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  1. 235872 - Gameworld ID Rich economy, No signing over 90, No spending over £15m on one player, No Big teams managed in Premiership... Good natured banter, DIV 3 teams only if you are up for the challenge of gaining promotion. please read the rules and apply for job
  2. Look me up on SM my username is "dleckie1" add me as a friend and I will let you know the clubs available and you can pick one
  3. Hey all Dave from Dublin here, I have a gameworld and it's two seasons old and set in England, all new managers must start off in Div3 and work their way to the top, The rules are as follows : NO signing over 90 rated, No spending over 15 million on one player, Economy is on RICH & Concerns are OFF. We have 16 managers in the gameworld and have good natured banter so if you are interested in joining contact me and we will get you into the league Cheers.
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