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  1. OK. this is the situation. I have a good team, i can say. 14 players over 89 and 6 to 8 players 88 and around 70 players on youth team. I make several deals for season, selling or swapping my first team players and normally I like to buy a young player when I know him and I believe he can make someday part of my team. That was difficult, but sometimes I get the player. Nowadays, It is impossible. I have Pogba, Verratti, Neymar and Aguero and with this 4 players are more than 200M of team value. It is not fair, if to get someday a players I have to sell some of these players to have a more
  2. Steve, Regarding squad size, there is any ideas for the future? Some managers were discussing that SM was thinking in reduce the number of players to 150 for team. If the teams were bigger the chairman will star to sell the high-rating players. I have some teams with more than 150 players, and i'm currently reducing the number of players, because it is hard to work nowadays and maintain the team moral and contracts up to the team income, between others causes. However, i want to be prepared if some drastic decisions like that is made in the SM Worlds. I have 20 players +89 and a lot of young p
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