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  1. seems to me that SM is dying faster then before , not get updates , is all the same for 2 years most , i play this game since 2007 , never stopped , but i see many GW with so less players in , i´m in a Italian GW with only 5 players counting with me , for me that´s not very much competitive , i like a league with full active managers , the devs looks like that they not care about this anymore , now with that crap of Crypto is all about making more money . about suggestions , i´d like that the loan offer from external clubs would be implemented , doing only with team inside our GW is very limited.
  2. same problem here , is very annoying ... -.-
  3. With this new interface , how do i change the rules of my custom gw now? i click on my gw but nothing happens. cheers
  4. Happened to me for the first time in years playing SM , i won 3-1 and i´ve got 3 off side goals... (LOL)
  5. Boas

    1. no_name91


      Venho aqui convidar-te para entrares no meu mundo personalizado , procura por "Portugal Challenge" e dá uma vista de olhos , está lá toda a informação que precisas de saber , se tiveres interessado envia-me pm sff. Abc

    2. no_name91


      podes responder a minha msg sff?

  6. Hey lads If i put Public my gw , is any interested to enter? if yes , pls answer here. cheers
  7. When the test game world 2387324 will be available to next season? Is taking much time to go up next season.
  9. C´mon guys , i only need 2 more people to open my world ..
  10. Hey lads , i´ve created the free custom world that SM gave me . Some Rules to know : - Starting in the last division ; - Strong Economy ; - Manager is sacked if he stay in the last 2 positions ; - Transfer Window is limited by 2 periods (turns \ 1st Period: any - 14 ; 2nd Period : 27 - 34) - Managers need to be active (30 days without login is auto devoid from the club) Now the League Structure .Division 1 (same as real life) .Division 2 (same as real life less Sp.Covilhã) .Division 3 (10 clubs from 3rd div + 7 historic + Sp.Covilhã) 3 Promoted\Relegated Play-off on Club List .Division 3 -ESTRELA DA AMADORA (me) -ALVERCA (rui nunes) -OVARENSE -MARCO -MAIA -SP ESPINHO -BEIRA MAR (Pedro Gouveia) -BENFICA CASTELO BRANCO (João Pedro Saraiva) -NAVAL 1º MAIO (Mister Rito) -UNIÃO LEIRIA (Rodrigo Andrade) -TROFENSE -VIZELA -FELGUEIRAS -SALGUEIROS (Mario Arcanjo) -CASA PIA (João Gomes) -SP COVILHÃ -OPERÁRIO -SINTRENSE (Paulo Pires Rodrigues) I need to have at least 8 players to open the custom world , this is a private world so the interested send me a pm , saying their name of sm account to add him to my friend list and the name of the club that you want to manage. my acc name : rmarques10 I hope you enjoy it
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