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  1. Re: Gold Championship 1 News as im banned for no reason for posting on news feed im man utd manager and after nearlly quiting sm due to lack of time, plus stupidty of the reversed transfers ive persuaded myself to give it 1 last go sooo all my squad is up 4 part exchange vidic, evra, abate,sagna,danny,parker,rossi, to name prob the best of them. aguero would have to be a super deal as im looking forward to playing neymar aguero up top together :eek:
  2. Re: Gold Championship 1 News i think he at ajax now well for the time being lol, some1 prob reported that 1 too!. every1 blaming the people reporting the deals its not the prob its sm not doing there job tbh. ive got 85 days left if it carry's on im voting with my feet i think, its becoming a chore now not fun anymore.
  3. Re: Gold Championship 1 News aguero i need a super offer 4 tho. vidic the same
  4. Re: Gold Championship 1 News swapped west ham 4 the red half of manchester! the new hammer manager selling off the best players 4 cash! now i wont be selling any 4 cash so please no more cash offers. will trade any of my squad so please put some fair offers in. cheers 4 reporting my kompany deal it only took 2 days sorting that deal! sm need to look into transfers not 12 year old kids!
  5. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) still available, this is a good side far to good to be raided! a nice little youth team aswell. they prob lack a forward but plenty of players to trade 1 and thats the best position to buy anyway
  6. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) stuttgart 56 badstuber lukaku and a not bad squad! the daggers up 4 a few deals! ohh be quick as bids are in
  7. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) gc 57 cska moskow bids are in but far to good a side to be raided! witsel,cavani,sanchez among the best of em! my daggers side up 4 a few deals!
  8. here is a link to a great little game! its called forge of empires. its a lot like ageof empires if any1 remembers that. its free to play so worth a look http://en.forgeofempires.com/?invitor_id=193754&world_id=en4&ref=player_invite_email
  9. Re: Dwight GAYLE - 67 rated Wing/Fwd dwight reminds me of a young defoe. he plays on the backfoot of defenders and is not afraid to shoot. he is very quick and wins his fair share of headers 4 his size. he will be a championship player at least. anothher dagger to keep tab's on is luke wilkinson. awesom cb still learning his trade
  10. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) a ok rennes in 149! strootman, dembele,gustavo are the best players there, bids already in tho. lille intersested in some deals!
  11. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) gc 56 malaga, strootman is the best player but an ok squad. bids in, the daggers are like a few!
  12. Re: The New Players Thread thought u only used wikipedia!!:rolleyes:
  13. Re: accept falcao for balotelli and vertonghen??? yeah falcoa will rise, imo balotelli should rise as well, only a plus1 4 each tho!! gc62!!!!
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