20 minutes or so and were showing they had massivley improved since last weeks game, they were showing the willingness to run with the ball in hand and making progress with it. They made a fair few breaks before they eventually scored a try after some good work by Goode with Sahky showing immense speed to get on the end of a great kick by the England number 10.
    Wales were finding it hard to cope with the English attack and England looked like they were really up for this one. Being just one point behind at half time.
    Wales came out in the second half, again, like the first, and just rampaged over the English and managed to score a try themselves with Halfpenny going over after the Welsh attack created an overlap.
    England showed great character to come back again and take the score to 20-15. They were playing so much better than last week and their team tactics worked well, but not well enough.
    Bad disciplin was the the major factor that post England didn't do better today and overall, I think the better team won. Joe Worsley deserved man of the match.

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    Motty got a reaction from Bob Loblaw in Scolari to Manchester City?   
    Re: Scolari to Manchester City?
    I dont want Hughes out. However, I am getting sick and bored of his excuses for every time we lose an away game, he keeps saying the same things.
    Anyway, here is a newspaper article about Scolari and a possible job at City.
    Another Article.
    And another article.
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    Motty reacted to thebugel in Giuseppe Bellusci 72- Future 90? (must buy)   
    Giuseppe Bellusci

    Club: Ascoli
    Age: 19 years old
    Born: 21 August 1989
    Nationality: Italian
    Position: Centre Back (CB)
    Foot: Right
    Rating: 72
    Price: around 100k

    Solidified his placed in the first team by racking up 1231 minutes scoring one goal. His performances have alerted attention off Juventus who are currently having defensive injury problems of their own, however they didnt buy him before the Italian transfer deadline.
    Quote taken from below link...
    "The Italian defender has attracted plenty of interest lately, with Napoli also trying to snare him. The 19-year-old has progressed through the youth ranks at Serie B side Ascoli and he is well on his way to becoming one of the best defenders in Italy"
    Ascoli are pulling there season around after a poor start and defensivly looking better conceding 5 goals in last 6 games.
    Things are looking good for the young defender and i would expect a rise to 79 come the next Italy changes but i would expect him to move to Serie A in the summer considering Ascoli won't go up so we could be looking at a future 90, watch this space.....
    Also on subject of italians (10k player)
    Marco CALDERONI (CM)
    7 starts, 3 subs, 588 mins
    70 - 76

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    Motty reacted to Philippe Nguyen in Forum Premier League '92 - Match/Transfer Reports   
    Re: Forum Premier League '92 - Match/Transfer Reports

    Forum Premier League 1992-93 Mid-Season

    Hello, managers of the 1992-93 Forum Premier League! I'm Philippe Nguyen, proud manager of Arsenal F.C., here to present you with the FPL mid-season review! I hope you all have had a fun 19 rounds, as I sure have. So, I was sitting and dying of boredom on Saturday, so I decided that writing up a summary of just about the entire half season wouldn't do me any harm. Anyway, if something will offer as a distraction from doing homework, it shall be done!
    Well, I would immediately like to thank Mark Swift for creating this Game World (or Setup, whatever you wish to call it) for us. It has been a pleasure to be a part of this, Mark.
    In this session, I will be talking about the ups and downs so far, some the interesting journeys and stories that highlight the first 19 rounds of the season. So sit back, grab a snack, and I hope you enjoy!
    *Curtains open*

    Division 1 Table ______________________________________________________________
    |Team.......................W...D...L....F....A...GD...Pts....Manager (Forum name)
    |Man City..................16...1...2...61...27...34...49.....yap wei heng 50 (Sambelele)
    |Chelsea...................14...2...3...54...25...29...44.....Ben Mottram (Motty)
    |Norwich City............13...3...3...55...29...25...42.....Kevin Smith
    |Man Utd...................11...6...2...41...23...18...39.....Joe Mottershead
    |Arsenal....................11...5...3...36...13...23...38.....Philippe Nguyen (Philippe Nguyen)
    |Tottenham............... 11...1...7...37...28....9....32.....James Hall (Hally)
    |Ipswich.....................9....3...7...32...30....2....30.....Danny Van Hecke (dvh_metachoz@yahoo.com)
    |QPR.........................8....4...6...33...26....7....28.....Son of Pluto (forum) (sonofpluto)
    |Sheffield Wed...........7....4...8...38...42...-4....25.....Sean Fitzpatrick (drseanfitz)
    |Leeds Utd.................6....6...7...29...34...-5....24.....Stuart J
    |Crystal Palace...........7....3...9...31...42..-11...24.....Vikto Ilivanov
    |Sheffield Utd.............6....4...9...27...32...-5....22.....Mark Swift (Forum) (Mark Swift2)
    |Liverpool...................5....6...8...26...26....0....21.....Rafa Benitez
    |Coventry City............6....2..11...23...37..-14..20.....Slaven Bilic
    |Blackburn Rovers......4....7...8....27...37..-10..19.....Chris Bromley
    |Aston Villa................3....9...7....27...33...-6...18.....Patrick Rogowski
    |Oldham Athletic.........4....4..11...25...43..-18..16.....Diane Creamer (Radebe20)
    |MK Dons..................3....5..11...25...43..-28..14.....None
    |Southampton............2....5...12..24...50..-26...11.....Daragh Tavey (Daragh)
    |Nottingham Forest.....1....6...12..18..32...-20...9......Andrew Jones
    Division 2 Table
    |Team........................W...D....L...F....A...GD...Pts...Manager (Forum name)
    |Leicester City...........16...0...3...49...20...29...48....Dean Olivieri
    |Portsmouth...............14...2...3...84...29...55...44....James McKillin (AidanC1993)
    |Everton....................13...3...3...38...19...19...42....Boaz solossa
    |Middlesbrough..........13...2...4...68...20...48...41....Lionel Aguero (Seftinho)
    |Southend Utd............13...2...4...43...18...25...41....None
    |Derby County...........12...0...7...31...23....8.....36....m w
    |Tranmere Rovers.......9....1...9...24...26....-2....28....None
    |West Ham.................7...5...7....32...23......9...26.....Nathan Kirby (Nathan Kirby)
    |Bristol City................5...7....7....28...28....0....22....Ryan Leith
    |Charlton Athletic........4...5...10...17...31...-14...17....None
    |Oxford United............4...5...10...21...39...-18...17....None
    |Grimsby Town...........2...1...16...13...65..-52.....7....None
    |Notts County.............1...0...18...11...63..-52.....3....None
    [Tell me if I did not put your Forum name up]

    Giant Success
    Sambelele's powerful Manchester City are so far looking like the champions after having only lost twice in the 19 rounds that have past. There are no City players in the top 5 goalscorers, as the team are very balanced, with many of their 61 goals coming from five players. Sambelele survived an amazing 16 matches without a loss before Ipswich finally stopped them. Ever since, they have lost only once, again to a weaker side (isn't every side weaker?), Oldham. The title is just nineteen rounds away, but with Lionel Messi out due to an injury, City will not be able to just cruise through it without some competition. Can the mid-season champions become the first Premier League champions?
    While the giants from the Eastlands strive to maintain their spot, a few other clubs have proved worthy of presenting a challenge. Chelsea, the strongest side in the league, leads the pack, trailing City by five points. Didier Drogba, with 11 goals in 18 matches, stands as the second highest scorer in the league, as well as the second highest performer, with an average match rating of 8.26. In assists, he is again second best, with 12, and in man of the match awards, he is tied at second with van Nistelrooy.
    In fourth place are the Red Devils, Manchester United, who looked like champions early on, but have been finding more and more difficulty, drawing 7 of their last 12 matches. This is highly believed to be due to the departure of Danny Murphy, better known on the forums as Mad Leprechaun, who left on the day after United's first draw of the season. Many fans have put the blame on Cristiano Ronaldo's injury. Before the Portuguese sensation was inflicted by an injury, After finishing the last match against Arsenal in a goalless draw, could the Red Devils' ambitions be slipping away?
    Tiny Giants
    Between Chelsea and Manchester United stands a team that, not surprisingly at all, looks a little misplaced at a glance. Norwich City began the season with a spending spree that saw the arrival of several old but experienced players. By Round 5, Norwich had a goal difference of 15, which allowed them to sit at the top of the league table. Since then, the old-aged side has been fighting hard to maintain its place in the top three. This would not be possible without a hero to guide the squad. That such hero is Julio Cruz. With 18 goals, an average match rating of 8.54, and 7 man of the match rewards, he is the number one player of each category, and undisputedly deserves the honorary title of the best forward in the league. He also has assisted 10 goals. What would Norwich be without him?
    Another minor team that has outperformed their limits is Ipswich Town. Highly reknowned, and at times disliked, for their defensive-minded play, Ipswich have shockingly brought the demise of those such as Aston Villa, Everton, Chelsea, Liverpool, and most amazingly, Manchester City. Their highly defensive style had Chelsea manager Ben Mottram fuming about ruining the setup, but if it will propel a team full of mid-80's past teams of 90's, Ipswich boss Danny van Hecke will be looking to continue using it to rise up the table.
    Fallen Giants
    Once giants, Liverpool have seen perhaps the worst period in its history. Since the start of 2009, the Reds have not amounted to anything more than a single win, which happened only after the departure of Matt Jewiss and the arrival of Rafa Benitez. So far, Liverpool have lost about half of their matches, dropping down to 13th place. :eek:Their highest scorers, Torres and Mascherano, each have only four goals. Under the new manager, Benitez, could Liverpool reach glory once more?
    Bulletproof Gunners
    Arsenal have the best defense in both the Premier League and the Championship. In the 19 rounds past, the Gunners have permitted only 13 shots fly past their keeper, Almunia. Since Philippe Nguyen's arrival, a total of 13 cleansheets have been held, the latest one being the last match, a 0-0 draw against United. The Arsenal defense have indeed allowed several shots to be taken, but have been able to prevent almost all of them to be written down as goals. Thanks to this defending, united with a strong central midfield and forward, Arsenal have not been defeated in 13 games. Unlucky numbers? They mean nothing in skill. Just as shocking as the ability of this defensive line is the fact that it actually gets ratings of just 7's and 6's!
    Goals Galore
    The most interesting thing (maybe the only interesting thing) in the League Championship is the journey of Portsmouth, and their outstanding attacking football that rivals even that of Premier League sides. Portsmouth forwards Adrian Mutu and Jermaine Defoe have been nothing short of spectacular. Portsmouth have scored 84 goals, more than any team in the country, and have five players on the top scorers list. Mutu and Defoe have each scored 13 times, Kranjcar 10, Juninho 8, and Belhadj 7. Until recently, the two top scorers stood as top of the division, in goals and performances. Defoe, however, still holds a top place in the assists table, supplying 19 of them. Just Defoe alone has been involved in 33 goals! Portsmouth are firmly seated in the promotion zone, with a goal difference of 55, another record.
    The Cup and Shield
    The Forum Football Association Cup has reached its Semi-Finals. Remaining are Middlesbrough, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Blackburn. There is no question that the giants from Manchester should be there. After winning 2-0 over Tranmere Rovers, City encountered Tottenham in the 2nd Round. The match ended in a draw, and City won on penalties. Meanwhile, Arsenal had passed the first two rounds with a 3-0 win over Southend and 2-0 win over Charlton Athletic, Middlesbrough had won 4-3 over Millwall and 2-1 over Wigan, and Rovers defeated Barnsley 2-1 and Villa 3-2. In Round 3, Boro and Rovers had no problems smashing Nottingham Forest 3-1 and Watford 4-0, respectively. Arsenal and City, however, had the most interesting draws of the tournament. Arsenal were to meet local rivals Chelsea as Manchester City met Manchester United. Both semi-finalists made it through with more fortune than skill. Arsenal, despite having slightly worse stats, beat Chelsea 4-2. City, on the other hand, had to go to penalties. The result was the same as Arsenal's. The Quarter-Finals saw Arsenal slam 4-2 past Pompey, City past Everton by the same score, Boro 2-1 past West Ham, and Rovers 2-0 past Coventry.
    Meanwhile, the Shield has reached its Quarter-Finals. Arsenal, eliminated by Chelsea early on (before beating them in the Cup), were one of the giants absent. Another was Liverpool, who had lost to Sheffield 3-1. Manchester City and Manchester United have both made it and they, too, have been drawn against each other for the third competition, ready to face each other later today. Last time, the match went to penalties; City were the triumphant side. In the league, City stood victorious. Will United have their pay back?
    Money, Money, Money
    The biggest propellant in the setup has probably been the transfer market. Money has its impact in everything, and after hundreds of transfers, surely some managers have seen the impact as a positive one. Here, I'll voice my opinion of which three players, in order from least to most, have been the best bargains for their clubs.
    Carvalha Amauri, who arrived at the City of Manchester for a fee of just £11.5 million, has been Manchester City's best bargain. He has scored eight goals for them, the most in the club, and has an average rating of 8.15, again the highest in Manchester. He had assisted six goals and has been the man of the match twice. Although Kaka is better in the latter two performance categories, Kaka was bought for a record fee of £45 million, so Amauri wins here as the best bargain that City have made, but he has not been quite that good.
    James Hall's purchase of Ruud van Nistelrooy has been very beneficial to Tottenham. Spurs paid £6 million and Pavlyuchenko and Bent, both of whom are nowhere near van Nistelrooy's rating of 96. The 96 rating has given him nine goals, an average rating of 8.25, a whopping 12 assists, and 6 man of the match occasions. Although he was worth two cheap players and a bit of cash, he is not as big of a gain as the winner here.
    Nineteen games played, eighteen goals, ten assists, seven-time man of the match, an average rating of 2.54, two Shield matches in which he assisted a goal and scored one, getting an average rating of 8.30. For a fee of £2.7 million, Julio Cruz has not just been Norwich City's best buy, but the best buy in the league. Norwich manager Kevin Smith has done wonders with the cheap ex-Inter Milan star.
    Cream of the Crop
    So, 19 rounds after the first kick-off, several players, the obvious ones having already been mentioned, have performed beyond expectations. Here are the best sixteen from Division 1.
    First Team
    Petr Cech
    Kolo Toure--------Rio Ferdinand-------Jamie Carragher
    Bernd Schneider--Michael Ballack--Frank Lampard--Gonzalo Santi Cazorla
    Ricardo Kaka
    Julio Cruz------Didier Drogba
    Soares Julio Cesar---John Terry---Cesc Fabregas---Emmanuel Adebayor---Ruud van Nistelrooy
    What Happens Next?
    Well, there you have it - the first half of the 1992-93 season in a single post. I'm tired. I hope your eyes are tired. Anyway... with nineteen rounds left in the league, two rounds left in the Cup, and three in the Shield, there is plenty of time for a suprise. The arrival of a special manager, the departure of another, a sudden injury crisis, anything could alter the course of the season.
    That's it for me. More to come 8 and a half weeks from now! Yours truly, Philippe Nguyen.

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    Motty reacted to zhangy in SM Chat, has it gone down in recent months ?   
    Re: SM Chat, has it gone down in recent months ?
    so being chat an hour EVERY DAY does not mean that the guy has a good feel of the chatroom? what a joke. Please tell us Dai how long a day must we be on chat a day in order for you not to just shoot our opinion down with your bright gold star?
    One hour a day is ample time in my opinion, I have been on chat regularly and am NOT saying that what the guy says happens ALL the time but it does happen, maybe you should be online more often if you have NEVER seen it.
    It happens and I'm still surprised at the reaction his comments have gotten by mods on here, there was nothing maliscious about his post, just alot of defensive, 'gang mentality' mods responding has turned this thread into rubbish, not his original post.
    You need to not be so defensive about peoples opinions, which begs the question why are you so defensive.
    Anyway, this post will get flamed because it doesn't coincide with what certain people WANT me to say, oh well.
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    Motty reacted in Flamur Kastrati   
    Flamur Kastrati

    Club: FC Twente
    Age: 17 years old
    Born: 14 November 1991
    Nationality: Norwegian
    Position: Striker (Fwd)
    Foot: Right
    Rating: 73
    Flamur Kastrati is a Norwegian-Albanian striker and currently a member of FC Twente.
    He turned 17 in November but already played 20 games for second division Norwegian side Skeid Oslo, in which he managed to score 6 goals!
    Many see him as the biggest talent in Norway since a very long time.
    He plays for the international youth teams there, despite the chance of playing for Albania.
    This was before the january mercato, where a legion of top notch teams wanted him.
    The likes of Chelsea, Real Madrid and others had him on trial before, but he was too young to sign for them then, according to Norwegian transfer rules.
    The only down side to Kastrati is the fact that the 21st game for Skeid OSlo, the last before going to Twente, he broke a little bone in the middle of his foot, thus he'll be out for two months.
    Nevertheless, buy this kid as he is already showing signs being a class striker.
    Due to the good reputation the Dutch competition has on growing Scandinavian players he choose Dutch giants FC Twente.
    The fee that Twente had to pay is apparently undisclosed.

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    Motty reacted to Dan Griffin in Dan Griffins Sig Thread.   
    Re: Dan Griffins Sig Safe House.
    Sorry motty i never noticed your request there
    oh well. ive done it mate

    Sorry for the delay
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    Motty got a reaction from Magic J in Shay Given To Man City.   
    Re: Shay Given To Man City.
    Dont see why we have signed Shay Given.
    In my opinion, he is better than Joe Hart. But, Joe Hart is 21 and in my view looks a very good prospect and could be a great goalkeeper. Given is 32 and ageing. Hart isnt going to want to sit on the bench, and neither will Given. I think Hart needs to be playing all the time if he is to become a very, very good goalkeeper. I suppose Hart could learn from Given, but he still wont want to be on the bench.
    But, if the deal was worth £6 million then I think it was sort of a bargain for a goalkeeper of Given's quality because I think Given is a great goalkeeper.
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    Motty reacted to IOA in Eren Albayrak   
    Eren Albayrak is a 17 year old who currently plays for Bursaspor, he's been with Bursaspor since the age of 11 (the earliest record I have of him at Bursaspor).
    Since then, I only have records of him playing for the reserves, making his debut on the 6th of August 2006 at the age of 15. Since then he has played 33 reserve league games, scoring 5 goals.
    He's also been a prominent member of the national team, representing his nation 70 times, from the U16's to the U19's.
    He was added to the database last season, after he came on the 80th minute against Fenerbahce in a game that finished 1-1 at Bursa.
    This season he hadn't played a minute of competitive football until former Besiktas manager Ertugrul Saglam was appointed. Infamous for bringing and using youth players in his main squads, most notably at Besiktas with Ibrahim Kas, Aydin Karabulut, Serdar Ozkan, Necip Uysal, Emre Ozkan and Batuhan Karadeniz, helping many of them to play for the National team.
    Since Saglam's appointment, Albayrak has featured in Saglam's last 2 competitive games from 3. He played his first game of the season coming on against Tokatspor in the cup in the 46th minute and scoring in the 47th minute in their 6-0 win and then came on last week in the league against BÜYÜKŞEHİR BLD.SPOR , coming on when Bursaspor were leading 1-0 in the 61st minute and then the game finished 2-0 after Sercan Yilidirm scored in the 69th minute.
    He's on the database rated 70 and is listed as a winger. Go on and buy him now
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    Motty got a reaction from Bornich in Man City Promising Youngsters   
    I am going to write about 2 youngsters who are on the books at Man City:
    1. Ben Mee - Position: CB
    This guy is promising a lot I think. He is the captain of the youth side, and lifted the FA Youth Cup in 2008 as the Man City U18's beat Chelsea U18's 3-1 (4-2) on agg to lift the trophy. Mee even scored a header in the final. The Man City U18's also won the league that season, with Mee being the skipper then.
    Mee has also played for the England U18's, and has been very impressive for them, by accounts. After the U18's European Championships, he was named as one for the future, along with Savio Nsersko (who I wrote about on another thread, and look at him now )
    Not on DB - But seems very promising. I think we should loan this guy out for experience, it could really benefit the lad.

    2.Ryan McGivern - Position: Defender (LB/RB)
    McGivern is also another good prospect. In the same youth side that won the Youth Cup and league last season, and was a regular, like Mee. This guy has actually played 3 times for the full Northern Ireland side. Unfortunately, he has been sent off once
    City highly rate this guy. He has been on loan at Morecambe, playing 4 games, even scoring one goal. Morecambe wanted to extend the loan, but City refused (interesting) so it seems City highly rate him.
    On DB - Rated 74. GET HIM NOW!!

    Others worth a mention
    Ahmed Benali
    Javan Vidal (rated 64)
    Vladmir Weiss (Deserves his own thread really, was pretty good in the Youth Cup last season and an important part of that winning side)
    Adam Clayton (unused sub twice for the seniors already)
    Marcello Trotta (Signed this guy from Napoli in 2008, 15/16 years old, Napoli werent happy of how he went)
    Filip Mentel
    Alex Tarwah Nimely (thread on him somewhere by someone else)
    Robert Mak
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    Re: Signature Design Feedback
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    Re: Signature Design Feedback
    didnt know where to put text on sturrige so it looks a bit dodgey :S

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    Re: Favorite Animated Movie?
    Simpsons Movie, good thread bud
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    Motty got a reaction from up gunners in Savio NSEREKO   
    This is my first find, well, I think he could have been mentioned, but I dont think there is a thread dedicated to him, I am sorry if he has been mentioned.
    I saw this on the fifa website, it was a bit where it mentioned 10 possibly promising youngsters from the Under 19 championships:
    "Sat the final through suspension having picked up a last-minute yellow card celebrating the win against the Czechs, and Germany missed his energetic contributions down the left. "The best player in the tournament for me has been Nsereko," said UEFA technical observer Roy Millar. "He can go inside on his right foot to make you a goal, or can go wide left and get in behind defenders."
    He will only cost you 10k!! this could be an absolute bargain. He plays for Brescia and he is rated 71.
    Thank You
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    Re: I want risers
    There are bound to be some players on the below thread that meet what you want.
    Good luck.
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