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  1. Werner is 91, Dybala 93. I definitely wouldn't be letting Werner go either way, most likely off to Bayern soon and he's a fantastic player, just needs the move. Dybala is getting some.more game time but I'm not sure if he'll be at Juve in 12 months.
  2. That's like 100 players, are you nuts!?
  3. Nope. Walker on decline, Sarabia off to a decent start at PSG, I actually thought he'd struggle for game time but he's hanging in there, and Sensi one of the better players for Inter. Keep the duo.
  4. I would keep Alvarez, I have him and he's doing well at Ajax from the little I've seen and decent stats. No idea about the other lad
  5. Why not keep him? Unless you're using him to trade with another manager you won't lose much money on him. I think he just needs time. It's unfortunate he's come to Real at a time when they're an absolute basket case. On paper they're one of the best teams in the world but when they play they just look incredibly stale, devoid of ideas with a serious lack of passion from some of they're trusted players
  6. Mendy injured again, he'll be turfed out of City soon enough.
  7. I'd take Firmino. I think Rashford is already overrated but he does have age on his side vs. Firmino
  8. Considering there's only a week or so of football played since previous rises, what are you basing the rises on? It seems strange to start on leagues that are only just reviewed and won't be reviewed again till December/January.
  9. Not that I have to explain myself to you but what I "liked" was "Cheers all, it's been fun". I'm a big fan of Rahul and appreciate all his predictions through the years. This thread, his thread, is the only one I'd be bothered posting in. Whether that's ok with you or not makes little difference to me
  10. Walker and Azpilicuata are both in trouble and both getting on. Walker was off the pace by a bit last season and apparently City are looking for a new RB to challenge him. Azpilicuata is on the decline, with them not making any transfers and Lampard coming in, you'd struggle to see Chelsea getting CL football. I think both could drop come summer review next year, I'd probably take Dave because h covers a few positions.
  11. Pretty sure that was 17/18 season, rarely played CB last season.
  12. Based on last season, Oblak, Allison, DDG, MATS
  13. Much the same in my opinion, Firmino probably has a better chance of rising with Liverpool having better chances of trophies. Not much between them
  14. Alba gets his +1 years after he deserved it, and in all honesty, he's past his peak and arguably didn't deserve the +1 based on last season.
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