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  1. Re: Official Red Devils thread Anyone think Smalling could be adapted to a RB at united, we aren't short of cover with Neville (Who I imagine will retire in the summer), O'Shea, Brown or Rafael but none of them fill me with confidence when I see them play. Im still waiting on a top attacking midfielder to join the ranks of united but I doubt I will ever see that day, its all about getting the exact same type of player..... I can't see why Anderson isnt given more of a free role when we play 3 CM's, we didn't have many options against man city (especially when giggs was playing left midfield) last week, we need him getting forward a lot more and supporting the strikers.
  2. Re: Adem ljajic- might not move to man u When we play 3 midfielders though, it would be nice to see at least one of them attacking a lot more, I know giggs likes to when hes on the pitch but hes not going to be around for ever and I feel Rooney and Berbatov need more service, Valencia is playing very well but we cant just keep puting it to him every time we get the ball especially when Rooney isnt notorious for his heading (though he has improved) We seem to be moulding every CM into the same role, I also cant understand why Andersons shooting is so poor at times when I hear he bangs them in in training.
  3. Re: Adem ljajic- might not move to man u I dont think its that, united have a heap load of midfielders as it is but its worrying when Gibson is getting touted as the next frank lampard after one carling cup game.
  4. Re: Adem ljajic- might not move to man u It annoys me how united splash (Rough guesses) £17m on nani, £17m on anderson, £15m on Tosic and they turn out to be worse players than what Arsenal bring in for close to nothing and considering the 3 united players are 21-23 you expect more from them by now. Get some good decent scouts. I dont understand when Alex says he won't pay over the odds for players when hes being doing it for years anyway. Sell some midfielders and get a world class talent. I think anderson should be given a free role as a playmaker instead of being turned into a average midfielder.
  5. Re: Bosnia Bosnia could beat either team imo.
  6. Re: Gourcuff swap Gourcuff + Berbatov + £20m for Pato, do I do it. I have Pato btw.
  7. Re: Edin dzeko- rating prediction Dzeko also has 7 goals in 8 world cup qualifiers, level with David Villa and 2 goals behind the top scorer (in the euro section of the qualifers) Rooney.
  8. Re: Lee's list of 88+ risers Will Darren fletcher rise? Seriously under rated.
  9. Re: Lee's list of 88+ risers Ozil Datolo Carlos Eduardo Marcel Schafer The order I would get them in would be Mata (who isnt actually a LM on SM), Ozil, Bastos so try and get one of those. Ozil and Bastos should hit 90 in the next changes.
  10. Pobrien86


    Re: 80s -> 90s, Must Keep Players and The 90 - Droppers
  11. Re: 90-99 LM / RM / Wing issue I agree, Park and valencia are 2 others that both are wing when they should be LM or RM. I can understand how Ronaldo has the positions he has.
  12. Re: Lee's list of 88+ risers Is Ever Banega first choice at Valencia or is he filling in while someone is injured?
  13. Re: Spam's Guide to... 90+ Risers You could have these players on a outside chance. Robben 93 > 93/94 Mario Gomez 93 > 93/94 Gareth Barry 91 > 92 Dani Alves 94 > 94/95 Diego Milito 93 > 94 And I think Lass has a chance of hitting 93 as well.
  14. Re: Who is Argentina's Future Playmaker ? He has to be fired, what is he thinking with his squad selections. No stability and lack of experience with world class players being overlooked. If they qualify and hes still manager, they have no chance of winning the world cup.
  15. Pobrien86


    Re: 80s -> 90s, Must Keep Players and The 90 - Droppers What about Van der Wiel, first choice at Ajax and getting game time for the NT. Rated 86 at the moment.
  16. Re: Left backs Surely when Ramos comes back, Arbeloa will switch to LB. Marcel SCHAFER, Apparently playing well and now playing for Germany.
  17. Re: Official Red Devils thread Does anyone think de laet can play RB on sunday, he was very good against Hull at the end of last season and did a pretty job against Valencia, hes quick, can bomb up the wings and looks comfortable on the ball (unlike Oshea)
  18. Re: Michael Owen To Man Utd? Hes having a medical at the moment and it seems his big injury problems are behind him having played 32 games last season and 31 the season before. Hes a player who wont kick up a fuss if hes on the bench and will just get on with his job and can quite easily get us 10-15 goals a season, hes a real goal scoring striker and thats what united have lacked since Ruud. I also believe hes being brought in for the transitional period while welbeck and Macheda gather more experience. Its potentially a good sign for the national team as well.
  19. Re: Liverpool to sign Glen Johnson crouch and pennant.
  20. Re: AC Milan Sign Aly Cissokho From Porto The deal has collasped.
  21. Re: Milan Sign Aly Cissokho From Porto Mattioni is RB but not heard much about him since his move.
  22. Re: Glen Johnson Discussion Thread! I hope we have made a bid. I dont know how much Liverpool have bet but if they spend £20m, surely thats most of there summer budget gone.
  23. Re: Ronaldo to Madrid- Replacements,Opinions here RM will try and charge united stupid prices for VDV so they can reclaim some money.
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