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  1. Why would one have anything to do with the other?
  2. Saul won't rise this review, or even this season I'd say, Atleti are doing pretty bad in LaLiga. Rodri should but City poor enough of late. Similar age, hard to know who to pick. I'd take Rodri I think, long term I think he'll be a top player 93+, Saul could hit 93 but less chance.
  3. I'd take Kane. Lewa is unreal but this is SM, if you're playing the long game you need to get Kane. Bayern are doing crap so it's hard to see an already highly rated player rise again. I could see only two players rising for Bayern, Gnabry and A Davies. The rest will stay with some dropping.
  4. Get Gnabry. He'll get a +1 in this review and another in the summer if he keeps it up. Bayern are struggling but he's on fire. Draxler is likely on the way out of PSG, hard to know where he'll go. Getting little game time. Rebic isn't getting game time either.
  5. Nope Yep Probably, or at least he should
  6. A few rises at Ajax and Bruno Fernandes with a deserved, though surprising, +1
  7. Hoping for more than a +1 for Harry Wilson. I'd expect a +2, or even +3 at a push.
  8. Yes, I'd get Pereira. He'll rise to 90 in the next review and likely 91 in the summer if he keeps up the way he's playing, and Leicester too. Matuidi is getting decent game time at Juve but he's 33 soon and SM will drop him come summer if he slips at all. I suppose if it's long it short term you're looking for.
  9. Grealish to 87, which would be a +2?
  10. You're talking about 1000-2000 players, it's not something that's easily done. I'm sure Rahul had a system and did it bit by bit, tough going for someone starting out so close to the updates.
  11. How could he poke home a ball that's inches from going in for someone else's first ever goal for their country...!? Poor Jota.
  12. Probably 86 in the winter review. If he continues to do well maybe 87/88 in the summer, that's asking a lot though.
  13. I can't see any drop. Rudiger and Christensen have suffered with injury, generally means you're safe from the drop. Though Spurs are all over the place at the moment I can't see either Sanchez or Alderweireld dropping. I actually expected Sanchez to have pushed on by now, made the CB position at Spurs his and climb the ratings to 91/92 but he hasn't stepped up to that standard yet. Still young though.
  14. I'm not sure on the first two. I love Saul but Sancho is likely to be a superstar with the right move. Neither RM or Atleti are going great in La Liga, in all honesty, no team is, but I'd be sticking with Koke over Casemiro.
  15. Depends what you have and what you need to pay to get him. He's not going to rise.
  16. Pepe but neither are setting the world on fire. Pepe needs to crack on to justify his transfer fee, a little disappointing for Arsenal so far. Neither will drop or rise in the winter review.
  17. Short term he'd be ideal but over the next season or two you'd think he'd start to drop off. He's a phenomenal player but how long can he keep it up. First three for me as I said.
  18. Thoughts on T.Hazard and Akanji +1? Kroos -1? Bruno Fernandes +1? He's probably hit the cap for SP but deserves 91 in my opinion
  19. The top leagues are usually done mid season, December/January and again at the end around May.
  20. Sterling. Salah not as hot this year as previously and to be honest, Sterling is the best, or very close to being the best, player in the PL at the moment. Likely to get 95 in the winter review. Phenomenal start to the season.
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