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  1. Re: A-League Setup Hi guys. I'm still around just had a lot to do recently. Should be back on properly sometime soon
  2. I think it's about time I came on here and started sticking up for one of the many stars I have witnessed at my hometown club. Martyn Woolford - Very young and energetic winger. Signed from York and is only rated 78. He has been one of our best players for the last 2 seasons and when you consider the amount of assists and the nice little number of goals on the tally too he deserves more. Gary Hooper and Paul Hayes - As a combination they are supreme. Even in the Championship they are showing they still have the skill and partnership to play well. Thats the trio but Gary Thompson also fits i
  3. Re: A-League Setup Milan agreed. Inzaghi didn't Plan B. I have up to plan J if I need it!
  4. Re: Australian 198 Forumers Challenge Thread New Brisbane Manager Gets Straight Into Action Within a few days of signing as manager of Brisbane Roar, jfswfc39 has already been a busy man in the transfer market. The inexperienced Brit is getting an early taste of the A-League with many rival managers showing interest in the up and coming talent at the roar and the rookie has been unable to shake these advances off. However, he has also shown some muscle and a great deal of ambition in the market. First up the Outgoings: Tommy Oar has moved to Sydney FC. The deal cost the Sydney m
  5. jfswfc39


    Hi everyone. After a while away from SM I decided to come back and the break seems to have rekindled my liking of the game Going to use the forums this time and see what it's like. Now a uni student and not exactly pushy. I tend to play this for fun and to see what I can do rather than to be the best or have the best team or stuff like that. Hopefully you'll see my name around in places on here. Means I'm involved Anyway. Hi everyone
  6. Re: A-League Setup Well I only joined recently so still awaiting mine to be accepted and completed. But the bids are in.
  7. Re: Swiss Championship 1 3 reasons: 1) I love the place on a whole 2) I have a career with them on Fifa 10 and wanted to play it on here seems as though my XBox is now back at home whilst I'm back at uni. And so I'm used to the players names etc. 3) There's never been a public open game with FC Luzern in it so I wanted to create and take the 1st none-custom Luzern. I'm thinking of making a Swiss Championship 2 with FC Zurich if no-one else makes one. But not sure yet.
  8. Re: A-League Setup Hi all. Sorry for the confusion earlier. I took the fury and didn;t realise anything like this was organised. Now it's been pointed out to me I wouldn't mind joining if a space comes free. Looks more interesting than a lot of things I play. I only jsut came back to SM after a while away and back into enjoying it and now thats there I'm going to try become a proper forumer. Hope I can be over some time.
  9. Re: Swiss Championship 1 I've done it the other way round. I created the champ to take Luzern And now going to become a forumer. (As in actually look and use it ) Just had a long break away from SM and now come back with a year of Gold left and desire to play again now I'm at Uni.
  10. Not 100% this is where this goes but I think he needs to have his rating increased to 84 but more importantly he needs his registere dposition changing. He's been at Sheffield Wednesday for nearly a seaosn now and he has been possibly our best played in this time. But he is not a left back. He is a winger. He's been on one of our majpr threats along with Jermaine Johnson. (He incidently needs to be higher than 82 and needs to be a Wing/Fwd). The 2 players mentioned are currently rated 82 and I feel compared ot the rest of the squad they deserve at least 1 more point if not 2. 3 would be too
  11. After missing out on Manchester City I took Blackburn and thought I'd try and challenge myself. Can I make a fully English team and do well? Early doors as it's only been up for an hour but the plan is to get a few Englishmen in but for now have a few of the good foreigners there and then swpa those for the better english players. Don't know how this will go but going to have a go. Wish me luck
  12. jfswfc39


    Re: Hey Have done. By what I've understood I think I know the do's and don'ts. I'll ask when unsure though Cheers
  13. jfswfc39


    Re: Hey Thanks I'm not the kind of person that causes or gets involved in Shouting and insult matches. I'm a good guy really. Just avoid typing where I live in as theres a bad word conselaed in it but other than that I'm clean Thanks. Shall ask for help if i need it
  14. jfswfc39


    James Fotheringham here. 17/soon 18 from sunny Scunny. Ben playing SM for a long time now but only just decided to get onto the forums. Not sure how much I'll be around here with College commitments etc but I should be around. Enjoy the game so thanks everyone.
  15. Re: "A particular club wanted" thread Hi, I'm new to the forum but been on SM for a while now. Been most of the top teams and had a few middle teams (and some lower ones. But those Az Alkmaar and FC Zurich teams were cool). Anyway. The only club I want to try my hand at and currently have never been in charge of are Barcelona so if the shokc of all shocks happens and theres a setup with a new Barcelona available. James Fotheringham is the name. And I'd be really happy and wanting to take it. I'll also join the list of many wanting a new Man City team.
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