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  1. Re: Official AC Milan Thread using this logic, Boca can also be considered "the most successful team in the world", right?
  2. Re: Official AC Milan Thread why is everyone saying milan have 9 CLs? they won the european cup 7 times, 3 in the the current CL format
  3. Re: Official Red Devils thread I thought he was the best united player to start that game. all united's openings came through him
  4. Re: Official Red Devils thread yeah United look awefully short of ideas in front of goal, 433 with park and valencia as wing forwards....i rate those two, but neither are prolific and decisive enough in the final third. and they got no one breaking into the area from midfield. carrick packs a good shot but is ponderous and doesnt get in the box quick enough. what happened to Berbatov? not even in the 16, below his working temperature maybe....i can definitely see some problems here.
  5. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread by majority who are we talking about? taibi is a keeper, materazzi should have worked out, mancini came at the back end of his career, same with montella, aquilani cant even speak english yet, bianchi and dossena were overhyped and overpriced in the first place are you looking primarily at scheva as your case? sure he learned his trade in Italy, but again, he came at the twilight stage of his career. it would be inaccurate to base your assessments on those guys. plus, i would like to keep this "Italian" analogy to actual Italians. the south americans like veron
  6. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread i personally like to believe that it was a stray pack of ginger biscuits paul scholes left out on the changing room floor.
  7. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread i dont think Toni is a realistic option for chelsea, but you dont have to diss him. the guy is of similar age to drogba and anelka, but has scored more top division league goals than both drogba and anelka the fact van gaal has excluded Toni from his plans is no fault of the player. in fact, im pretty sure Toni was bayern's top goal scorer last year, despite missing half of the season. van gaal is a strange guy.
  8. Re: Official Red Devils thread no way. i dont buy that. united as a team have more than enough quality to beat any team on the planet. the reason why you lost so emphatically against barca was due to a mixture of bad tactics, missing personnel, and the fact no one played well on the night. if fletcher was playing, rio was fully fit, and ferguson not have made the incorrect(from hindsight) changes at half time, united would have presented a far greater challenge. to make matters worse, united started to panick badly from a very early stage in the second half. they were literally playing l
  9. Re: Official Red Devils thread yeah i think manutd's strategy will be to defend deep and not expose fletcher and carrick to any direct pace or space in behind them. that's how they normally play on the travel anyway, so, even more so this time plus, United are the most dangerous playing on the counter, maybe this one will work out just fine. and think this way, fletch and carrick in defense are still probably better than other EPL defenders like gabbiddon and titus bramble;)
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