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    Ninster got a reaction from ashtini in GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0   
    Re: GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0
    Everton reach the half way point of the league 3 points clear of Chelsea. Never thought i'd be top at this point but we'll take it and hopefully secure a top 4 finish as need to raise funds as Everton just don't generate income
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    Ninster reacted to HansiFlick in Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread   
    Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
    Last night I finally managed to win my first league title with AS Monaco in GC26. It surely took a long time – to be precise 458 games in charge since taking over the team on December 9, 2009.
    Back in 2009 the team was average at best and low attendance rates with a small stadium (i.e. always a tight financial situation) did not make it easy in a league that was back then dominated by the likes of Lyon, Marseille or Bordeaux. However, after finishing four times as runner-up in the league this time around Monaco won its first title in style with 90 points having won 27 games, lost only once and having scored 103 goals with only 41 conceded. Also Olivier Giroud won the golden boot with 22 goals while also collecting the player-of-the-season award. Of the Top 10 players with the highest rating in the player-of-the-season table 8 were from AS Monaco – so it was clearly a good season for the team.
    Overall 15 of my GC teams have now surpassed the 1,000 points mark (only Enyimba in GC14, AFC Wimbledon in GC102 and Arsenal in GC78 are still below that mark) and all but four of my GC teams have now won at least one league title.
    The four teams that still need to win their first league title include Palermo (once runner-up in GC13 where the league has being dominated by Roma for an eternity), Enyimba (three times runner-up in GC14), Millwall (once runner-up in GC37 but currently leading the division after 32 games into the season) and AFC Wimbledon (once runner-up in GC102).
    So onwards and upwards!
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    Ninster reacted to Nick Justice in ||GC355 - Discussions,Transfers etc.|| (France)   
    Re: ||GC355 - Discussions,Transfers etc.|| (France)

    Jovetic Helps Monaco To 3-1 Victory In Lille

    Jovetic Scored and Earns MotM award

    Lille OSC 1-3AS Monaco

    S.JOVETIĆ (5)
    F.BÉRIA 18
    E.RIVIÈRE (39)
    M.NASTASIĆ (46)

    Starting XI vs Lille OSC:
    ------Asmir Begovic(89)------
    --Luiz Danilo(89)--Matija Nastasic(88)--Semih Kaya(88)--Alex Sandro(89)--
    ------Marco Verratti(88)--------
    ----Samir Nasri(92)----Paul Pogba(87)-----
    --Dusan Tadic(89)--Stevan Jovetic(91)--
    ----Emmanuel Riviere(87)----
    In their second Ligue 1 game of the season AS Monaco Travelled to Lille and after a strong start to their Ligue 1 campaign with Victory over Lorient. Justice felt a sense of optimism ahead of their trip to face Lille OSC, Justice set out a side different from that was fielded in Finland on Monday night as they were lacking in fitness and returned with the same starting eleven that was fielded in the game with Lorient on the first game of the season. With a strong looking squad it was obvious that Monaco where looking for a decent result and that came with goals in the first half and early within the second sealing a comfy 3-1 victory for the newly promoted side. However it came with its price as Kaya and Verratti both limped off with minor injuries, Kaya looks to be okay for Saturday's game with Nin's Marseille whilst Verratti is a doubt. Justice said hes confident with whoever he calls upon to step up for their game with tough opposition in Marseille managed by a great manager and friend of the AS Monaco manager.

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    Ninster reacted to tebthereb in Gold Championship 1 News   
    Re: Gold Championship 1 News
    What else can people report on though' date=' besides suspicion? It is pretty rare that anyone will have hard evidence... like a PM from someone saying "I am cheating", or looking over their shoulder and seeing a friend logging in next to them at school/work etc with a second account.
    As to when I would report a deal... hard to say... I suppose it just depends on how it "feels". I generally report based on what SM say can be an illegal deal; i.e.:
    [*]Buying a club's best players for low value
    [*]Buying a club's worst players for high value.
    [*]Conducting multiple transfers with the same club that are one sided.
    [*]Any of the above prior to a manager resigning.

    Particularly if the last one applies. Why deals are not automatically reversed in that situation, I cannot understand!
    The first few are really subjective though and depends on each Game World. If it is a longstanding manager in GC1, I would think it pretty suspicious if they sold a high rated player for small amount of cash. If it is too low rated new managers joining at similar times and selling players for cash despite higher bids from other clubs, I would also report. Too many examples really.
    I am sure I report innocent deals sometimes but I don't feel responsible for any of these deals being reversed. Any fault there is with SM. Our part is just to flag deals to SM. A report should not equal an automatic reversal and thankfully this seems to be less the case than it was a few months back.
    What baffles me is when I see my deals being reversed when I know they are not the result of cheating on my part. Sure there is the SM get-out clause that the other manager might not have been acting fairly (knowingly doing a poor deal, for instance) but as I normally spend quite a while negotiating by PM it is normally pretty clear that this is not the case and that any advantage I have is the result of differences in opinions on values of players and what the other manager perceives as important to his team.
    For instance - just sold David Villa to Manchester United for Eriksen and Fischer. I have no doubt people will be reporting this because the Utd manager was recently appointed, and Eriksen will be considered by many in GC1 to have been his most valuable asset. The deal therefore seems to tick a number of the hallmarks of suspicious deals listed above. Should SM reverse it though? Obviously, I don't think so. The Utd manager has made a number of deals designed to improve the rating of his best XI and is not age focused. Evidenced by his deals with Barcelona. Utd manager might regret such decisions, or he might not. Either way he is entitled to do what he sees best for the club (as am I) and look at the short or long term as he pleases. As both managers acted in good faith and both chairmen were happy with the deals, the deal should stand I think.
    For me, regarding the deals I did with Betis recently, SM should have seen that we spent time negotiating by PM. They absolutely can check PM history between managers despite the suggestions I have seen saying they cannot. If they had checked that should have been the end of the story and the report should have been disregarded as I can't see many cheats bothering to fake a lengthy conversation.
    Sure it could be argued that Spartak did better in those deals than Betis, but the reverse can also be argued, so I can't blame anyone for reporting them (if they really thought something was fishy) just SM for making a poor decision that frustrates both managers and potentially makes us both less inclined to make deals with managed clubs going forward - which is surely the opposite to what SM would like to see.
    Sorry for the long post.
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    Ninster got a reaction from Nick Justice in ||GC355 - Discussions,Transfers etc.|| (France)   
    Re: ||GC355 - Discussions,Transfers etc.||

    Marseille Appoint Chatha
    Marseille appointed Nin Chatha to bring back the good times to Marseille and he has wasted no time in changing things around.
    Lucas Barrios is on his way to France from China to link up with A.P Gignac
    Martin Skrtel has also arrived from Liverpool with Nicolas N'Koulou going the opposite way. Marseille also received £6 million as part of this deal which went towards signing Federico Peluso from Juventus to allow old man Souleymane Diawara the chance to find a new club.

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    Ninster got a reaction from Elohim in Forum League Gold Championship 350   
    Re: Forum League Gold Championship 350
    He's just offered me Wellbeck and 4 mil for my gk, wish I'd have bought Ochoa now
    He's going round bidding for goalies at unmanaged I've offered them teams out so he fails lol
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    Ninster reacted to Preppens in Forum League Gold Championship 350   
    Re: Forum League Gold Championship 350
    Haha nice one. doubt he realizes he's gonna rise soon, Fluffy's gonna hit the roof when he's sees that signing lol
    Edit: aw too late :s
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    Ninster got a reaction from CiaranMc in Forum League Gold Championship 350   
    Re: Forum League Gold Championship 350
    I'm up for France as got a PSG In GC200 but would be after a lesser team in France so will defo join France
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    Ninster reacted to Matt72 in The Underdog - Version.2 Discussions, M/R's Team and Losers of the turn   
    The definition of an Underdog:

    1: One that is expected to lose a contest or struggle, as in sports or politics.
    2: One that is at a disadvantage.

    Everyone loves an Underdog. Wimbledon winning the FA Cup in 1988 against Liverpool, Greece winning the European Championships in 2004 and Denmark 12 years earlier. Well this is your chance to join them in The Underdog Version.2 brought to you by myself as well as Hancock and with a great deal of help from RPR.


    There will be 8 teams from England, 8 teams from Germany and 8 teams from Spain. The other 16 teams will not be from one country alone. There will be 8 teams from the Rest of Europe not including Spain, Germany or England. The other 8 teams will be from Brazil and Argentina, there will be 4 teams from Argentina and Brazil respectively.
    'The Underdogs' we have selected have a value between 66 and 97million. Also average attendances for the selected clubs in real life range from around 7K - 32K, as many of you may be aware real life attendances tend to be reflected in game. I spent countless hours with the help of RPR and Hancock to try and get these as even as possible however there is always going to be teams that are somewhat weaker than others due to the format of the GW as well as the availability to each specific group.
    As for The 'Chief Underdogs', they will be the weakest team from each nation/group. These clubs have a squad value between 29 and 33million and an average attendance ranging from 4K to 7.5K.
    The main objective of the Game World is for a 'Chief Underdog' to be crowned the Division 1 Champion as well as win one Domestic Cup (there may only be one domestic cup due to the league sizes) in the same season. Since the 'Chief Underdogs' are the weakest teams in the game world and will have a very small stadium plus a comparatively small squad value it will be very difficult to win Division 1 let alone with the Cup as well in the same season. The 'Chief Underdog' with the help of 'The Underdogs' in his/her nation/group who manages to do this will be crowned the winner(s) of the setup.
    The other clubs of the nation/group can do their best to help the 'Chief Underdog' from their nation/group in whichever manner they please, whether it is selling players to them, throwing matches so that the 'Chief Underdog' can win etc.
    There will be four divisions of ten. two teams relegated & two teams promoted. To make it unique, the much criticised "Play-Off" system will be in place.

    Each team will have 50 million as their budget. NO buying from unmanaged clubs, unlimited deals are allowed with external clubs. It is a CASH ONLY game world. No part exchange deals can take place, ONLY cash.


    Each team and manager will be chosen by using random.org. Once teams have been distributed to the managers there will be another draw to determine the order in which the manager gets to choose there star player who they can get for Chairman Value, the star player MUST be bought before any other transfers can take place, this is to avoid managers picking up a few cheap higher rated players to boost there squads average rating and thus giving them an unfair advantage when buying there star player. Each club will post their star player in this thread according to the order in which the managers are drawn. The star player must be the highest rated player of your squad.
    For example, and for those who do not know, if your squads average rating is 83 you will only be able to buy a player rated 93 or lower as the maximum rating SM will allow is +10 higher than there squads average rating.
    If a team's star player is rated 90, then excluding him, the highest rated player in the squad must be 89. Managers cannot buy a player rated higher than their star player until they have sold their star player and bought a new one. If managers sell then they must inform on the forum who their new star player is.
    In the result of a player rising to the same rating as your star player then one must be sold, if a player rises and it is higher than that of your star player then that player will then become your star player.







    14 Days

    With the economy level set to normal, managers will need to be careful with their signings due to 30 million allocated for your star buy this will only leave 20 million plus sales, making squad building a slow process and will hopefully avoid ovespending and falling into debt as this will neither help your nation/group or your 'Chief Underdog'.

    There will be 4 divisions consisting of 10 teams in each division. All teams will be divided into the divisions according to their values. The 2 lowest values from each nation/group will be in Division 1, the next 10 in Division 2 and so on. All the 'Chief Underdogs' will be in Division 4 along with the 5 other highest values. Please note this will be done where possible as fairly as we can. So each nation/group will have 2 teams in each division.


    The prize for the winning country/group is 5500 credits. 500 for each 'Underdog" and a 1000 for the 'Chief Underdog'.
    The list of teams will be in there respective nations/groups and alongside will be there real life average attendances and SM squad value.

    Leicester City: Avge Att - 23,037 SM Squad Value - 84.1million.
    Nottingham Forest: Avge Att - 21,970 SM Squad Value - 77.8million.
    Brighton & Hove Albion: Avge Att - 20,029 SM Squad Value - 80.6million.
    Birmingham City: Avge Att - 19,127 SM Squad Value - 69.7million.
    Ipswich Town: Avge Att - 18,267 SM Squad Value - 69.8million.
    Middlesbrough: Avge Att - 17,558 SM Squad Value - 85.5million.
    Blackpool: Avge Att - 12,764 SM Squad Value - 80.9 million.
    Brentford Avge Att - 6,317 SM Squad Value 33.2million CHIEF UNDERDOG.


    Kaiserslautern: Avge Att - 31,758 SM Squad Value - 96.9million.
    FC St. Pauli: Avge Att - 24,142 SM Squad Value - 75.9million.
    TSV 1860 Munich: Avge Att - 22,682 SM Squad Value - 71million.
    FC Union Berlin: Avge Att - 17,103 SM Squad Value - 79million.
    Greuther Furth: Avge Att - 16,843 SM Squad Value - 70.4million.
    VFL Bochum: Avge Att - 14,516 SM Squad Value - 83.9million.
    Energie Cottbus: Avge Att - 10,406 SM Squad Value - 81.3million
    Chemnitzer FC: Avge Att - 5,161 SM Squad Value - 33.2million. CHIEF UNDERDOG.


    Deportivo: Avge Att - 29,442 SM Squad Value 82.6million.
    Real Sporting: Avge Att - 15,725 SM Squad Value - 81.4million.
    Elche: Avge Att - 14,944 SM Squad Value - 68.3million.
    Las Palmas: Avge Att - 12,062 SM Squad Value 73.4million.
    Racing Santander: Avge Att - 9,005 Squad Value 69.5million.
    UD Almeria: Avge Att - 7,735 SM Squad Value - 71.4million.
    Real Murcia: Avge Att - 7,249 SM Squad Value - 66.8million.
    FC Cartagena: Avge Att - 4,200 SM Squad Value - 29million.


    FC Groningen: Avge Att - 21,063 Squad Value - 76million.
    Stade de Reims: Avge Att - 20,001 Squad Value - 93.1million.
    Crvena Zvezda: Avge Att - 19,782 Squad Value - 76million.
    FC Nantes: Avge Att - 18,671 Squad Value - 79.6million
    Legia Warszawa: Avge Att - 17,679 Squad Value - 94.3million.
    Rosenborg: Avge Att - 15,768 Squad Value - 69.2million.
    Hellas Verona: Avge Att - 13,286 Squad Value - 83.9million.
    Dundee United: Avge Att - 7,547 Squad Value - 31million. CHIEF UNDERDOG.


    San Lorenzo: Avge Att - 29,500 Squad Value - 87.4million.
    Gremio: Avge Att - 25,845 Squad Value - 90.3million.
    Colon: Avge Att - 20.000 Squad Value - 76.3million.
    Estudiantes: Avge Att - 18,400 Squad Value - 70million.
    Godoy Cruz: Avge Att - 14,280 Squad Value - 78million.
    Nautico: Avge Att - 13,773 Squad Value - 90million.
    Coritiba: Avge Att - 12,851 Squad Value - 79.4million.
    Racing Club: Avge Att - 4,876 Squad Value 29.8million.


    Dougie House
    Stevie GI
    Stephen MUFC
    Rick James
    Ryan 987
    I Mccoll I 93 I
    El Nino
    Slimey 2k7
    Total: 40



    Birmingham: I McColl I 93 I - Division 1 - Balotelli
    Ipswich: Barney Goindi - Division 1 - De Gea
    Nottingham Forest: Ryan 987 - Division 2 - Lamela
    Blackpool: Closer - Division 2 - Stephan El Shaarawy
    Leicester City: Liam George - Division 3 - Kroos
    Brighton: Hossam - Division 3 - Alcantara Thiago
    Middlesbrough: UNMANAGED - Division 4 - Alaba
    Brentford: Like_A_Boas* - Division 4 - Duarte Bernard


    Greuther Furth: David Crawford: Division 1 - Jack Wilshere -
    TSV 1860 Munich: Erik Eshleman - Division 1 - Varane
    FC Union Berlin: Slimey 2k7 - Division 2 - Handanovic
    FC St. Pauli: BenC - Division 2 - Oscar
    VFL Bochum: Hazr - Division 3 - Mkhitaryan
    Energie Cottbus: johnjharman - Division 3 - Subotic
    Kaiserslautern: Jkerrs - Division 4 - Marco Reus
    Chemnitzer FC: RPR* - Division 4 - Trapp


    Elche: Gozzy - Division 1 - Mandzukic
    Real Murcia: Stevie GI - Division 1 - Cazorla
    Las Palmas: Bizness - Divison 2 - Gundogan
    Racing Santander: ZlookVulk - Division 2 - Isco
    Real Sporting: Brunopinto90 - Division 3 - Alba
    UD Almeria: StephenMUFC Division 3 - Ter Stegen
    Deportivo: Shareflair - Division 4 - Javi Martinez
    FC Cartagena: NickJustice* Division 4 - Tello


    Crvena Zvezda: lama Ahmed - Division 1 - Paulinho
    Rosenborg: Sunnyskeg - Divison 1 - Vidal
    FC Groningen: UNMANAGED - Divison 2 - Welbeck
    FC Nantes: UNMANAGED - Division 2 - De Sciglio
    Stade de Reims: UNMANAGED - Division 3 - Hazard
    Hellas Verona: Villa - Division 3 - Luiz
    Legia Warszawa: BroodRooster - Division 4 - Lewandowski
    Dundee United: UNMANAGED* - Division 4 - Umtiti


    Colon: UNMANAGED - Division 1 - Kagawa
    Estudiantes: J Magic 93 - Division 1 - Courtois
    Godoy Cruz: Hdixit - Division 2 - Rafael
    Coritiba: UNMANAGED - Division 2 - Lukaku
    Nautico: Rick James - Division 3 - Moura Lucas
    San Lorenzo: Barakus - Division 3 - Schurrle
    Gremio: Noisy - Division 4 - Neymar
    Boa Esporte: Dougie House:* - Division 4 - Juan Jesus

    * Denotes Chief Underdog.

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    Ninster reacted to Elohim in GC336 - Discussions,M/R's and Transfer news   
    Re: GC336 - Discussions,M/R's and Transfer news

    -Game 1/30-

    And so ... the very first game of the season came and went ... with 5 forumers in Russia (4 of wich are located in the capital of MOSKVA) ... it can only be pure GOLD! Out of the 5 managed teams ... only 2 managed to win and out of all 16 teams ... only 3 managed to win (omg right). Here's last nights results!

    So, what do we have here? Yes, out of 5 forum managed teams, only 2 of them managed to win whilst 2 of them drew and 1 lost (giggles).
    Dynamo and Lokomotiv were the only two forum managed teams to win last night and Dyanmo were the far more impressive team in beating rivals Zenit 4-1.
    The annhialation started in the very first minute with a goal from Noboa followed up by a 2nd goal in the 2nd(!) minute by Kevin Kuranyi! Zenit got one back in the 67th minute to make it a bit more interesting but in the 69th it was curtain down and goodnight Zenit as Bakkal scored the gamewinning 3-1 goal ... Voronin added to the tally with a 4-1 in the 87th but the game was already won and Dynamo headed straight to the top spot!
    Next ... we have Lokomotiv who were taken over by the wee Ciaran just before the fixtures were played (ish)!
    He did not dissappoint! But then again ... he were up against the unmighty Ural (shiver in fear !!) But what's most interesting about this game is the fact that Lokomotiv only had 3 ... yeah you read it correctly ... 3 shots on goal! 100% in that area ... but if this is something that'll be done on a weekly basis ... we can all expect to see Lokomotiv down on 16th for the rest of the season! For now, pure luck lands them on 2nd

    So now then, if we go on to the teams that drew we are left with the other 2 Moskva teams. My own CSKA drew against a rather pathetic FC Krasnodar wich cost me several places in the table ... and it was also the cause for a complete outrage that saw me killing off a bag of crisps (lol, would've done that anyways).
    Shaqiri scored in the 16th but we unfortunately let one in in the 30th minute wich were the reason to our opening game ending in a draw!
    Spartak Moskva, under the guidance of the almighty Ninster also suffered a draw but against considerably stronger opposition in Rubin Kazan! 1-1 that game ended after goals from Kasaev and Kombarov respectively! Rubin Kazan and Kasaev opened the scoring in the 35th minute only to have Kombarov score a late equalizer in the 77th minute wich saw the game end in a draw (despite the fact that Ninster dominated much of the game!

    And so, here we have it! The highly infamous table ... as seen after the very first turn of Russia GC336!
    What we can see is that us forumers are quite spread out ... ranging from 1st to last ... kudos lads
    Tis a real shame to see one of the Moskva team outside the top 10 tho (It really isn't rofl).
    In any case, it's atleast good to see forum domination early on!

    -Team of the Turn-

    Indeed! It's Dynamo Moskva! (who could've seen that one coming right?!) ... after beating their opponents 4-1 ... I can't really do anything other then putting them first now can I? .. no ... and with little more to add, a big congratulations to PinkMan and his Dynamo to be the first to win this award in GC336!

    -Player of the Turn-


    After scoring 1 and assisting to another goal, Kuranyi was really undisputed to be awarded Player of the Turn ... and especially since he was flagged for offside after scoring his 2nd for the night (ref needs glasses).
    He's the biggest reason behind Dynamo's big opening win and in turn also the reason why Dynamo now sits 1st of the leauge! He had some competition from teammate Kokorin ... but in the end ... Kuranyi edged it! ... Those two in partnership could prove a lethal combination this season!

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    Ninster got a reaction from rico suave in Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread   
    Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
    Think i might quit the game now as i have achieved something i never thought i would playing this game and that is winning the SMFA champions cup with Newcastle in GC184.
    Buzzing as winning a top trophy with the team i love is great and least i've done even though Joe Kinnear never will (got to laugh at that as can't keep crying)
    Poor Rico
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    Ninster got a reaction from Thack271 in Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread)   
    Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread)
    Marseille in GC95
    Decent team in a decent gc worth checking out
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    Ninster reacted to Allan-NI in Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread)   
    Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread)
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    Ninster got a reaction from Allan-NI in Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread)   
    Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread)
    Bayern Munchen In GC95
    They have
    3 x 94's, Lahm, Schweinsteiger & Benzema
    2 x 92's, Valencia & Nani
    5 x 91's, Badstuber, Klose, Obi Mikel, Inler & Clichy
    Many more and got £200 million as well.
    I'm Galatassaray and always looking to deal. Get in touch
    And Just rejected....................Now
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    Ninster reacted to cristianoballotelli in Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread   
    Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
    i know,but that is fantastic SMFA:rolleyes:
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    Ninster got a reaction from Nick Justice in Gold Championship 300   
    Re: Gold Championship 300
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    Ninster got a reaction from nandu in |GC299| .:Official Thread:. |GC299|   
    Re: |GC299| .:Official Thread:. |GC299|
    Will give my response end of season when I win the league
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    Ninster reacted to LBlack in Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread   
    Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
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    Ninster reacted to tryn2rtr in Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread)   
    Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread)
    Classy Phil...posted immediately after you were outbid bid for Neuer.
    And look now, you have already made a new bid for Neuer as well. Well done.
    My guess...you never would have made this post had you won the bid.
    P. S. Man City is free in GC 102.
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    Ninster got a reaction from Stifler in GC200 - Universitario de Deportes   
    Re: GC200 - Universitario de Deportes
    If you need any players on loan PSG are happy to help out where we can
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    Ninster reacted to Stifler in Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread   
    Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread

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    Ninster reacted to ~ José Nowinho ~ in Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread   
    Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
    Deserves a 21 gun SALUTE
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    Ninster reacted to AsianInvasian in Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread)   
    Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread)
    Just rejected a really nice Bradford City in GC109 with a lot of 88-90 rated players and some quality youth.
    Contact Dundee for deals please. Very interested in Dante, Yarmolenko and others!
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    Ninster got a reaction from rico suave in Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread   
    Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
    Gotta love Jaydee Walker after beating their Schalke team to the signing of a player in Gc219 a nice abusive message greets me on checking my inbox. Very classy silly little child
    Looking to do some deal in GC155 & GC19 if anyone interested get in touch
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    Ninster reacted to Preppens in Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread   
    Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
    GC 157
    Finally won my first title with my Man C after beating Dortmund 2-0 in the SMFA Champions cup.
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