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  1. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013 Piszcek is better apparently than Subotic. Who says SM doesn't do comedy?
  2. Re: Tired of Concerns! Phil Jones, who's been in my youth squad since he was a 75, has just had a concern about games despite being an 89 for a week. And the fact he's still played a few games as an 87. SM is ridiculous.
  3. Re: English Ratings Review I've played SM for over four years, and I'm struggling to think of a rating review as flabbergasting as this one. They've got no idea....
  4. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings-By Kunasher||- Think that's a typo Great work, looking forward to the rest.
  5. Re: tough decision I'd go with Hummels. Haven't seen much of Luiz so I can't comment but based of what I've watched in the Bundesliga, Hummels first and Badstuber second.
  6. Re: Luis SUAREZ rated 91 now *begins campaign for Suarez to get 92 next rating change*
  7. Re: Luís NANI go up to 92???????? 91 is fine. The kid deserves it, but +2 isn't going to happen.
  8. Re: Ravel Morrison-- Manchester United WONDERKID He's been added today, as a 75.
  9. Re: Dutch Rating Cap - Come On Suarez deserves to be 91. No questions.
  10. Re: Neymar Or Lukaku.... The easy answer is both I've only seen youtube clips of Lukaka so can't really talk properly about him. The matches I've seen Neymar in, he's been great. You can tell and see the touch of class he's got which people well into their established careers lack, and the kid's 18! You can't guarantee he'd be a smash hit in Europe when he eventually goes over, but if he goes to the right club with the right manager, you're looking at a superstar.
  11. Re: Best striker over 90 and under 20mil? Completely agree with this. Muller is a MUST buy.
  12. My first ever scout Matthew Ryan Matthew Ryan is an 18 year old goalkeeper playing for the Central Coast Mariners in the A-League. He was signed at the beginning of the A-League season as cover for fellow new signing Jess Vanstratten, formerly of Juventus and Gold Coast. However, Vanstratten managed to do his knee in during a seemlingly harmless training session, ruling him out for up to 12 months. With the transfer window shut, Mariners manager Graham Arnold had little choice but to promote Ryan into the starting line-up. His first match was against Champions Sydney, and Ryan made an unfortunate howler, gifting Sydney a point. Despite signing the more experienced free agent Paul Henderson, Arnold publicly gave Ryan his backing for the rest of the season. And the teenager has responded by keeping three straight clean sheets, showing more confidence and composure. He's played four matches for Central Coast so far this season, but expect him to play upwards of 25 matches this season assuming no injury and the Mariners make the finals. I sent a ticket about him, and he's been added as a 72. But if he continues to receive gametime, there's no reason why he can't get a decent +5 rise. He's a good young talent, well worth signing or at the very least keeping on your shortlist. Hope it's helped somebody
  13. Re: Matthew Leckie - Future Socceroo Star Quality young player. Definitely one to sign, got a big future ahead of him.
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I've been offered Diego (93) in a straight swap for Nilmar (90) and Witsel (89). Is it worth considering?
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