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  1. Stridex


    used to join this league. Reapplied :/
  2. Hello friend can spend the advantages and disadvantages of all formations ?? It would be helpful for me! Thanks friend

  3. So my club limit is 6, yet I could only do 5? Halp someone, please?
  4. Just joined the Lazio, signed some of em. Too bad someone took away my Schurle Q.Q Managed to get Motta and Howedes. 2 really good ones
  5. Reserve me for Shaktar Donestshk. Last time I applied I got rejected so hard Q.Q
  6. I think good players have to play like 8/10 the games you have a season which is very hard to keep up with
  7. Stridex


    Lost almost all matches with this tactic
  8. Adding in a brand new feature. THE COUNTER FORMATION! Hope you guys like it
  9. 4. 4-4-1-1 This tactic is commonly used alongside 4-4-2, and is pretty well used. It provides the false 9 but offers less direct passes since the Striker have moved backwards, so it could be used alongside normal tempo. I used this tactic once or twice, but not a big fan of it. Suggestions : Tackling style : Normal Mentality : Defensive/Normal/Attacking Passing style : Slow/Long ball/Short Attacking style : Mixed Tempo : Slow/Normal Pressing : All over Advantages : - Provides an attacking midfielder who is capable of going up himself - Great for an all over pressing as it cove
  10. Meh .-. dont blame me, the bug is killing me. My club limit is suppose to be 6 but it only allows me to get 5 -,- KMN.
  11. Oh, I was scared as Fudge. Thought u would force me to sell him since he is above 78 on the first match.
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