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  1. Jonathan Tah or Rugani ? and Bailly or De vrij ? all of them are for first team
  2. Actually a lot of players from the Guardian's top 60 ,17 yo kids have been added. Colidio , Garre , Pierias , Masangu , Hudson-odoi , Lincoln , Antzoulas , Mbom , Gouiri , Adli , Temenuzhkov , Van Den Eyden , Weah , Sadiku , Sego . If you have 3-4 m you can buy them all.
  3. Is there a way i can recall my player at a newly created game world? F.e. I have Monaco and Mbappe is loaned to PSG but i cannot recall him back because it says that this is a permanent loan
  4. Which players from juve do you think that will drop?
  5. Alfredo Morelos ( Rangers ) , 21 y / 80 , 6 goals in 7 matches this season . Before he joined Rangers he had 27 goals in 42 matches(circa 3400 min) .Intersting stats.
  6. Alfredo Morelos ( Rangers ) , 21 y / 80 , 6 goals in 7 matches this season . Before he joined Rangers he had 27 goals in 42 matches(circa 3400 min) .Intersting stats. Also Ross Mccrorie (19 y / 73 rating) has some hype around his name . It is argued that he will be the next Scotland hero only if he gets more playing times. I'm not from Scotland though , I have just read some articles about it ,. Maybe someone Scottish here informs us.
  7. the way things go rn , it seems that morata and lukaku will get their raises.(more possible for morata since he is 91)if not in december , at the end of the season for sure.
  8. Maxi Gomez (Celta) , 21 y old , rated 82 , 3 appearances and 3 goals(actually 4 but it didn't count beacause the ball hit the opposite player and it was counted as an autogoal) . Before his move to Celta last season he had in 27 matches 15 goals and 8 assists for Defensor. I don't think that he will dissapoint so i would give him a go.
  9. Jann Fiete Arp ,70 , 17 years old - Hamburg . Great prospect ,12 goals in 12 matches for germany u17 and 1 goal in 1 match at junior bundesliga. Probably he will rise to 75 due to hype. Kyle Walker-Peters , 70 , 20 years old - Tottenham. PLayed one match but he will be a big thing. Great talent . Ben Woodburn , 76 , 17 years old - Liverpool . Great talent and a huge prospect . Hope he will get time at liverpool but i don't think so. Look what he did for Wales senior team.
  10. Patrick Cutrone seems that he will get a rise. Played 60 minutes (in seria a )and has scored 2 league and one europa league(played 70 min.) qual. goals (and also he scored some goals at the summer friendlies and cups) maybe he will go to 78-80 in the next review if he continues like that.
  11. and here we go ! retsos to bayer leverkusen for 22M .I think now he is a must-buy player since he is in a better league and a team that know how to train young players.
  12. Retsos from Olympiacos is a great player to buy . Scouts from leverkusen and lyon scout him. And a 10M bid is rejected. Maybe because he is in Greece and Olympiacos is in a very difficult CL group he will not get a big rise (probably he would go from 82 to 84) but if he gets a transfer i think you should buy him. Very good prospect.
  13. well i guess i will sell him and buy him when he will get the move
  14. Guys how is Tielemans going? Should i sell him if i need money?
  15. Check Franck Kessie . His rating will increase for sure
  16. Maybe Chelsea's loanee Tammy Abraham. He is getting some hype around his name atm.expect him 80-82 by christmas. (he plays for 2nd tier team though so that maybe gonna prevent his rating from raising).
  17. First of all :Worth selling Dahoud and Janssen(tottenham) (19.3 M total ) And buy Gabriel Barbosa (14 M)? Also i want to sell one of Diawara , Neves or Weigl (all first team players) because they play in the same position. Which pair of them should i keep (based on potential) and finally from Dahoud , Tielemans and Bazoer how do you rate them based on potential again? Thanks in advance!
  18. Who will be better in the future Goncalo guedes or oliver torres? which one should i sell?
  19. based on juve's signings they must have a great scouting team. And they signed this player so i guess he will become something big
  20. I dont know the counter formation but 3-5-2 and 4-1-3-2 are good ones. When the opposite team is better just play very defensive mentality with long balls and low tempo. thats what i use , of course i cannot guarantee you a victory but when the opposite team is better you have more chances on defensive gameplay
  21. Maybe. But i dont think it will happen since he got 96 some months ago.. Maybe next season if he continues like this! 87/88
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