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  1. We should be able to buy a ton of players with the $50M and a 74 cap. Should be interesting.
  2. I'm in. I'll take Linfield.
  3. Some teams are available in this league. 3 of which are in division 1 right now. Check out page 1 for info to join.
  4. Interested in joining. Too late because of the empty squad start?
  5. I'll join. I may pick a division 2 or 3 team... haven't decided. Will join today. EDIT: Went with Dundee United in Division 2. Would be nice if we could fill this up some more for a change from the norm.
  6. I don't have an open slot right now but will come November and would be interested in taking one of the open teams. I'll keep it in mind.
  7. Well me because I have Chile. Not saying you guys shouldn't have done what you did just frustrating that I have a feeling it's going to be hard for anyone who doesn't do that to get to even 21 players by the first game unless we start soon.
  8. So you guys know your teams already and other regions are going to have less than 7 days to get everything submitted and accepted?
  9. Is there any additional prize for winning a division? For example, get to buy one player from any country outside of your country grouping or something.
  10. So since I'm division 1 the cap is 25 and 5 foreigners?
  11. FINALLY. Let's get this going this weekend.
  12. What if we start with one unmanaged team. People are going to start to forget they even signed up or lose interest.
  13. Bump. One spot left. Go check it out.
  14. How many more are we waiting for?
  15. Just curious because I was gone from the game for a while... what was the forum change that everyone says "killed the game"? How significant of a change can we made to a forum that would stop people from coming back?
  16. You won't 6 of these countries to be taken. I say we just start.
  17. Of course. ID 335763. Some others have left too so there's multiple teams available. Join away.
  18. New game world is almost filled up over in the custom thread. Custom Game World Link
  19. Not sure about Ukraine but Mexico would be decent to take because they're mediocre and there are some good countries grouped with them.
  20. I bet a post in the new game world thread would fill these last few spots up.
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