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  1. I have done thanks. Extremely frustrating as they tend to take 2-3 weeks to reply to Bugs (that's if they actually reply; last one I opened they replied saying they were looking into it THEN closed it saying I hadn't updated it! Amateurs.
  2. Can anyone help? I bought a gameworld second hand but it's locked so I can't edit the settings and more annoyingly I can't manage any of the teams! I can invite others to join but can't manage one myself. When I find it on "My Game Worlds" it directs me to the new interface, when I go on there and click on ADMIN, and go to SETTINGS there are no options. Has this happened to anyone else?
  3. FK Moskva job going. If some experienced Gold1 manager jumps ship and takes them over I will sell them a 90 rated player for cash. (obvs not if they are already in the EE league)
  4. Big game in Europe this week. Got lucky in the first leg, hoping to put a better performance in this time. Stll chasing CSKA for the title, they have Shakatak up next so could be a crucial week ...
  5. That's a very angry arrogant attitude. Luckily the people running the game are, unlike you, interested in what their paying and non-paying customers want. It's a revolutionary concept: listen to your customer and they may want your product more! Luckily they don't have your fascist attitude of "changes were explained beforehand, adapt".
  6. You've ruined it. Why oh why could you have not just left it the way it was. I enjoyed it then. Now I fancy quitting the game completely. I've been playing it for 8 years use it more than any other site on the internet and you have (once again) made me hate it. All my teams are now ruined because none of my Attacking players can play on the right side of midfield. Why? Just - why? You couldn't just leave well enough alone. You had to change it so completely that none of us have a clue how to pick our teams. Well done. Saps.
  7. It would be good to add an aspect of the game whereby the best performing players can put in transfer requests to the richest or most successful clubs in the game world. It would maybe provide a different way in which players could be redistributed in gws where the distribution is uneven.
  8. The new interface is too dark and busy. It's such a dramatic departure (rather than the organic evolution we have seen in the site gui over the years) that it will take a lot of getting used to. I have been in the first pav test world from the start and I still find it very confusing and off-putting. Do you have a rough time for when it will be launched across all game worlds?
  9. OK. How come it's been removed? It feels like a step backwards in terms of managers being able to influence the outcome of games. Are there any management features being added in it's place?
  10. It would be good if, like the Real World, you could loan out any player you want. Can you address whether the missing is the "Play Style" options from the in game Instructions are coming back? I always just picked "Counter Attack" but it along with "Men Behind Ball" "Play Offside" &cetera is gone. Any feedback please?
  11. Initial thought is the texture is too busy and colourful, distracting from the reason we are here (to buy players and compete). But that's a cosmetic comment. In terms of the game it looks like the formation options are new, and the ubiquitous 352 still works, that's a relief as it went weird in the pavillions test world On ting which appears to be missing is the "Play Style" options from the in game Instructions. I always just picked "Counter Attack" but it along with "Men Behind Ball" "Play Offside" &cetera is gone. Am I missing it or is it really gone? I see "Target Man" is also g
  12. Have any new rules or game features been added to the normal game? My wage bill has doubled from one week to the next ...
  13. Can you confirm that going forward the only players which will be compatible to play the "Wing Back" positions in the classic 352 formation will be DM(L) and DM®? This will cause huge changes in how a lot of people play the game (for better or worse). To my mind it doesn't really make sense as in the real world you have full backs and wingers playing in this position for real teams:
  14. Is it true that all Custom GWs who have 2 or fewer managed teams will auto-close at the end of their existing season? If so, what happens to the accumulated manager points and trophies? Do they stay? Apologies if this is noted elsewhere - couldn't find it ...
  15. Has anyone else noticed the sudden Chairmen Cash Injections? Is this a new game change coming into effect??
  16. If the quality of players added to the squad could have an impact on attendances then that would be cool too Steve. Exciting changes tho
  17. Aye for you Cam. Not for everyone. Personally I don't have the time in my life to spend hours finding unknown players on wikipedia then checking to see when they will be added. I have a job and a family and Soccer Manager is I'm afraid only the third most important ting in my life! There are lots of reasons to love this game. Let's embrace them all instead of trying to dictate what you tink it should be about.
  18. Would be great to be able to search players at "Unmanaged Clubs" the way we can tick a box to search for "Free Agents". Save some time that.
  19. I don geddit. I have 166 players in G1' date=' 41 of which are seniors/ the rest is yout, wage bill is £2.4m and odds. It's not a problem as the stadium is massive (and I have erm £920m in the bank). I get the bit about smaller stadiums being "more real, tougher" and so on John, but that doesn't explain why (with THE STRONGEST) I have a squad including the following yet can never ever sell the stadium out. Shirley the realistic effect would be that if the below stars were playing for lowly THE STRONGEST then the fans would show up? Also I'm in Division 1 and regularly challenge for titles
  20. I manage a team called The Strongest, who play in a 15,000 stadium. I have an excellent squad, due to giving everyone £300m when I created the GW. However, despite fielding Messi Suzrez and so on, nobody ever shows up to watch the games. I get an average attendance of <5k. This means I can't afford the wages so am operating constantly in the red. Which means I can't strengthen my squad.
  21. If you affect these changes you will make it impossible for any club which does not have a massive stadium to compete. Those us who enjoy competing with non-glamour teams will be pushed out of the game. I ask again - what is your goal in making these changes? What end point do you wish to reach? Can someone do me the courtesy of answering me (or tell me you can't be bothered sharing your reasoning/mission statement so I stop wasting my time asking)?
  22. Stop adjusting players rating prematurely ... Robin Van Persie has spent a season at manu where he has hardly played. Yet he's sustained a 95 rating. Now he's at Fenerbache, where he should get some actual match time, yet his rating will sure as anyting drop to 93 (or 92) within a week. Purely because he's moved to a "weaker" league, does not make him a weaker or less effective player. You also see the "European snobbery" of the game, where players drop in rating instantly as soon as they move back to S America. Europe is not the footballing world.
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