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  1. Gah. I STILL need a striker. I went after the argentinian Cardoza but all my bids have been rejected.
  2. Let this be a thread in Memorial of Steve Irwin. I great Man, a Father, a Husband, a son. My Regards go to his familly and everyone in contact with him. Let him rest in peace.
  3. Gah. Im In desperate Need of a Striker and a Left Mid. Plus I just lost 2-1 to Nottingham Forrest.
  4. I'll Be sure to Check them Out. Im selling those players I posted earlier if anyone is interested. Oh Yeah, Steve, I want to Make an Offer for Nervo Once our other deal goes through.
  5. Anyone Selling any Decent Players, or Players that are damaging thier wage budget because they're not playing at all?
  6. Smith Takes on Carlisle Task! I Took Over at Div 2 Highflyers Carlisle Today. Im Going to have some big changes in My team as I try to Bolt for Promotion. Im Selling: Matthew Mills CB 20 75 5.78 100% £547k - WILSON, Kelvin CB/RB 20 74 6.00 82% £351k - LINDSCHNGER, Sandro LM 20 75 5.50 100% £547k - LUMSDON, Chris CM 26 73 7.00 100% £165k - HAWLEY, Karl F 24 77 0.00 100% £951k - And Im Looking to Buy Players Rated from 85-100 A Left Back 2 Centre Backs 1 Left Mid 1 Right Mid 2 Centre Mids 1 Centre Foward I Have £8.9 Million To Spend. I will also Bid for players on loan.
  7. SmithA

    cant wait

    OMG! A Shock! I Drew at Home to Cheltnham 1-1. McBride got My Goal in the first 4 mins. I can't belive I drew. Eek. Im still Second though.
  8. SmithA


    'Yay! Go Dai! We Want Dai Back!' It'll Never Be the same again. The Grandfather of the Forum is gone.
  9. SmithA

    cant wait

    I Bet you slip Up. Nah, I wish you all the best. I should go top of DIV 3 tonight with My Derby Team.
  10. To Be Fair, He needs to Be Starting Every Game for Arsenal & Holland Before He can be considered that High a rating.
  11. SmithA


    Jeez. Im not a Derby County Fan. I just Happen to Manage them In Eng 109. I Think I'll go change My avatar. Keeping wildly On-Topic :'Go Dai!'
  12. SmithA


    Im In. 'We'll miss you Dai!!!'
  13. @ Ben : It's just showing that Im joking. I didn't expect it to do anything. @ Ryan : Indeed you are, but you have more than one account on SM. @ manUTD : Good for you. @ L. Steve : There isn't arule saying you have to read every thread or that your not allowed to post achievemnet, or season review threads. I agree with you fully.
  14. One Point. IM NOT A DERBY COUNTY FAN Im a Peterborough Fan, But I have links with Derby through my Uncle. I'll see if I get many reponces.
  15. [JOKE/]and We care about a world championships transfer market?[JOKE] OK... lol... Fair deuce. But does anyone actually care about my thread?
  16. I Hate to admit it, But its True. Jamie is interesting dozens of clubs, and has certainly impressed for us this season. His great display in our win over Ipswich was pick of the bunch, and He continues to work nonstop. His pace frightens defenders, and He always is able to hold the ball up in some of the trikiest of situations. His crosses caused Ipswich problems, as did his through balls. He'll definately be worthy of 78+
  17. An 18 year Old Leyton Orient Defender, He has started 3 Games so far this season, and is currently rated 66. He MAY be one to look out for for your team if he keeps it up. I Presume a move to 75 will be on the cards If he continues to play. What do you guys think? Will He be the buisness?
  18. Meh, It was just so people could come and see how my team are doing. Maybe its too Imformative?
  19. Derby County Player Pos Age Rat Av Pf Con Val Tr Bn HISLOP, Shaka G 37 87 8.50 96% £86k 18 Turns CAMP, Lee G 22 84 7.00 100% £3.9M - GRANT, Lee G 23 80 0.00 100% £1.9M - WARNOCK, Stephen LB 24 87 7.00 88% £5.4M - GUDELJ, Nebosja LB 37 87 8.00 73% £86k 18 Turns EDWORTHY, Marc RB 33 83 7.00 100% £1.0M - KEIDEL, Ralf RB/RM 29 82 0.00 100% £2.0M 18 Turns GOMA, Alain CB 33 86 8.50 78% £1.5M - DJOUROU, Johannes CB/DM 19 85 8.00 84% £4.9M - JOHNSON, Michael CB 33 84 7.00 81% £1.1M - MOORE, Darren CB 32 83 7.00 100% £1.4M - LEACOCK, Dean CB/RB 22 82 0.
  20. I'll Certainly Look Into Him.
  21. SmithA


    Brown Definately deserves a 90 Rating again after another Solid Performance. Slskjaer, what Can I say, another sub appearance, another Goal. CHANGE HIM SM!!!
  22. Thanks for the PM Pezza! I Got Him for My two teams.
  23. Craig Molloy Is looking good for St Mirren. He's a definate Buy.
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