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  1. Would signing Pepe as opposed to having Olson and Evans as my CB be a good shout, only have £130M to spend?
  2. Dear Mr Owner, Allow the guy who's appli​ed for Schalke 04 to join, he's a reliable, hardworking and dedicated manager that knows how to handle himself in the Transfer Market and he doesn't do any pointless or stupid signings..
  3. I've made my first transfers at West Brom Paulo Dybala comes into the Hawthorns for £11m which is a good piece of business as the young Argentine, will link up alongside Rondon in ST. Sokratis will become the clubs new RB after joining from Dortmund for £10m + Pocognoli.
  4. I've got £110m to spend in a new gameworld. I'm in dying need of a new CM in a 4-3-1-2 formation.. I've got the following options: Pogba - £40m Isco - £50m Schweinsteiger - £20m+ Ramsey - £15m Which one would be better to sign?
  5. I recently bought Sokratis (Dortmund) for £10m + Pocognoli and Dybala (Juventus) for £11m. Are both goo​d players, these are two players that I wanted and both will play for my club. I'm in a new game world and many people aren't selling players? How much would you say would be a realistic amount for Pogba as well, i'm thinking £40m?
  6. I've joined your world as Arenas Club in Division 3, are there any rules as to who we can buy?
  7. Would've joined but don't have 75 rep
  8. I'll be waiting for your update on when you're handing out the teams. Just inform us of when the transfers can take place man
  9. I'm not on Skype, I've never been on Skype before, so I wouldn't know how to use it or anything like that.. I'll transfer my targets from my head onto my phone and then when it opens I believe that says at either 6pm or 8pm GMT.
  10. I'd like to stay at West Brom, they're the team I've applied for, and I've got a soft spot for the club in real life, so i'd like to manage them and bring success to the team from the very start of the window. I've got my eyes on a few talented players to sign for the club. I appreciate the clarification on the rules and all that man.. Division 3 is where it's at!
  11. I'd be willing to manage either of the two, although I do prefer the Spanish side.
  12. I've applied to take over West Bromwich Albion in Division 3. Would love to join here, if you'll have me. Are there any rules regarding transfers such as: No buying from unmanaged,. only allowed so many of a nationality in your team (e.g. three germans) Must have a youth team.
  13. I'm up for joining this as a manager should I be needed. I'm willing to put in the time and effort needed to make sure the club does well and I abide by the rules set
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