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  1. Re: Random 10k Risers He looks a lot like James Woods
  2. Re: scout Remember copying of one person is plagiarism, but copying from more than one is research
  3. Re: Lee's list of 88+ risers Cheerleaders
  4. Re: Need a Center Back Stefan REINARTZ for about 350k rumored to rise 80+ soon ( do a search to find the scout/rise thread) I picked him up for one of my teams not long ago.
  5. Re: Does The Match Engine Need a Revamp I really have no issue with an every dog has his day kind of scenario, but what really is broken is when an unmanaged side is filled with cripples and the walking dead and they seem to consistently whip better teams that have everyone at full strength.
  6. Re: Gold Championship - Team Lottery I think a lottery system would be a great option, though I think it should be totally random pulls. You are entirely correct in that not all the games enthusiasts can sit and click the refresh button for hours on end and the many that have done just that only to see the site **** kittens from being hammered in what amounts to a user generated DOS attack. A lottery league would be very fun to try. For that league you could also have a mechanism to trade teams with someone who was wanting to change their lot as well.
  7. Re: how to beat barcelona How was the game stats? Did you control the ball the majority of the game?
  8. Re: How to Improve This Tactic ( Picture ) Try 3-5-2 with normal tackle Attacking mentality direct passing mixed style fast tempo press all over counter attack play maker target man offside trap
  9. Re: how to beat barcelona how did you make out?
  10. Re: how to beat barcelona Try 3-5-2 with normal tackle Attacking mentality direct passing mixed style fast tempo press all over counter attack play maker target man offside trap good luck
  11. Re: Official Risers Thread I don't really see the big issue especially if the posts link back to the original threads when appropriate. This would improve traffic on the originals and helps the folks without gobs of spare time to spend gleaning for info through dozens of threads. As far as searching goes, it is only as good as the information in the original, which is to say some people should work on their spelling when posting, particularly the player names. Remember, copying off one person is plagiarism, copying from many is research! As an aside, it is kind of a sad thing to watch some of you acting like a bunch of grannies throwing biscuits at each other. Think of all the constuctive posts you could have made instead.
  12. Re: Gold Championship 69 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread I "managed" to latch on to the KC Wizards for bit of a challenge in my very first Gold world(from scratch) If anyone has some mid 80's + (keeper's or defenders are my weakest area) for loan it would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Re: Hello Everyone - Club Wanted http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=35591&highlight=redissue A very active league if you are looking for some good competition.
  14. Re: minimum tranfer fee? curse their oily hides
  15. Re: minimum tranfer fee? Actually the problem is that it seems like it should be screening the low offers out (regardless of what the actual worth is out). If you set it as minimum of 100k I assumed you would not be seeing offers of 20k for example.
  16. I thought this screener out the lowball bids? I am trying to sell off some of my money spinners and in my one league the offers have been consistently half of the value. I figured I would screen out some of this and set the minimum value to just under the SM value. This has no worked and I keep getting the lowball offers. I know it is set properly because I can see the amount I set in the players info box. If it was a human at least I could counter the offer but it is all from the game controlled clubs. Anyone have anything helpful?
  17. Re: The Biggest Riser??????? +15/16 I was really fortunate and snagged some good risers this summer, including Soliman Otamendi KANTAROVSKI Gan LOJERO BERGET SKOGSEID These were all anywhere from 10 to 13. lots of 7-9 as well. I thought it was a pretty generous summer for rises This of course is largely due to the hard work of people who have been posting some excellent scout reports. Very much appreciated guys.
  18. Re: Can we have the old game back please?? I am also going round the bend with some of the blocks that get thrown up. I have tried to unload some older players for newer risers that are close dollar value of the geriatric only to time and again have the chairman intercede like I was trading away his grandkid to nazi's as a love slave. I wish I could give him a swift kick to the 1's and 0's and tell him that he just lost another kid that was going to be worth twice as much in couple week's. As one poster mentioned I would totally be for a scale that has the chairman loosen the grip the higher your rating. I wind up selling for cash and then paying more in the end than if I had done the trade.... if the player has not already been scooped up. If this goes on they need to change the name from soccermanager to chairmanspuppet
  19. Re: General Knowledge Quiz Thread. whooops! I am almost as bad as movie marines, oh well at least I had the correct floor
  20. Re: General Knowledge Quiz Thread. Since 7 was the only one that looks to have everyone stumped Dallas Texas, from the Texas School Book Repository (Sixth Floor) Oswald also killed a police officer who stopped him after he fled the scene. Fun Fact In the movie Full Metal Jacket when a bunch of marines are asked about who killed Kennedy one of them refers to the building as the Book "Suppository" building Just imagine the paper cuts
  21. Re: The Redissue League - managers wanted !! For those interested I just gave up my Walsall team that I invested a lot of time cleaning out the geriatrics and have put together a great base of younger players and several good risers for use and profit including a keeper that just went up 22 points a couple days ago. Yes 22 I was running in the top 5 for awhile and it should be little problem to get back into promotion range. I left Walsall to try and salvage a crippled Nottingham team that is in the toilet, always a glutton for punishment
  22. Re: Need Cheap Young Potential Risers Lucky I scooped Otamendi when he was only 300k Thanks for tip, I will be sure to hang onto him.
  23. Re: A Message From Chris I am sure he is extremely remorseful about getting exposed as a woman beater and losing all that cash. I am all misty eyed.
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