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  1. I wouldn't mind, and agree with you, HOWEVER... When you auto-picked your team before the changes, the game EXPECTED a full back in these positions, it would select a 70 DR or DL over a 90 DC every time. So people like myself went out and bought full backs. I have (only including 88+'s) 2 DC's, 2 DR's and 2 DL's in my squad. Now I am desperately short of central defenders, and have to rotate in a 70 to give my guys a breather. Had this change been implemented slowly, then great, but I wasn't aware it was coming in until the day it happened. There are still some issues of the gam
  2. I'm annoyed that Jack Thomas of Mansfield Town http://www.soccermanager.com/player.php?pid=76512should be worth in the region of £160k-£240k based on the new player valuation system (he currently fluctuates between £80k & £120k dependent on ambient temperature probably). Unfortunately SM input his player change initially as 65-70, and then as 65-69. This shows him on the player profile as a -1 player change. If his rating was correctly processed, it would show as a +4 and his valuation would be at least twice what it is now. This can be seen visually when compared with players such as:
  3. Value is relative to other players in your squad. If you have other midfielders at 95, in the eyes of the game he has gone from joint best midfielder, to second/third best.
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