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  1. There was a post on this guy however its afew years old and this guys come on quite abit since then. Michael Ortega Age - 20 Position - AM-WINGER DB Rating - 80 Real Life Club - Beyer Leverkusen (On Loan From Atlas) So Michael started out at depotivo cali which is a columbian side i believe. Last summer he transferred to Mexican outfit atlas where he made 17 appearances netting 1 goal. He then secured himself a place in the columbia U20 for the U20 world cup where he played 5 games and caught the eye of a number of talents acouts attention. Michael has just been confirmed to have s
  2. Re: Expierienced manager O yeah and Iv just realised Experienced is spelt incorrectly
  3. I'm after joining a WC that has an active newspaper and quite full.preferably a newer league (as in not the obvious numbers 1, 10, 100 etc) as they are pretty dry in terms of any players. Any suggestions???
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Do you think this deal is any good. Karim Benzema plus Khedira for my Klose and Schweinstieger. I know Benzema is likely to drop considering he missed out on WC and had a poor campaign last season And We all know about Khedira Thankz
  5. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! Hi is it possible that i could have one thats says 'Teams I Support' then have a Man U, Benfica and Roma Logo in it Not really bothered how it looks as long as it follows the jist of what i put Thanks in advance, I will rep aswell
  6. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread I was surprised Duff went too. He was the first player to commit. And i agree Taylor is by far Newcastle's best player. He has the right mentality and he's a great defender. IMO i think they should offer Taylor captancy, it would show him how much he means to Newcastle
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Was wondering though, Havnt roma missed ut on CL place this season? That will surely put both down?
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hi i posted this in who to buy sell or keep but no1 ansered it inda fits into this character Im looking to sell either Mexes or Juan WHich one would be the better to sell? are either going to drop in raing etc?
  9. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Hi I manage a chelsea team and have hese centre backs John Terry - 95 Giorgio Chiellini - 94 Juan - 93 Philipe Mexes - 92 Now i have eough players to cover my RB and LB and have Micheals Mancienne if i was desperate for CB. So i was wondering who should i sell out of Juan and Mexes. Are either going to drop in rating etc. Thanks in Advance
  10. Re: Old Players New Value's I was expecting a small change but the new values are massive in comparison Hendrik Larsson is one example, was worth 600k to my chelsea team and is now worth 2.4M. Im not against the new values or for it TBH but i fail to understand why its been done. It seems like there trying to slow the games transfer markets down. The new values are good for the bigger teams, especially for the deals involving older players, unlike before chairmens will not block deals as much but for smaller teams its a huge hammer blow. Just as Chairmen investments have being shrunk or not
  11. Re: Who do you think will take United's free-kicks? I think there wont be just one player taking them now. From the right Giggs has always been great. Andersens free kick was pretty good, and Ronney has a great one two. Evra isnt the worsth free kick taker and Nani isnt too bad either. TBH i reckon there wont be one solid free kick taker but one per situation, eg. giigs right hand side, rooney for Long distance, andersen close up and nani for crosses
  12. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Mike Ashley seems certain to get your club sunk into non league football. The consortium who were fronted by Steve McMahon have pulled out of the deal. Most likely because Ashley is a fool Feel Gutted for all you Newcastle fans, and have this new found hate for Sunderland fans who all of a sudden believe there club is the new Premier League Champs, They needed you to get relegated to make them feel special........Fools
  13. Re: The Redissue League - managers wanted !! Loved this league in the few games i managed in it. Was gutted when SM booted me for no apparent reason. Wish i coul rejoin
  14. Hi people. This is just a quick one. I've got the chance to buy these players but i can only do one or the other. In my squad im currently shy of a CM to back up De Rossi and Diego. I can buy: Cesc Fabregas -95- £50m or buy all these: Mesut Ozil -89- £12m Jeremy Toulalan -93- £26m Rui Patricio -88- £9m Dzagoev -88- £10m I already know how massive Ozil, Patricio and Dzagoev are but was wondering what Toulalan is like. I want to do the second providing Toulalan is playing well and is going to hold his rating/ increase it
  15. Re: Newspaper... It is a good idea but like others have said, too much troble. Alot of the more serious leagues who enjoy the paper have there own newspaper thrad where they post there articles. In the forum you can add pics and lay it out how you want. You may want to consider making one for your league as it does add a new dimension
  16. Re: Forum Premier League '92 - Match/Transfer Reports Chelsea Hire Farooq as Manager!!! Daniel Farooq has been dubbed 'the man to rescue Chelsea.' The manager is said to be very excited by the prospect of competing in the league but is currentley concentrating on avoiding relegation. The seemingly abandoned team now look to be focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel after spending most of the season lingering dangerously ovr the relegation zone. Farooq spoke earlier at a press conference saying 'I've come here to take this team back to the top. They have the squad to challenge for
  17. Ikechi Anya Winger On DB Rated - 67 Age - 21 This is my first Scout. Just come across him TBH. He has a brilliant story and i think a wonderful chance of rising. Ikechi is a Scottish lad who was originally a Oxford United player. After being released by United he signed for Wycombe at age 16. He is there youngest ever starter, making his first appearance at 16. He committed his short term future to the club, signing a two year deal in June 2005 and whilst at Wycombe won Apprentice of the year at the inaugural Football League awards 2006. He ended up leaving Wycombe and having yet anot
  18. Re: United tie up Valencia deal Alot of people say he's just another player, and he's not good enough for United. I'v seen bits of him throughout his time at Wigan and yes i thought the same as many. But i watched afew videos of him playing last season and i can see a striking similarity in his playing style to CR's. He's fast, got plenty of magical skills and a good shot. He's very similar, not as many mind boggling skills but for sure he passes more, alot less selfish and definatly prefers to pass and keep his team in posession rather then get into the corner of the pitch like CR did. He
  19. Re: all players in differant shirts Hi If you have time could you please do me Klose, podolski and schweinsteiger in FC Schalke Shirts. Klose's the most important so if youve only got time to do one then please could you do him
  20. Re: International Private Set Up FC Schalke 4 - 1 Hamburger SV FC Schalke tonight cruised to victory against 3rd placed Hamburger. Schalke who lost 6-0 earlier in the season to this team never looked like losing tonight as they barely lost the ball. They managed to keep 65% of the possession while taking 8 shots, which of four were goals. Midfield maestro Barry Ferguson netted the first goal using his pace to pass Hamburgs defence before striking a power shot into the back of the net. Next up was German sensation Marko Marin who left Hamburg's Frank Rost motionless as he volleyed home a
  21. Re: future risers who are at 70 atm! Yh i need afew of these 2
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