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  1. Re: TB Too Long? If you want to keep it extremely realistic (Which SM is based on) then it should be after 18 turns don't you think? Dead on the middle, and that is also when teams reach the January transfer window after playing 18 games... I think As Bob mentioned, Liverpool sold Robbie Keane after six months of acquiring him. He came before the season and went midway. So 16 turns is my shout
  2. Re: Firing Managers/Club Expectations This idea has been mentioned before and I am one of those who keeps banging on about it. I like the idea about chairman expectation. As you mentioned, it will keep managers more active by making them spend more time with their club, actually looking after it. But I do not agree with chairman's being able to fire managers. It may be in real life but this is something that won't suit some of the SM players as they may be looking after their club, but can't actually pull off any wins (Like me) Also, the firing idea will be very negative amongst Gold Championships as they did so hard picking up a top club, or waited for so long to manage a team which they have wanted for a long time, only to find that it can be taken away if they don't meet chairman expectations? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think the chairman expectations should be implemented very soon (If it is on SM's shortlist of 'things to do') so that it can also work with other current features. For example, I think it will be brilliant if chairman expectations could coincide with Job Offers so that managers who deserve to be rewarded actually are ! Now, you see the job offers offered to anyone random, and the offers hardly go to any table topping managers, regardless if they be Wycombe or Liverpool. I think that once a chairman gives you an expectation, and a manager meets it..Then they could be in line for a decent job offer when the next big club becomes available. EG: I am manager of Wycombe. Chairman expected me to finish in top three but I am first place and therefore not only meeting expectations but exceeding it. I think that I should be rewarded with a bigger job offer as that is every managers dream and that is how it works in real life. You impress so that you can move onto bigger things. Paul Ince is a prime example..>Went from MK Dons to Blackburn because he was brilliant at Dons and therefore deservedly rewarded. Good shout mate, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see the feedbacks from the members and more importantly, the Devs.
  3. Re: Best striker partnership I'd also say Henry / Bergkamp. The excitement, elegance and technique the both provide is unbelievable. They both have huge chemsitry between each other and score a bucket load of goals too. I would also mention Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole.
  4. Re: Spanish Ratings Exactly my point but SM didn't move him up last time and therefore they may want to keep it like that. I have personally said that he SHOULD move to 98, no doubt (Read My Post). Eto'o maybe is serious form, but like I said..Maybe he is a strong 96 rated player. He is finally starting to show that he is worthy to keep his 96. But it'd be unfair if Eto'o rises and Messi doesn't - That would be just wrong
  5. Futuro


    Re: Mugshots He'd probably kill me! But Him and I go to the same school so... Here's Toro Di Libano! !!! It's on Sportsday last year. I'll put mine up later! (Don't hate me Jad)
  6. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Lyon Gold Championship 30 are now officially champions after thumping Lorient 5-1 in my first game in charge. You could call it 'half an honour' Looked at my results, and only three in. Won 2 and lost 1. 66.66% succession rate so far:o
  7. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
  8. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Okay, after looking at my teams properly and after getting rid of teams which I KNOW that I won't be interested in, I have come up with the following main clubs. Gold Championship 20 - Rangers Gold Championship 21 - São Paulo Gold Championship 23 - Zenit St. Petersburg Gold Championship 26 - Fiorentina Gold Championship 30 - Lyon Gold Championship 36 - Hamburg SV Gold Championship 41 - Dunfermline Athletic Seven good clubs to work with. Transfer News Gold Championship 23 - Zenit St. Petersburg - Mascherano and Kuyt are available for sale. I need a good striker as well as a decent winger, good rated. Message me if you are interested. Gold Championship 30 - Lyon - Bodmer, Kallstrom and Benzema are for sale. I need a replacement alongside a winger / defender. message me once again for deals. AND after looking around the clubs, I'd have to say that my favourite one is Zenit. Ross did some brilliant work with them !
  9. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
  10. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Am now also a GM Once again) thanks to Ross and boast some great teams. However, only 52 days left so I will need to renew FAST!
  11. Re: Tactics Improvement - Player Instructions Feedbacks welcome:o
  12. Re: Italy Vs Brazil Brilliant goal Elano just lifting the ball over Buffon after a brilliant passing move. Both man City boys Robinho and Elano combining together for the goal. Brazil looking strong, keeping Buffon alert
  13. I don't know whether this has been mentioned before, or whether SM are already considering this. But what do forumers think about the possibility of assigning instructions for individual players. Now we see instructions set to a team, so if I assign them attacking...The whole team stay attacking...But I think it would be more efficient to give player instructions. It's a bit like football manager where numerous instructions can be added. So if I was playing the 4-3-3 formation, I could easily set the DM's mentality to defensive, assign him to do short passes and also tell him to tackle hard as well as hold the ball. I don't know whether the match engine will support this or if it would actually make any difference at all but I think if you were to take tactics to the next level then this would be a good idea. Thoughts people?
  14. Re: SM team of the season I can see that this is a Football manager sort of suggestion. I'd agree with it, but would it be the team of the season meaning players form all around the setup? Or team of the season which consists of players from that specific league only. I's prefer both to be honest IN a traditional 4-4-2
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