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  1. And once again, this incredibly broken system rears it's head. Saed Kolasinac bumps from 87 to 89 and INSTANTLY gains a concern as if he had always been 89. His value is now INSTANTLY less than what it is because of this absurd nonsense that players with concerns now have their transfer value gimped. Lowest rated starter in my team is a 90. So now I can play a guy that doesn't actually belong in the squad, or sell him at a gimped value. What a great way to reward players that actually know something about the sport! This system is totally broken and the enti
  2. Something needs to be done about obvious trolls that repeatedly spam good players trying to force them to sell good members of their team. We used to have a "set player to get no transfer offers" option, but for some completely unfathomable reason they nuked literally the only anti-griefing measure the game had, so now I have to reject 3 offers on Pogba a week. Because apparently, it is my job to make other people's teams better. The solution is to stop spamming people and being a troll. You are welcome.
  3. If your team is successful, (routinely making Champion's League), that should be taken into account. Look at Claudio Pizarro, all those years he sat on the bench at Bayern, because he liked trophies and money. He's hardly a unique case. My biggest issue with the current SM design philosophy is that it tries to punish players for being good, which has never ended well for any game studio, ever. On top of it, in this case, being a very unrealistic reflection of how players react.
  4. It is absolutely obvious that if a player receives a ratings bump up, the game instantly assumes he was always that rating and is using it for Concerns calculations. Feels pretty lazy. You see a lot of players bump from say, 86 to 88, and instantly get concerned about match time. It's doubly stupid since concerns now also bork player values. Seeing way too many players switch to a strategy of just loading up on overrated, cheap geezers who put together couldn't finish 10th in Serie A but somehow in this game can win Champion's League, because it's just not worth it to a
  5. My all time favourite is Robin Van Persie having the option to play AM(C), a position he has never played in his life, but he doesn't have AM(L) which he played regularly for years. There are a ton of position problems, hundreds, that would be solved by some people swallowing their egos and just admitting transfrmarkt dot com is doing a way better job tracking that stuff than they are.
  6. Was there any explanation ever offered for this: http://forum.soccermanager.com/topic/158633-my-custom-gw/?p=3162557 Because if so, it's certainly been kept awfully quiet.
  7. I made a bug ticket about it during the turn 1 season 2 in my own as I could not adjust the rules either, and they told me that adjusting the rules between seasons was "temporarily disabled" and that the free custom worlds "may not have all the features" that paid for custom worlds do. They gave me no further explanation, or assistance in making the adjustment I wanted to make. Honestly, that sounds like complete garbage to me. Certainly the "free custom worlds may not have full features" line was something completely new that they have never officially announced anywhere, at any point. Tr
  8. This is the biggest red herring that people who enjoy complaining have wasted people's time with for years. I've yet to really see a single convincing argument that it's something the SM staff should be stepping in over. If they were going to, I'll begin taking the squad size discussion seriously when there is an option to punish people carrying a completely unrealistic squad of 21 players with top division teams, watching people pull two for one trade swaps to get hold of every 93+ rated player they can and getting down to a minimum sized all star team. This, to me, is far far worse, and
  9. I think some of these suggestions are quite sensible. I also think there still needs to be more done to make it more encouraged for people to look in custom worlds somehow, ESPECIALLY off the back of the veterans being given their own worlds. Especially with leagues using unusual teams, some of them will be sadly overlooked despite having pretty good managers in them. I believe this is something SM themselves said they were working on a while ago anyway.
  10. It's an absolutely awful move, and not remotely a reflection of how football finances work in the real world at all. Just posting that anyone who disagrees with you is whining is pretty high on the Steam Forums list of poor behaviour. I have noticed that chairmen seem to react differently (especially towards loanee rating) depending on how big or small a league you are in, which is neat, but I've never really seen it explained. Like, in Scotland you can have a 90 rated starting lineup and not loan out some 85 rated kid. In Germany or England you can. Never really seen the details on how it
  11. The only time I've used it in 6 years was when blatant trolls were harassing me in new leagues I joined trying to get me to sell players no sane man would sell.
  12. I would agree with this in theory but in practice it would only be rewarding poor design choices by SM in many cases. I had a team that under the "old" game was not in debt and in fact ran at a very small profit, that has since become millions in debt because they chose to completely redo player salaries with virtually no major concern whatsoever for team income. I refuse to be punished for their poor planning when I've done absolutely nothing wrong. None of this would have occurred in the first place if proper planning and testing of the changes to player salaries and game economies had b
  13. It's embarrassing that on social media they continue to throw around the word "improvements" for making people in many cases click more buttons than before to perform exactly the same actions. There's not a web design class in the world you'd get that through on. I'm really not sure why they bothered with opening up the whole process to feedback at all because they've clearly taken next to none of it to heart, and in many cases seem to be doing exactly the opposite of what their own player base has been asking for. They also broke the match engine so blatantly, there are undefeated or
  14. We're through friendlies now and the league is officially starting today, good luck to everyone. We've got 12 managers at the moment but still lots of room for more.
  15. Nice, glad to have someone local to at least one of these clubs. We've got 7 signed up now so if one more person jumps in the world can get started.
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