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  1. After the PL, probably start around this time next week
  2. Tough one. Fab will hit 93 but it might be the summer now since he was injured. I'd find it hard to let him go. Chelsea struggling a bit but Kante safe at 94. Bayern not the force they were but again Thiago keeping his rating. PSG will take Ligue 1 but how will CL go for them... So my answer is, I don't know. Long term I'd be keeping Fab and letting one of the other three go. Verratti is younger but I think the other two are better players.
  3. I think so, unfortunately he doesn't deserve 91 but I have him so I still want him to keep it
  4. Anyway, back to ratings. Dier to drop? Really can't see him staying at 91. He was injured and I'll for a while but he's been poor enough when played which has been very little
  5. Pogba. He'll leave United and probably do well. Koke just dropped, it's really hard for players to rise again after dropping in my opinion.
  6. Maybe, but there's always tomorrow. I have him so I'd be happy to be wrong.
  7. I'd say almost definitely. Top rated players at Barca and Real won't do well in this review
  8. Definitely didn't see that coming, especially when Partley and Saul rise
  9. No rise for Sanchez even though he's above your 0% line? I don't think he'll rise myself but I'm still trying to figure out your data too 😂
  10. Wilson's chances of a decent rise are fading 😕
  11. No problem at all that's the first time it happened to me to be honest. Your efforts are appreciated.
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