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  1. When I'm picking a team I need the ability to have the pitch and the whole squad on the same page, together with a "Clear Squad" button and a rating and fitness level scale, as is now. Anything less makes picking teams too prolonged and tedious. Cut down your teams I hear you say. I will, is the answer!
  2. You could try another browser. I think Crome is the one one that currently has problems.
  3. I've reached my quota of likes for for the day? What on earth is that all about? Where will I find quotas amongst the rules?
  4. I'll look at this on a Windows laptop to see whether I can continue to enjoy the game in the same way as I did. In my humble opinion, on an IPhone or an iPad the game has become really difficult. A simple act like picking the next team with regard to fitness and position has become something akin to questioning the meaning of life!!! I should say that, ever since the apps were made for the devices I have described above, I have deliberately logged into the game using a browser and continuing with the old system. I'm more disappointed than angry. I love game, but not like this. I'll either drastically reduce my clubs or end up doing auto pick, which, of course, negates all enjoyment. I seriously suggest SM bring back choice, as was previously promised. I find it difficult to believe that the people who are responsible for the change are actual players. If they are they're not premier league!!!!
  5. All my gameworlds are down (and I have a few). Some are in maintenance mode and the others just aren't allowing access. The problem is at least five hours old. There's nothing on Facebook, Twitter or even this forum explaining the situation. An explanation as to what's gone wrong and how long it's likely to be before it's fixed would be nice!
  6. Might you have inadvertently checked the 'Set Minimum Fee' button?
  7. Steven, if the games are resheduled there'll be fitness issues surrounding Monday's matches. You'll need to take that into account. Bobby
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