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    a guy who can make a living just by telling the truth
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    World Championship 3067-juventus, where im building a complete dynasty
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    1 custom setup title, 1 shield, but underestimate me at your own peril
  1. Re: Johnny C v mr luicci, Forumer's World Cup Knockouts, Last 16. voted for Johnny, his posts ooze quality, he brings a new dimension to this forum, one of my personal favorite on here ps. i shall be inactive for quite a while because im entering a hefty 6 month of work and exams. so i wish Johnny the best of luck, and thank everyone for their compliments...you all too kind!
  2. Re: Official AC Milan Thread using this logic, Boca can also be considered "the most successful team in the world", right?
  3. Re: Official AC Milan Thread why is everyone saying milan have 9 CLs? they won the european cup 7 times, 3 in the the current CL format
  4. Re: ATTENTION: The Scousers Have Been Brainwashed! strong strong LFC bias there mate. that's a bit like saying carragher has been rather off the boil this season so i will replace him with Roger johnson of Birmingham city and say they are about equal (Roger has actually been, pretty sensational this season) either way, i feel you have either over-estimated agger or underestimated ferdinand. Agger is a classy player, but a long long way off Ferdinand right now, no matter how many errors he has made this season. Rio has the sort of natural ability and experience that puts him among the very best defenders on the planet. as for the argument that age has caught up with him....well, it doesn’t happen in the space of 6 month. more likely it will happen gradually over the course of a few years. I’m fairly certain ferdinand's sudden dip of form has more to do with the fact that he was never really fully fit this season, and has been rushed back from injury many times, resulting in below par performances and uncharacteristic errors. the sort of errors Rio made against city, holland, and ukraine are not unique. when a defender isnt match fit, his interpretation and vision of the game is slowed down, hence, those mistakes come the world cup, I think he will perhaps be the 3rd most important England player in the England lineup. JT is a very English style defender who takes a lot of plaudits, but his lack of pace and agility means he will surely be exposed against the sort of oppositions England might encounter in SA. That’s why a guy like Rio, with his composure, and his athleticism, and his astute reading of the game, will be absolute gold to Capello. a guy who has been to 3 world cups, 2 CL finals, countless semifinals, and marked some of the greatest strikers in the history of the sport……and still very much at a functional age…….Agger needs at least another 5 years at the top to get to Rio’s level. sure, on their day, Agger may outperform an off the boil Ferdinand, just like lee bowyer may outperform steven gerrard on an off-day…but over the course of the season, the quality gap is very much there. and until agger has marked the modern equivalent of Luiz ronaldo, henry shevchenko, batistuta, raul, trezeguet, crespo(when they were in their prime), or has marked out etoo, benzema, ibra in major tournaments, then i personally feel you cant quite say that agger is in equal ability to ferdinand right now and let's not forget, rio is 31, he is not 35. defenders are known to perform way into their 30s. look at nesta. last year after surgery and a whole year out, many wise guys said his career was finished. now at 34, he is currently the best defender in serie A, and is scoring goals like mad too! PS. im not underrating Agger in anyway, i think he is very talented defender, i just think he is a long way off rio. if we had to make a LFC manutd hybrid team, i would rather have Rio and agger in the center, instead of Vidic, who i think is ridiculously overrated. he marked out drogba in one final, and now he is in many united fan's all time greats list.....unbelievable
  5. Re: Togo withdraw from Africa Cup of Nations is it not a possibility for adebayor to return but for the rest of the squad to stay? i can imagine why he would want to leave, his career is made, he has everything, he doesnt need all this. But for the younger members of the squad, the ones who are still looking to build a reputation, and attract the european clubs, i'm very much certain they would prefer to stay.
  6. Re: Official Red Devils thread I thought he was the best united player to start that game. all united's openings came through him
  7. Re: Official Red Devils thread yeah United look awefully short of ideas in front of goal, 433 with park and valencia as wing forwards....i rate those two, but neither are prolific and decisive enough in the final third. and they got no one breaking into the area from midfield. carrick packs a good shot but is ponderous and doesnt get in the box quick enough. what happened to Berbatov? not even in the 16, below his working temperature maybe....i can definitely see some problems here.
  8. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings Yes, thinking about it Pazzano, this makes more sense. maybe i was being a little rash, and very much forgot how conservative SM are with these ratings. I was also thinking about what could happen in the summer, and with Candreva being the number 1 young hot property in Italy at the moment, and the fact i would tip him to make the finals squad. And if i was to base my opinion solely on the friendly against Holland, he should start as well. lol so probably a 87.
  9. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings Went through the Livorno thread. Top notch once again, i dont know how you do it, and you are picking up alot of the stuff only guys in Italy would know about. impressive. me, i have to read the reports of those guys in Italy to figure out. however, there is one rating i think could work out different Candreva for me, will go to at least 87. i would say he is more 87/88. If i was to describe this guy's ability, i would be here for the whole of 2010. Very much the new Totti, but can play anywhere in midfield. he will give Lippi a lot of headaches when the latter pick his squad for South africa.
  10. Re: Forumer's World Cup, Main Event, Group 6. Only guys i know here are Johnny and Roko. Johnny is an excellent forumer with very strong views, and brings alot of extra knowledge to the forum. I have learnt a lot about business and financial side of football from his threads. However, i ve only know him for a short time. So I voted for Roko, who for me, when it comes to talking about football in general, is without doubt one of the top 3 forumers on here. He has a very refined understanding of the game. An educated and intuitive thinker, his views on the sport dont just make sense, they are often intrinsically and ideologically correct. plus, he is willing to adapt and accept new ideas, which makes him all the more impressive.
  11. Re: Forumer's World Cup, Main Event, Group 7. I would like to thank everyone for their kind words. In fact I really enjoyed reading all the compliments, not the just the ones for me. There is a very positive vibe about this competition and it think it shows all the best qualities of this forum, not just the qualities of guys who are supposedly good at talking about football, but also the generous supportive uplifting spirit of everyone who have posted and voted…. Human nature at its very best. I don’t doubt for one moment that I’m receiving more credit than I deserve. I don’t think my debates are interesting. I think “our” debates are interesting. They are interesting because I was debating with other intelligent and capable forumers like you guys. Forumers who put in more than their share, to make those discussions an excellent opportunity for me to exchanged different ideas and experiences with. The pleasure was all mine, and any credit I get is a credit to you guys. Here I have voted for Caleb. I have spoken to him many times, and know the quality of his posts. I don’t follow his match reports (I don’t follow anyone’s match reports), but I know exactly what he brings to the forum. His help posts are succinct and accurate, and he helps people tirelessly without exception. In addition, he is a seriously nice guy. Ben and SOP have been forum heavyweights long before I started posting. However, we usually post in different sections, so unfortunately I don’t know them too well. But from what I’ve read of them, SOP is definitely one of the old wise-heads of this forum, and Ben is decent lad who is knowledgeable way beyond his years. Two guys I would like to get to know in the future. A sincerely good luck to everyone.
  12. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings I think a lot of stats on Iaquinta are ambiguous, not too dissimilar in many ways to Emile Heskey. On stats i.e goals etc no way is heskey an england starter. However, watching Iaquinta and Heskey play will explain why both of those strikers will be starters for their country in South africa. Iaquinta is not the most technical forward, he is not the most talented, but his physical qualities, and his intelligent teamplay, and his willingness to sacrafice for the team make him a very important player to both Juventus and Italy. Not taking it too seriously but Juventus' horror period over the last 2 month or so coincided with Iaquinta being injuried. Not suggesting he is THAT good, but we certainly could have done with his fighting spirit during that period. this just my personal opinion. Pazzano is more in touch with the game ratings system, you should listen to him
  13. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings he has been out after knee surgery for the last 2 month. should be back january.
  14. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings he is indispensable to Inter. when he plays, Inter are a different team. but he has had a few niggling injuries over the past few month, nothing serious, but Mourinho does not like risking him unnecessarily.
  15. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings Not Milito because he is Inter's top performing striker. not etoo because he offers so much more than just goals. most likely it will affect balotelli whoes performance is very much on and off pandev could also in theory play in the hole when sneijder is not fit. alot of possibilities
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