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  1. Sadly you are right. That is the extremely hard part of this process - the proof and what is required to have an account suspended/removed. Again I agree with being 'innocent until proven guilty'. That is always how it should be. If you knew what I knew and have seen what I have seen you to without any question of doubt would be making the claims that I am making.
  2. You are like the Mafia of the SM world. I have come across some disgusting and disturbing behaviour on here before and in similar games, but nothing like you and your ‘associates’. Some of the vile posts/PMs/messages they will take some beating. You boast of how well educated you are, yet I can’t see any of that. You come across as a person with very low morals. I would sincerely put you in the worst category imaginable as far as online gaming is concerned. The worst thing is that I think you enjoy what you are doing. Constantly ruining GWs and causing other managers to leave? It certainly app
  3. Both transfers have now gone through. Next up for Hannover this Sunday are E Frankfurt who won D1 two seasons ago. A really good game in prospect.
  4. Firstly, no one currently that has posted in this thread has come to me with suspicions regarding Thumbs Up/Middle Finger account. Others that play the game have and hopefully they have done what I have done in reporting it. In terms of proof I have been suspicious about his activity for quite some time. I am lucky enough to be working in a job that allows me to have SM open (in the background) for several hours of my shift. As a result I see things occur in GWs I am in and make a visual note of them. Looking back I now wish I had made a note of a lot more things, but isn't hindsight wond
  5. oh yes he does...........and I am sure a response is on it's way! I am counting on it.
  6. I know it will be almost impossible to get through but I am certain that these accounts are linked to a very experienced SM gamer. He goes by the names 'Thumbs Up' and 'Middle Finger'. Several people have approached me since I raised suspicions claiming they themselves had suspicions about his activity in the past. I thank them for that.
  7. In a GW of mine (338046) I have four very suspect accounts. I am certain of two and will name the other two when I have some concrete proof. Please be aware: Vito Naples Asolole Coy Not a great surprise that the two above names accounts only play in the same GWs! They are 338046 & 321566
  8. We go down to the last day on Thursday with all to play for DIV 1 Atletico v Man City Real Madrid v Bayern Table pts (GD) Man City 45 (4) Real Madrid 44 (13) Bayern 44 (3) Atletico 42 (8) Also Juventus play Man Utd for the right to remain in D1. Anything other than a win for 'Utd will relegate them.
  9. Agreed. Had a good spell a couple of months back, but nowhere near consistent enough to merit a +1. To put it into perspective Mahrez was rated 90 and had an outstanding season as Leicester won the title and he was voted player of the year. For that he got a +1 to 91
  10. Just wanted to know if there was a pre-set formula for player concern levels? ie increasing from level 2 to 3? Does it depend on the GW and how long a season lasts within that particular GW?
  11. If that happens SW should just turn the lights off
  12. A cracking season is developing with 5-6 still relatively close together. A vital win for us against Bologna sets us up with a 3rd v 4th place clash against Shandong Luneng who beat leaders Sao Paulo in their last fixture. Still without Pogba after his second red of the season last week, but Krychowiak returns from suspension. Good luck Mike.
  13. New season starts in a week and all the squads are well matched due to the £320/£300m budget caps GW ID 302211 Contact Jared (KopStar)
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