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  1. What about new Southampton signing Van Dijk ? he has been super so far with the saints and for a long time before that with Celtic too, i think he deserves 89
  2. Ross Barkley to 90 ???? could he possibly rise come December?
  3. got him for the minimum fee of 1.5m lol
  4. What are the chances of Alcantara rising in the December/January period ?
  5. He's been Roma's best player for a long time now! Providing assists and goals in every game nearly
  6. Aub should rise to 92-93 for sure Calhanoglu should rise to 91 Thiago should at least rise to 92 Dost should be 90 Costa has to get a 92 and i think muller should have a 95
  7. Alcantara must rise now ! 92 material for sure !
  8. Rated at 93... I think this is too low for Javier, he is such a unique talent with such desire and determination... he is a gladiator and should be rated at least as much as Pique (94) This is the second year running that he has been nominated for the Ballon' d or and this year ahead of the brilliant Busquets ( I think this speaks volumes of the immense talent which Mascherano possesses) GIVE YOUR VIEWS !
  9. Pjanic has been rated 91 for some time now and i think he merits a 92 at least ! He has proven himself to be one of the worlds best free kick takers this year and has been scoring and creating goals on a regular basis.
  10. I believe that Thiago has been one of Bayern's best players this season and should rise! what do you guys think ?
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