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  1. Answers on a postcard please. I've very much got a team for the future Av 87 rating and I'm in a custom League with teams averaging 90-92. I tried 4-2-2-2 then 3-1-3-3. Nothing working and not won in 8. Time to shut up shop and try to hit on the break. Any ideas? I don't want to change formation every week. I just want to frustrate teams. Anyone any advice?
  2. Ok so i read the post below about custom game settings not saving. Mine were the same so I opened a bug. I just got the reply saying it had been fixed but it hasnt. I wanted empty squads and 300m starting balnce with no SMFA monitoring as its a league for work colleagues. What i got was everything except it is stuck at default balances and will not let me change it and says ive already made a change (even though I havent!). Ive reopened a bug ticket again but I just wish they would read the initial email and adress things properly. In the meantime I have a few questions...... 1
  3. Played 5-4-1 attacking against an average side. They go down to 10 men in 14th minute. In true SM style I then go on to lose 2-0 and it could have been 6. Pathetic game engine I honestly believe tactics don't matter so thanks anyway.
  4. Any ideas guys. I got a big 6 pointer coming up tonight? You can now add Jeison Murillo CB 87 and Elmir Nabiullin LB 85 to the squad above.
  5. GK M Ryan 87 P Rajkovic 85 DEF J Okore DC 86 B Martins Indi DLC 88 E Alvarez Balanta DLC 86 S Van Beek DRC 86 A Rudiger DC DMC 88 MID M Arteta DM MC 90 N Chalobah D DM MC 84 O Tufan DRC DM MC 87 S Vrsaljko DRL DM MR 87 B Schweinsteiger DM M AMC 94 D Cataldi DM M AMC 86 S Canales AMRLC 88 M Sanson MC AMRLC 87 ATT S El Sharaawy AML FLC 90 G Deulofeu AM FRL 87 M Vitolo AMRLC FRL 90 L Markovic AMRLC FRL 88 Y Ferreira Carrasco AMRLC FRL 88 R Mahrez AMRLC FRL 87 R De Paul AMRLC FRL 86 K Bojan AMC FRLC 88 D Rolan AMRL FRLC 87 L Ocampos AM FRLC 86 A Correa AM FRLC 86 D Go
  6. So hi guys. I've been playing this game for years now and I really need help. Smashed the league using same tactics by 31 points last year but since being promoted to a division with human managers with top players I'm getting smashed. I know this formation is way too attacking which is probably why I'm getting beat but I've lost 7 in a row and am in danger of being relegated. I need to change it around and quick! My team average is 89 with an average age of 24. Teams I'm up against are averaging 91 - 93. Any help whatsoever would be appreciated. Tactics for home or away or both! Cheers in adv
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