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  1. Re: Best Teams In SoccerManager My Inter Milan: Cesar (94) Maicon (95) --- R.Ferdinand (94) --- Pique (95) --- Zanetti (93) C.Ronaldo (98) --- Cambiasso (95) --- Mascherano (93) --- Ozil (94) Ibrahimovic (96) --- Messi (99) Subs: Turnbull (85) Chivu (91) Pepe (93) Stankovic (92) Van Der Vaart (92) Torres (94) Van Persie (93) Notable Reserves: Criscito (90) Fanni (89) Motta (90) Agger (90)
  2. Re: GCSE Mock Exams... I'm taking my Science and English GCSE's a year early, and i only had a mock in the Science for Unit 1 Science Mock-A (Target B or above)
  3. Re: City to sign Kaka? Well guys, with Kaka's 500K a week deal, at least he can buy: 1 Dodgey Jet 803 Top of the Range Iphones to pleed to Milan to buy him back 3355 Plane Tickets back to Milan 11113 AC Milan, Barcelona or Real Madrid Replica Shirts 12156 Italian Passports
  4. Re: English Champ 2909 Challenge-Crystal Palace Crystal Palace Announce New Manager Crystal Palace today announced the signing of Reece Woolmore as the new manager at the club. Woolmore has apparently adopted a new 'All English' Transfer Philosophy. He has promised Palace fans that he will search the leagues for raw English talent and attempt to make them Palace players and make a teamfull of English World Beaters that would take Palace to the top, Woolmore also reveled that the previous manager: Joe Bloggs, had brought top Spanish stars: Fernando Morientes Michael Salgado Andres Palop as well as Eidur Gudjohnsen. Woolmore also told Palace fans that top youngsters were not for sale, and that any offers under £99 million would be rejected. Other managers in this setup will also note that Palace have announced that the following players are for sale: Shefki Kuqi (£1 million) Alan Lee (£3.1 million) Craig Beattie (£2.2 million) Leandre Griffit (£1.5 million) Nick Carle (£2.5 million) Paddy McCarthy (£3.8 million) Miguel Jose Fonte (£3.9 million) Johannes Ertl (£5 million)
  5. Hey Guys I've decided to take on a challenge in one of the English Championships. My challenge is to make a complete squad of English players and to at no point in my managerial reign to resort to buying a foreign import. This thread is for those interested in marking my progress to well, mark my progress and as a way for me to track it myself. Thanks
  6. Re: The SM 100! (New Competition) #1 I voted Gerrard And I think that Aguero (Atletico), Carragher (Liverpool), Terry (Chelsea), Rooney (Man Utd), Lampard (Chelsea), Ferdinand and Vidic (Manchester United) and Villa (Valencia) should be in the next round
  7. Kermit Erasmus Hey Guys, this is my first scouting thread-so please give me tips to improve, also i do not take credit for this find Kermit Erasmus Position:CF Age:18 Rating:76 Chairman Value:£830,000 Rating Changes: Up 6 to 83 This South African forward has been compared to Wayne Rooney, Pele, Fat Ronaldo and Romario. His already scored goals at U17 and U20 level, with his technique being compared to Ronaldo's. He has signed a pre-contract with Dutch team Feyenoord, and joined at the start of the 08-09 season. Record: 2007-2008-Supersport United-10 Appearances with 1 Sub Appearance-1 Goal 2008 Onwards-Feyernoord-2 Appearances-0 Goals National Team-South Africa-0 Appearances-0 Goals
  8. Re: where will city finish at the end of the season Okay, who voted Bottom Three
  9. Re: Xbox Live - Fifa 09 International Friendly Tournament! I would join, but i dont have Xbox Live :( Sorry Guys, will have to miss this one
  10. Re: Tactics Help Thread Is this your PNE in English Championship 106 by any chance
  11. Re: Spanish 17-Job Offer !! They work for me though
  12. Hey, I manage Cadiz in SC 17. We are currently 4th in the table (play-off spot)-and there are two games left. We need just a point to guareente a play-off place. We have a meagre total of £2.8 million to spend, but that is subject to the next rating changes. The squad is as follows: http://www.soccermanager.com/club.php and this is the youth squad: http://www.soccermanager.com/club.php Atletico Madrid's chairman decided that i was the right man for the job, they are 9th in La Liga, with a budget of £28.1 million and this is there squad: http://www.soccermanager.com/club.php?action=squad&clubid=6680423 Should i accept ?? Thanks
  13. Re: Manager Rating. (A long post but please respond) Are you a World Class manager??
  14. Re: ribery for robinho Money doesn't mean they WILL buy these players, there not in the top 4 yet !
  15. Re: Manager Rating. (A long post but please respond) Are you a World Class manager?? A very good read actually, i was very impressed at this idea, as i didnt expect anyone to come close to this and hopefully the idea is introduced
  16. Re: Urgent Help! Well mine linked to Helsingborg's and BK Häcken's' date=' whatever they link to, i don't think its really revelant ! That's a great victory, considering they had a great team, but why on earth was Ebanks-Blake playing ??[/color']
  17. Re: Urgent Help! Im sorry mate, but the links lead to Helsingborg's formation and there is no-one on the pitch, could you just write out who you played please
  18. Re: Internet Addiction Test ! I managed to get 33-which is shocking really, i shouldve beat Wozza's score (yeah right)
  19. Re: GCSE Mock Exams... Well, im in Year 9 but i have my science mock next wednesday, and they want me to get a 'B' this year
  20. Re: Urgent Help! Whey boys !! What formation did you use ?? EDIT Did you realise that clicking your links leads you to two formation pages, one being BK Häcken's, and the other one Helsingborgs IF's
  21. Re: Urgent Help! I always play a 3-4-1-2 against teams with 4 in midfield
  22. Re: Urgent Help! I wouldn't completely take my advice, because i doubt it will help But perhaps play a 3-4-1-2 or a 3-5-2, that way you'll have the majority of the field covered, and you defence can go man for man
  23. Re: Urgent Help! What formation does he play ?? and what team does he play: 1 2 ------ 4 ------- 5 ------ 3 7 ------ 8 ------- 6 ------ 11 10 ------- 9
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