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  1. Sorry I was away for the weekend...in Chatteris where they have no Internet, electricity or running water
  2. I received an offer for Neymar of £75M and Balotelli - which of course no-one in their right mind would accept lol. So I rejected it and the manager immediately made another bid of £76M and Balotelli...as if the extra £1M was going to sway me lol. As I can't make Neymar unavailable any more I'm just going to ignore the bid because if I reject it again he'll just make another one. So let's not penalise managers for ignoring bids, how about being able to reject bids from certain managers (it lets you choose who you accept PMs from - so why not bids too??)
  3. Had some strange commentary in one of my matches today - this sort of thing happened twice (a goal / not goal for both sides although the match ended 0-0). This is the first one : SAVED - Goal for Braintree Town! DABRO connects well with a header on goal. ABNER takes the corner towards the back post. The ball rolls out for a corner to Braintree Town. This is the second one : MISSED - Goal for Sutton United! He strikes a shot for the top corner. The ball evades everyone and falls to THOMPSON. DIAWARA swings the ball into the box. The ball rolls out for a corner to Sutton United.
  4. And for the REALLY lazy you'd need a "Search Players At Unmanaged Clubs With More Than 21 Players" box as well lol
  5. It's very possible because as well as 3 points for a win you can be awarded 10 points for winning a cup, 10 points for winning the league (5 for runner-up in both cases) as well as 5 points for a win against a team considered better than yours (which sounds like what might have happened). I've seen sneaky people on 20+ points from 2 games when they've joined a team at the end of the season in order to play one game and win the league title...and then stay one more game to win the Charity Shield too!!
  6. Player hogging isn't really an issue in Gold Championships as at the start of a new one, all the good players are spread out over lots of teams (as they are in real life), there isn't just one team hogging them all. It only becomes an issue if lots of managers leave and other teams plunder their now unmanaged teams to get the best players - in some cases leaving Gold Championships with only 20 or 30 existing managers who have all the best players between them. Yes nobody is likely to take a team in that GC when they see this - but would anyone want to take a team in that old GC anyway when there are plenty of newer GCs? Is it the fault of the managers who left at the start (probably because they didn't win all their games blah blah) or the fault of SM for allowing unmanaged teams to be raided? Then again if buying from unmanaged wasn't allowed then would anyone take those teams anyway - I recently quit two of my GC teams because the number of managed teams had dropped to less than 25 (out of 480) and I didn't want to carry on playing in an empty league! So player hogging had no bearing on me quitting as I was winning the league (and in GCs you only need a team good enough to win your particular league)
  7. Re: How much is comical the actual game's engine? Bradford City beat Chelsea (4-2 after being 2-0 down) in this season's F.A. Cup, on the same day Middlesborough beat Manchester City - in real life - enough said (these things happen, get over it)
  8. Re: From Rags To Riches II - The World Club Version. It's a bit late now though lol
  9. Re: From Rags To Riches II - The World Club Version. Errrrr no I beat you...so sorry about that although no harm done as you're still going to get promoted and I'm still not lol
  10. Re: From Rags To Riches II - The World Club Version. 75th minute arrowfest pays off
  11. Re: From Rags To Riches II - The World Club Version. Still about and chugging along in mid-table mediocrity after nearly getting promoted last season...nothing to see here
  12. Re: Gold Championship 1 News I remember once Teb sent me several PMs trying to get one of my players despite me telling him I wasn't selling (I had one player rated over 88 and he already had about 200 and I didn't think he needed mine as well) so I ended up blocking him... ...only to get another PM from him saying "What did you block me for?" so he must have unblocked himself in order to do that which was a little bit naughty!
  13. Re: Gold Championship 1 News See post #3148 for why Teb left, in his own words...he says it's demands in the real world but I also reckon he must have got a bit bored - let's face it when he's built a club of that size there's not a lot left you can do as nobody wants to do deals with you. Plus the Russian league used to suffer as (understandably) not many people wanted to be in it with him there, yes for some it was an incentive to try and beat him but most of them didn't last too long. Yes he won the league most of the time but let's face it that wasn't hard with the team he had, maybe he just felt he couldn't take them any further!
  14. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Spartak have already had their firesale I'm afraid...the new manager sold 99 players in 13 days back in February! Personally I don't have a problem with their squad and with 284 managers in the setup at present it's not really offending anyone else either! The way I see it, if Spartak have lots of the best players then yes I don't get them but hey neither do any of my league rivals and that's all I'm interested in, winning the league (which I did 3 seasons ago - mid-table mediocrity now though lol)
  15. Re: Your Top Three Xbox One or Playstation 4 Games? 1. Dragon Age Inquisition 2. Middle-Earth : Shadow of Mordor 3. Dying Light
  16. Re: Playstation 4 and Xbox one Mmmmmm, Dragon Age Inquisition...54 hours and counting
  17. Re: Buying youngsters/newcomers/talents (chairmans bid allowances per player) I've just noticed a club in one of my GC leagues doing this, he's sold all his decent players and now has a 32-man squad with average age 17 (his Senior Squad has one player in it, age 22!) Yes he's now able to bid BIG for all the new youngsters (he outbid me and several other clubs for Maitland-Niles as he was able to bid £6.5M) which is annoying... ...but then again he's only able to field an average rating of 80 which means he loses all the time, after 15 games of the season I have 36 points while he has 8. So yes in 10 seasons time or whatever he may have a team that matches mine in average rating - but honestly I'd rather be in my position than his!
  18. Re: Rags To Riches III - Re-emergence of the minnows I'm missing Forest Green Rovers already...so I'd be very up for Version 3
  19. Re: Player refuses to sign Nobody really knows...but generally it seems that they are likely to sign for you within 10 points of your average squad rating (so you could sign 86s but probably no higher). Free agents will join though (presumably they are less choosy as they don't have a club lol) so it might be worth buying a few free agents to bump up your squad rating before going for the big guys!
  20. Re: Managers who ignore Transfer Bids I had a player on Level 5 about a month ago, I got 2 bids in for him (only 2 - but he was rather rubbish lol) and when I clicked on Transfer Bids I got the message "The chairman is dealing with this as the player has requested a transfer" and it wouldn't let me do anything, I could see what bids were there but couldn't action either of them. After 5 days it automatically accepts the highest bid - so when I see a good player on Level 5 in any of my gameworlds I just bid max if I can and wait and see if I get lucky!
  21. Re: Managers who ignore Transfer Bids ...but he didn't "leave the bid hanging" as a Level 5 concern forced transfer is out of the manager's hands like I said - if you're the selling manager you can't accept the bid manually! It takes 5 days to go through during which time the player could attract one bid or 200 bids, the manager can't pick and choose which bid is accepted as the AI has taken over, when the 5 days is up the highest bid will automatically win...
  22. Re: Managers who ignore Transfer Bids If a player gets to concern level 5 then the selling manager can't stop any bids for him - if you'd have left your bid in you'd have been successful (as long as nobody else came along and bid higher lol) These kinds of transfers take longer than normal ones to go through - about 5 days (probably so everyone who may be interested has time to make some cash and put in a bid) but as I said once level 5 is reached then it's out of the manager's hands and he couldn't stop you getting that player!
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