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  1. Re: Finnish youngsters Teemu Pukki was sitting on the bench yesterday when Sevilla won Real Madrid 3-4. It was his first time in Sevilla's first team line-up. He didn't get any minutes yet, but I think he will make his first team debut later this season.
  2. Re: Finnish youngsters Niklas Moisander, 23, LB, AZ Alkmaar He is regular for AZ and is getting a nice rise next time. He has been mentioned in many threads so I'm not gonna write a full report about him. He has his own thread by henharrierhall here
  3. Re: Niklas MOISANDER +6 ! In AZ he has been great ,but in Finland's NT he hasn't yet been able to get past Toni Kallio, who stands at 84(will come down though). But I'm sure in near future Moisander will be in Finland's starting XI. I'm hoping 83/84 in next ratings and 85-87 after that.
  4. Re: Sakari Mattila - Udinese Prospect From Goal.com: "He has been labeled as the 'new Michael Ballack' by many, and as a result, he will sign a five-year deal with the Bianconeri, which will commence in January 2009." That's pretty much said because the highest rated midfielders from Finland are currently Joonas Kolkka and Teemu Tainio, who are rated 87. So I'm not sure if he will reach 90 but over 85 is very possible(at only 19 year age it's impossible to say) As a Finn I'm of course hoping 90:D
  5. Re: Sakari Mattila - Udinese Prospect Yep, he is very promising player. Finland's papers told that the transfer fee was over 500 000€. Some sport magazine in Italy told that it was 600 000€. So he can't be totally useless;)
  6. Re: Finnish youngsters Tomi Maanoja, GK, AIK, 77-->80
  7. Re: Finnish youngsters Jukka Raitala, LB/CB, HJK, 77-->79
  8. Re: Big Money Making in Europe It's true that Kallio gets no playing time at Fulham. So he will surely go down in next rating changes. I also agree with you that Moisander will become the first choice for Finland following years. I believe it can well happen during these qualifications. I'm quite new here, so there are some points I don't know about rating changes. You cleared my point. Thanks:)
  9. Re: Big Money Making in Europe Should he become a regular for Finland's national team before he can get to 87? Toni Kallio, who is currently the first choice LB for Finland, is only rated 84. Can Moisander get so much higher rated than Kallio though Kallio is the first choice in national team? Just asking because I don't know if it matters:o Anyway, very good thread here:) Edit: Oh, and just to let you know that Moisander was in starting 11 in a friendly played between Switzerland and Finland, and in my opinion he was definitely one of the best in Finland's team. He came off second half
  10. Re: Bargain Risers From Finland Drilon Shala 72 --> 77:eek: Riku Heini 72 --> 74 Jaakko Lepola 70 --> 74 Jani Backman 70 --> 74 Good scouting mate:)
  11. Re: Finnish youngsters Some Finland rating changes have came. It looks like some teams hasn't been checked yet. At least HJK hasn't got any rating changes, so I'm waiting for Jukka Raitala to get a rise. Changes happened to players mentioned in this thread: Joni Aho, CB, FC Inter, 78-->80 Mika Ojala, RM/AM, FC Inter 78-->81 Timo Furuholm, Fwd, FC Inter, 77--->78 Alekandr Kokko, Fwd, FC Honka, 77-->80 Jussi Vasara, CM, FC Honka, 75-->78
  12. Re: Alex Del Piero, Unfair Rating!!! You should calm down a little juvefan... I understand you rate Del Piero high because you are supporting Juventus, and because you personally like him. I think 93 is a fair rating for him now as he hasn't done enough for 94. I agree he has played well lately and if Juve and he continue playing well, he has chance to rise 94 when Italy is next time checked. Let's see...
  13. Re: Finnish youngsters Teemu Pukki Teemu Pukki, borned 29/3/1990, is a finnish footballer playing for Sevilla's reserves Sevilla Athletico, who is playing in Spanish second division. Yesterday he scored a goal in their 2-2 draw against Alaves. After making his his debut against Real Sociedad(scored the only goal in 1-0 win), he has played 5 games out of 6, and made 3 goals. Pukki is currently Sevilla Atletico's best scorer this season. He moved to Sevilla in January 2008 and signed 3,5 year contract. Due these good performances, he will surely get more playing time, and I believe he has go
  14. Re: Finnish youngsters Roman Eremenko got a rise to 86. Yesterday he played 90 min in Champions League defeat against Porto.
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