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  1. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Respect.
  2. Re: English Championship 1 ^ Ha, thanks mate, legend you are. Continued playing the reserves for the final. They were smashed in the stats and only won on pens but meh, what can you do, go match engine. Commiserations to Newcastle who can feel rightly peeved. Division 4 - Home of the EC1 Cup - Fear Us.
  3. Re: GC19 discussion / rumours etc thread Ouch. Got Leeds promoted to Div1. Should be interesting.
  4. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread 3-5-2! Default safety! In the name of self preservation...I'd do it.
  5. Re: Implementing the option to choose the old interface The new one looks great, apart from the text for some things being too small to be user friendly (club schedule pages esp). I'm sure newbs with 20/20 vision joining up will be mighty impressed. Personally I liked the old as I'd mastered it. The new one's clunky and currently peeving me to tears. Why change the pitch map on the tactics page to the other side? Small change, big PITA to adapt to, no advantage to gameplay? What's the point? I don't have the interest to re-learn it after three years tbh. Btw, where's the '2D/3D whatever matchday experience' we were being promised years and years ago? Seriously, Score Centre? Is it 1985? Where's my DeLorean? Will the server crash because it's already flat out rejecting player transfers? Processing Paypal payments? ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
  6. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Well done mate, a convincing win when it really mattered and that's what it's all about. Milevskiy unstoppable. Good luck. Have to admit I hate Podolski so much right now. Let us down yet again, he's out of here. Looking forward to a complete revamp next season.
  7. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread I've just read the last 48 hours of thread and although enjoyable I'm geriatric and now almost too tired to post... Regarding F1, you can make all the changes you want during testing and official practice but when qualifying ends the cars sit in Parc fermé. Not to be touched. You race what you qualified with. Interestingly (probs only for me), I was working on the corner of the Shu/Hill shunt on the Saturday of that race weekend in Adel. Turned down the offer of the Sunday and watched the race on tv from home (3kms away, windows open for stereo sound). Could've witnessed a bit of F1 history had I not been so lazy. Story of my life really. Anyway, we at Bristol Rovers couldn't care less if our Div3 Semi opponents Norwich City rope in Messi, Ronaldo and the Pope himself as I suspect they'll trash us anyway. Either way, I will be serving up our regular dish of Spam as usual. Our squad of idiots deserve the chance to be heroes.
  8. Re: concerned players with injurys Concerns will continue to rise.
  9. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Complete disaster for Dnipro this season. We're W1, L5 so far. Nothing working properly, no click. Already feel like dropping them into a 3-5-2 and forgetting about them and it's only round 7. Gerrards still hanging around like a bad smell too. What a weight around our necks he's becoming. Does nothing other than suck our wages dry but I refuse to let him go for a handful of bland.
  10. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC130 - Bayern Munich still looking to swap all non-Germans for Germans by the end of the season. Only received one offer all week, Robben94 for 20m + Boetang89 and I'm seriously considering it tbh. Have a shot you may be surprised (no junk though).
  11. Re: GC106: SPL - Discussion Thread. Raith Rovers are getting absolutely hammered in Div1 at the moment. Our last four matches have seen three heavy defeats and a draw and a total of 15 goals put past us. Playing such an attacking formation isn't helping but tbh we should still be in Div2. We went up too soon. Poor Raith Rovers, go easy on us, play your reserves if possible.
  12. Re: Gold Championship 109: Match Report/Transfer Gossip Thread You're not going to let up about Sandro are you? I'll swap you Fletcher for those defenders...
  13. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Udinese's bid is higher I think.
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