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  1. I think Skriniar is better but Laporte has a better chance of rising. He should get +1 in the next review, Skriniar definitely won't.
  2. Winks is currently 87, he is 100% getting a minimum +1 and anyone who thinks different is nuts
  3. Perisic is the wrong side of 30 and even with last night's derby win Inter aren't at the races the last few months. Akanji on the other hand is likely to rise in the summer, even if Dortmund finish runners up which looks likely. Depends on the rest of your team and whether you have cover but I tend to go for the younger players with a chance to rise rather than older higher rated players who are unlikely to rise. Once a player hits 30 the chances of them decreasing rapidly is much greater.
  4. Would love to see Dortmund win it but it's hard to see past Bayern now.
  5. 4-2-3-1, I've only 26 goals against in 34 games, it's my defense that's keeping me top
  6. 87 goals is good, you don't have a problem scoring, it's just that others are scoring more. I'm leading a Div 1 world with just 56 goals after 34 games
  7. There's not a hope in hell of KdeB getting a +1 soon, even if City won the PL and CL. He simply hasn't played enough, less than 900 minutes between the PL and CL, and when he has played he hasn't looked himself
  8. Talent wise I'd have Icardi but he's acting the b****x at Inter and I'm not sure if he'll ever settle anywhere. Hard to know where he'll end up in the summer but I think he has potential to be 94+. Firmino is a work horse but isn't always in the assists and goals, I'm not sure if he'll get the right recognition from SM for the rest of what he does. He's a max 94 for me and he'd need Liverpool to win the CL or PL to have a chance. Jesus is a fantastic player, still young and bar a small dip he scores when he plays, the issue is Aguero usually starts ahead of him and he gets limited sub appearances. Huge potential, 94+ in my opinion. Really hard to choose between them but for me it would be Icardi > Firmino, Firmino only just pipping Jesus because he starts most games
  9. Thoughts on Ferland Mendy and Nicholas Pepe getting +1 to 90? I would say highly likely. Outside chance of Mendy getting +2 if they progress in the CL, however unlikely that is? Also, thoughts on Dumfries for PSV, +1/2?
  10. If those are images of your players now I wouldn't bother buying anyone, you'll never keep them happy
  11. I have Akanji and Sanchez, I hope you're right! Would love Rodri
  12. Meh, any player in the world can miss penos. Look at Messi. To refuse to be subbed off is the height of disrespect,.bot only to your manager and teammates but to the player who is supposed to come on. I wouldn't play him again this season if I was Sarri, Champions League qualification be damned. Sarri will be gone in a few games anyway I'm sure. Sad way to go.
  13. Kepa might not be getting any rises soon, should be relegated to the reserves for the rest of the season after that.
  14. Akanji back for Dortmund, they really need to push on now with Bayern coming back to good form
  15. I'm not sure if he'll rise next review, it'll depend on the CL and whether they over take Dortmund, but I'd definitely be hanging onto him. Has the quality to hit 94 eventually, in my opinion. Carvajal should've got a +1 a long time ago. Not sure if he'll ever get it now.
  16. I spoke too soon. Sporting crash out of the EL
  17. Bruno Fernandes with another tonight. Must hit 91 if he keeps this up.
  18. Son, likely +1 in the summer if he keeps going
  19. Hopefully Akanji will rise but he hasn't played in nearly two months. Due back soon but to hit 91 this summer I think Dortmund will need to win the league. He'll definitely hit 91 in the future though
  20. The last main review is only just finished, there is no definite +1 for any high rated players. You're asking an impossible question.
  21. I'd have Winks for a possible +2 also but yeah, I'd be thinking similar to you.
  22. Sanchez would be high on the list of possibilities. He's back in the starting eleven, getting lots more game time and Spurs are doing well. Got his first goal for Spurs last week as well I think. For all the love of Liverpool and City, Spurs are only 5 off City with a game in hand and 5 off Liverpool with the same games played. It's likely Spurs will do a Spurs and drop off but so far they're looking good and there are a few players in line for a +1 in my opinion. I see Odriozola starts again for Real, glad to see him getting more game time recently. Even though he had a ropey start he looks to be a real talent, would hate to see him relegated to the bench indefinitely.
  23. Saul. Keita blowing hot and, mostly, cold so far for Liverpool in my opinion. Hasn't shown the quality from the Bundesliga. Sessegnon needs to move, Fulham are going down
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