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  1. Why is it, when my team have an average rating of 95, they lose against the computer who's average team is in the 80s, anyone know why this rubbish happens? I have better tactics, everything! But I still lose, it's silly. Help!
  2. I do agree with Ghora lets get this going
  3. There you have it, ''thirty-forty'' or ''30-40'' it is...
  4. Top of division 1, where I will be staying for the season!!! haha
  5. Is a trust worthy manager someone who post a lot in a forum, or someone who has played the game a long time? Because I have over 350 sm points
  6. If you have 990 million why sell any of your players at all?, especially the best keeper in the game. this is silly.
  7. after all teams are picked, how long until launch?
  8. I don't think this applies to Custom game worlds, as too many people like to buy customs and play on their own. Only SM owned ones will close.
  9. If I am entered, I would like to play with the French team "nice" 35k capacity
  10. Yes you are correct, I'm new here, but have been playing the game since 2008, i would like to start playing seriously again, with a full league, and not just 1 or 2 other managers.
  11. I am also interested, my username is: tuggers
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