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  1. Hi, Cheating has been reported in Custom GW ID: 92395 and no action has been taken. A new manager took over an un-managed club and then sold all the players to one team for ridiculously unrealistic low offers and PX while everyone elses bids got rejected. The manager has not logged on since completing all these transfers. All transfers were reported as illegal but nothing was done about it. Can someone help because we have lost lot of managers already because this keeps going on. Thanks
  2. 25 yo 87 rated in a 92 average first team? Neither should develop and they never developed before. Its since the updates that these issues have cropped up and still no answer almost 3 weeks later!
  3. I manage a team in a custom gameworld where my first team has an average rating of 92. After the concerns were fixed I have an 84 rated 19 year old in my youth team developing a concern about his lack of games. Same has happened with an 87 rated 25 year old. Surely this is a major bug, how can either expect to get games in a team like mine?
  4. Drafting should oblige people to buy them as that is not fair, the players are taken away from the draft from other managers where they can be signed for face value and are entered in the open market where they would cost much more. Its basically cheating as it does not allow another manager to sign them for face value or 75% if free agent and at the same time allows the drafting manager more money for 94+ players.
  5. I thought the deadline was today lel That should give everyone enough time to sign their players. Any attempt to not do so should be constituted as cheating!!!
  6. This should be drafted players who do not have bids on methinks.
  7. Jesus it was a joke to trump Herrera's bid. I don't have thar kind of money I have £60m only FFS. Jeez...
  8. If they have not signed them by 1.11 on Monday then I say they are fair game!!
  9. Time to bid on everyone else? Can we set a deadline if not?
  10. I'm on just over £240m, Stain is as useless as LvG!
  11. Can us who have finished drafting start shortlisting 94+ players then as I don't want to keep checking again and again till Monday when we can start bidding on them!
  12. New arrivals know who's off limits. We need to set a deadline time as we can't wait for everyone to sign their players!!
  13. LitterBug (3hrs dl) - 1. Hummels 2. David Luiz 3. Teixeira 4. Darmian 5. Vertonghen 6. Pjanic 7. Mata 8. Henderson 9. Sadio Mane 10. Schweinsteiger 11. Rooney 12. Ginter 13. Wanyama 14. Fekir 15. Januzaj CrackersJR - 1. Pogba 2. Florenzi 3. Thiago Alcantara 4. Ter Stegen 5. Azpilicueta 6. Subotic 7. Jordi Alba 8. James Rodriguez 9. Lars Bender 10. Terry 11. Sagna 12. Lee Seung-Woo 13. Grujic 14. Gianluigi Donnaruma 15. C Borthwik Jackson th3stain - 1. Griezmann 2. Douglas Costa 3. Andre Gomes 4. Leno 5. Stones 6. Krychowiak 7. Otamendi 8. Alex Sandro 9. Luiz Danilo 10. Ander Herrera 11. Sok
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