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    Matty Holland
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    Runners up Div 3 with Port Vale, runner up in Cup wih Charlton and semi finalist in cup Port Vale
  1. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Ok, heres the situation. I am amnaging Port Vale in div 4 and am currently 1 mil in debt due to wage bills. So really need to sell one of the following. Dzagoev SERGIO BUSQUETS GLUSHAKOV, Denis PABLO DE BARROS, Paulino SODER, Robin Would rather not sell Dzagoev as he is highest rated player in my team and PABLO DE BARROS is my best LB. So its mainly out of the other 3.
  2. Re: More Clubs For Higher Levels! 39 teams? o.o I have 6 and I wouldnt want anymore, how can you have 39 and not get bored?
  3. Re: Cheaters - Point deduction/relegation No comments? :/
  4. Re: More Clubs For Higher Levels! You could just make another account. I know loads of people with 2/3 accounts.
  5. Re: Co-Operative Insurance Cup (Scotland) Rangers cutting it close there?
  6. Re: Reds fans labelled Europe's worst If they think Liverpool fans are the worse, they obviously havent heard of Millwall.
  7. Re: HAMSIK Marek Taking a gamble on this guy. Really hope he increases to 91
  8. Ryan Riggs


    Re: *********** Yeah, youtube is one site. There must be millions of **** sites and more could always be setup when banned. It just really couldnt be enforced.
  9. Re: Should all British leagues join into one League? I swear Swansea are from Wales Anyway, this idea in general just wouldnt work as the English clubs wouldnt like it as they will be pushed down some places at least and Scottish teams wouldnt like it as well..they would fail miserably.
  10. Re: Rate My Team Thread Firstly I would like to point out that this team is Derby, and also 7 poins clear a he top 13 games into div 2. Youth squad added on.
  11. Re: Torres-Lampard+Podolski+20m You are trading a 95 a 91 with a decent looking future and 20 mil for a 95? Wouldnt say it was worth it myself.
  12. Re: Agents and sponsers It shpould be based on where a team finished last season. Eg. There is a group for top 5 teams Then next 10 teams Next 2 teams and the teams that got promoted Then for the next division have Teams that got relegaed and 4th and 5th of div 2 next 10 teams etc..
  13. Re: Huge Riser - Christian Pasquato - Young Italian Striker Nice find again Keep i up Just one question, has he recently been loaned to or sold to Empoli from Juventus? (As he is in Juventus in all my setups)
  14. Re: madrid sign 'wonderkid' Made me smile at least
  15. Re: Experience I suppose it will be good then if it didnt make too much difference, would just be hard finding the balance between this and real ratings. If you put a limit on how much a player could improve by experience by like a few rating points or something it might work.
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