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  1. Ousmane Dembele and Iwobi for Morata?
  2. There can be a number of reasons that a deal may have been reversed. To my knowledge (been a long time since this has happened to me) the deal in question is either reported by a manager or picked up from the ATMS. Once it has been picked up SM will evaluate the transfer and look at a number of factors such as whether the two accounts have been accessed via the same IP address. This is important as a number of fake accounts can be created by managers to manipulate transfer deals in the interest of greed and self-interest. The following is taken from the help section on SM and may help shed some light on your situation: "The SMFA can reverse a transfer at any time if they deem it to be unusual or dubious. Their decision is aided by our Automated Transfer Monitoring System (ATMS) and is not personal or a judgement on you. The deal could have been reversed for a variety of reasons such as not being fair, too heavily weighted towards one club or issues with one or more of the managers accounts. If you feel the deal was fair and there are no issues with your account then the problem may be with the other managers account which the SMFA cannot discuss".
  3. I think there seems to be two reasons for why players become F/A. The first is players out of contract with external clubs becoming free agents, if their teams are managed then they become free agents like in our league with Lucas Leiva because Liverpool are managed. Then secondly if the players move clubs in real life. So if players from external teams move clubs, they could become external if the clubs in your league are unmanaged. In this case Zieler would become unmanaged, but Viktor Fischer who has moved to Middlesbrough wouldn't because I'm in control of Middlesbrough in our league meaning he stays at Ajax. To that theory it would explain why Feghouli has become a free agent and Karius hasn't?
  4. I think it is to do with the teams which are managed in the gameworld. I've noticed all the players available as free agents in our league all come from the teams which are managed by human managers, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, United, City. Interesting Ron Robert Zieler wasn't a free agent before, but now a new manager has took Leicester City, Zieler is now available as a free agent. Hopefully this might help a bit, I'm trying to watch the Euros at the same time and I'm dreadful at multi-tasking!!
  5. Thanks Puma7! I was thinking the same and was VERY tempted. In the end I was a bit surprised as another manager decided to sell Higuain for Alli and 10m so I'm even more pleased!!
  6. Rashford and Alli for Douglas Costa?
  7. Xabi Alonso, Thiago Motta + 10m for Rooney? I'm in need of a striker but is Rooney's rating safe and is his position as striker safe?
  8. Would you guys have Leroy Sane or Niguez Saul? As it stands I already have Sane.
  9. Definitely keep him mate, he's arguably the best defensive prospect out there - I'd sell Mustafi considering Valencia's form this season. Have Boateng at CD(L) Hummels in the middle and Gimenez at CD® due to their preferred feet
  10. I did have offers accepted on both of them. But there is obviously uncertainty surrounding his rating and 40m is a lot considering his value will depreciate with a rating change. I'll bring in two 92 rated midfielders who have the chance of rising instead. Cheers for your post or else I probably would have just gone ahead with it! ;-)
  11. Cheers Ste G! I'm glad you reached the conclusion of keeping Koke and Alli because the manager went back on the deal anyway! haha. I agree with you on Busquets, my team is in desperate need of a striker. But Busquets would be a dream signing for me meaning I could slot Alonso back into CB and kill two positions with one stone. Just out of interest, I've got Dybala and Aduriz. But looking for another striker, the only one (93+) external is Gotze. Is it worth signing him or just using what I have and put the money towards Di Maria?
  12. I would personally chose Sterling (but I've always rated him), Guardiola seems to favour a high-intensity style of play so hopefully this should suit his game next season, plus he's only 21. However if you're looking at short-term, Alderweireld has the better probability of a rise. Hope that helps somewhat! I've got the opportunity of signing Lewandowski or Busquets, but the deal will see me lose Koke and Dele Alli in exchange. Would you guys do it? And either Lewandowski or Busquets?
  13. No problem! If it wasn't for the transfer embargo Vidal could have been in with the chance to rise. But it is definitely worth holding on to him with the uncertainty surrounding the future of Dani Alves
  14. I agree with the points the other members have raised. Ultimately I would urge anyone who has part of the MSN (especially Neymar) to retain them regardless of how tempting some bids may look at this stage. However, if you do want to sell I would suggest countering the 30m in exchange for another player of around 93 rating. As seasons progress these higher rated players become incredibly sparse and the necessity for money therefore less important as the best players are in managed clubs.
  15. In the next rating changes I personally wouldn't expect any of them to rise or drop at this stage. I feel their current ratings are fair based on this seasons contributions.
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