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  1. Maybe because there isn't Serbian section of Forum anymore. Also, all of things which could be interesting for you(players rises) are in English.
  2. Ani, do you want Monchengladbach for Benfica?
  3. I would take Legia Warszawa with their stadium capacity of 31k.
  4. This is really rude from them! They want feedbacks but don't want to answer later. They are talking too much and aren't doing nothing at all!!
  5. My idea for custom game world Format: standard squads 2 divisions with 10 teams each so in total 20 clubs 18 games in season 3 teams relegated and 3 promoted Squad/rating cap: squad cap - first team: between 23 and 26 players youth team: between 18 and 20 players and STRICT RULE - every manager must have all his youngsters in youth team before first round in every season and that have to be like I said between 18 and 20 players youngsters that were in youth team on start of the season can play only friendly games and there could be some Youth Cup through friendlies rating cap - max. 94+ rated is 2 max. 92-93 rated is 4 max. 90-91 rated is 6 no limit for players 89 or less Budget: starting budget could be 80 millions only cash deals Last but important - all managers can pick their club before creating a game world so you can manage Cambridge if you want
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