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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I must really be losing it as I seem to be in agreement with MUTD an awful lot lately' date=' but I agree with him again. :D

    I would add it is a case of do you need depth more than a 94 rated player? None of these three players will rise in the next changes I hasten to add.[/color']

    It's a pretty much brand new City team with the addition of Neymar so depth is probably not a problem... Just need others people opinions tbh :o

  2. Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops

    I found COD 4 much more fun and challenging than Black Ops. At least on that you had to unlock attachments for guns rather than buy them when making money on Black Ops is too easy :rolleyes:

    Sorry for double post, but yeah, even in COD4 you could only get one Gold Gun in each category, and had to unlock every challenge for every weapon in that category to unlock a random designated Gold Gun in a category.(sounds confusing)

    For example, there are 5 snipers. You must get 150 kills(i think) and 150 headshots(i think), with all of the 5 snipers, to unlock a Gold Sniper. Only one of them is the Gold and that is the Dragunov.

    Anyway, that was SO much more challenging, and if they did it in MW3 instead of 150 kills and headshots, imagine 1000 kills and 1000 headshots! Would be way more challenging, and of course a complete abolition of boosting.

  3. Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops

    Interesting seeing other people's set-ups that are often so different to you own. Playing a lot of demolition lately and this is my current favourite set-up:

    Primary: Galil w/Silencer

    Secondary: Akimbo Pythons - love those guns!

    Lethal Grenade - Frag

    Tactical Grenade - Flash

    Equipment - Claymore

    Perk 1 - Ghost Pro

    Perk 2 - Sleight of Hand Pro

    Perk 3 - Hacker Pro

    Also like to run the G11 with Steady Aim for Perk 2.

    You gotten bored and prestiged yet? ;)

  4. Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops

    You do know they banned half a million people on PS3 for doing that

    I don't understand that?

    If someone innocently goes into a game and suddenly gets into a 15th prestige lobby, I'm sure they can't ban them. I really don't understand how they do it.

    Unless it's done in Private Matches or Treyarch/Activision look through the host's and people in the lobbies messages.

  5. Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops

    New maps aren't all what they were hyped up to be.

    They're ok, nothing special in any map really, or that really struck my attention straight away or whatever.

    The new zombie map... is amazing.

    I would recommend buying just for the zombie map, totally worth it.



    There's plenty more glitches, and I've used it before for a while, until I got bored... :D Round 16 Legit though, 17 with a glitch.

  6. Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops

    I don't necessarily believe that one game is better than the other. I think that the problem lies with the fact that MW2 was such a good game' date=' that some people struggle to, for want of a better phrase, let go. I think a lot of people loved various aspects of MW2 so much that they can't let themselves learn to love similar aspects of Black Ops.

    I know it sounds strange, but people are strange![/quote']

    Yeah, I can see what you saying, but I've played black ops and only black ops for the last 2 months and just moved onto MW2 yesterday for a laugh. It seems much easier to get kills, not just killstreaks because they follow on from each other. I can see where your coming from.

  7. Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops

    After 2 months of playing, I've finally come to a conclusion that MW2 is 20 times better than Black Ops.

    I still like Black Ops, MW2 even though it was flooded with 10th lobbies and OMA noob tubes/danger close, it was and still is dominant over all the Call of Duties.

    I know it sounds weird but I think MW2 was better because they didn't listen as much as Treyarch do. It sounds horribly wrong, but Treyarch are trying too hard I think.

    It should be like, ok, here is the new Call of Duty Black Ops. Don't like what's in it? Don't play it. I know glitches etc, need to be patched. I doubt anyone knows what I'm trying to get at?

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