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  1. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Should i sell Falcao (~10m) and buy Anelka for 13m?. Falcao can hit 91 at a max this season, Anelka has been on fire - is at 93 atm and however 6yrs older than Falcao..
  2. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings why not go for jerome boateng?.
  3. Re: Official Red Devils thread Peeps, why has Fletcher only got a 91 man?. Surely he can't be on par with City's Ireland, who plays for an inferior team has inferior performances probably inferior stats isn't in europe and doesn't play internationals (let alone being the NT cappy). . Is it only me who thinks these new rating changes are bad, especially the man utd ones.. if there is a new(ish) way of changing ratings, then should not, by principle, there be widespread corrections in the rating numbers...?? n.b. ben arfa could be a good buy. we need a left winger, and ben arfa isn't a bad one with league & european experience..
  4. i want a solid rb, atm, no one really fits the bill. VDW is 2 points behind ivanovic.. i want someone i can play now, not later. So should i do this transfer procedure?. Does Weil have a good long term future in the 90's?.
  5. Re: What RB should i sign??? Heiko Westerman, he can play across defence and in defensive midfield. A Solid 91 player in Germany. I find my Lb & Rb under performing, so i flog them .
  6. Re: Utk's English League Prediction have the man utd and chelsea rating changes been done?. Valencia is still 89..
  7. Re: Best Forward? negrefdo is doing well for sevilla, i read he's looking at a very worthy +1. He banged goals in for almiera and is doing the same at Sevilla.. i might get him tbh. i've missed a big left footed Cf since letting Jo Alves go to buy (the disappointing) Buffon.. :(
  8. Re: Who to get? cska winger who scored against united, trichowski a german winger/guttierezzzzz
  9. Re: La Liga - Ratings and Analysis who are gona be the biggest risers from spain? rather talking of lower down in the ranks than the 86..
  10. Re: Best Forward? lisandro lopez [my target after dzeko]. dzeko [on way]. fabiano [just got him]. cassano. falcao. hulk. gilardinio. . I'm considering basically swapping Cassano for Lisandro Lopez. I can still have cash in january to buy Heiko Westerman and Di Maria .
  11. Re: help with Luis suarez deal Suarez Chelsea deal agreed. Suarez will play for Chavski next year.
  12. Re: Gj to 91..?? he just got an Own goal!! Big game player, scored a brilliant goal today mate, a match winning goal.
  13. Re: Gj to 91..?? he just got an Own goal!! Mate, your picture/avatar looks brilliant!. Such a imitation of Shakespeare deserves recognition!.
  14. Re: Gj to 91..?? he just got an Own goal!! He doesn't deserve it though. It's a clear case of SM bias to scousers. His performances have been flawed, flawed in defence.. ARSHAAAAVVIIINNNNNNNNNNN.. "Jamie Carragher unnecessarilly rushing and stuffs the situatrion.. Gj at fault for the 2nd goal.. So nervous so quickly.. carragher and Gj the main perpretrators.."
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