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  1. Why the feel the need to say that? No one is undermining anyone. We should be encouraging people to give opinion, especially when Belgium is this guys native league and will have have much better insight and knowledge. This is the one of a handful of threads that is still going to please show encouragement. It wasn’t that long ago you were accusing people of disrespecting you. Please remember that this is a free forum and thread and people’s effort and input make it what it is. It is not just your thread. End of the day everyone on here can make predictions on top 5 leagues, Belgian is a bit more specialist as many don’t have access to this league.
  2. Will definitely stay been one of Betis best players this season Will do eventually, been injured/benches a lot lately and only started 5 or 6 games since December. Bear in mind PSG have had around 25 games in this period. Only injuries have held him back and SM will not drop just now. Look at Draxler who still has a 91 and hasn’t done anything on the pitch for a long time 😂 Some people have short memories. Wasn’t that long ago he was putting up incredible numbers and still does despite his injuries. Also been in a struggling Spurs side this year. Yet to peak and still only 26, best yet to come and will break Alan Shearer PL record easily.
  3. I have also brought in a 76 rated gk as a riser from profit. Hes only 22 and developing concerns about lack of first teams opportunities. Surely thats getting on the ridiculous side now? My first team keepers are 89, 88, 87
  4. European Super League GAMEWORLD ID 232878 Piotr ielinski develops concerns about game time reaches level 2. Then proceed to play him, starts 13 out of next 15. He is now LEVEL 4!!! What am I supposed to do? The percentage of games he demands should be from his last concern. I get the impression in week 36 hes started 16 that their always taking the overall percentage which is unfair. ALSO he only developed these concerns as he was an 88 and hadnt played much. He then got a plus 2 and develops a concern for not enough game time. Which infact he wasnt due gametime as an 88 but now I'm paying the consequence for this bug. Seems very unfair. Has anyone else had this issue? Hoping someone from SM can assist.
  5. What the hell is going on with the match engine? In gameworld 232878. One team has 3 players sent off 4 shots on target and still manages to draw 4-4. This is despite all 3 beong sent off in the first half. I also beaten by a team who play 76 rated Tom Davies in midfield (he also scored) dominatong my midfield such as Luka Modric Casemiro and Gundogan. Takes the fun out of the game. Understand there are freak results but a littel disheartening and happening on regular basis now. Any admin?
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