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  1. Seriously, something needs to be done with that engine. MISSED - Goal for Queens Park Rangers! RAFINHA gets a firm header on goal. KNOCHE takes an in-swinging corner. The ball deflects out for a corner to Queens Park Rangers. This is the second time this happened this week. I would appreciate if an admin/dev would help me with that.
  2. What a surprise. The same thing happened to me yesterday. With the exception that I ended up losing 1-0. This is from the match report: 17 Queens Park Rangers manage to win the corner. PJANIĆ crosses the ball towards the back post. MILNER heads the ball at goal. Goal for Queens Park Rangers! 23 Gueïda FOFANA sets up an attack with a long ball. AFELLAY climbs above his marker and goes for goal with a looping header. The ball dips over the leap of PERÌN. GOAL!! - It drops into the goal. This is from the live commentary. Notice it says saved in the match commentary but not in the ma
  3. Why do you keep deleting the posts? People do not always remember what they wrote and important feedback gets lost this way. That just tells me you do not care about the players any more. Wouldn't it be better to move them to threads you deemed appropriate? Any news on that new article explaining how the new game economy works?
  4. I am also a player in that gameworld. It is a very active world with about 45 managers. Took over a div3 team a month ago. My current balance is at 3M with a squad of 31 players, 16 which are in the 80-89 range. I was able to bring some good players by selling players with the old chairman valuation system. But now, it won't be as simple moving forward. My full team is valued at 50M. I have been trying to find potential risers to add to my team but it has not been easy. A lot of the young talent are already signed to the game world clubs making it hard for lower division teams to find players
  5. Looking forward to that new article on how the stadium building and new allocation works as the current one does not explain the numbers Damien1990 mentioned. I don't understand how successful clubs(Darlington and Forest) with good recent achievements have less capacity than newly promoted teams.
  6. Can we also get the player ratings back in the game lineups, so we can see how good the oppo players are?
  7. I don't understand the timing of the update. I discovered this game 3 weeks ago and joined one of the test game worlds 2 weeks ago. I posted my feedback once then 2 days later the forum was down. In that period the dev sparely communicated with the people on the game world. So I don't understand why then release a half finished product. There are lots of bugs still out there and a some stuff you said would happen hasn't. Whatever happened to the UI changes being introduced slowly where gameworlds would have the choice of still using the old UI until the new one is properly transitioned? Don't
  8. What happened to the other thread (Pavillions thread I think it was called)? I posted some feedback and now I can't find it.
  9. Agree with this. The old main page was good. You could see a lot of your club messages once you logged in. Now you have to endlessly scroll down to view all your messages. Same applies to the newsfeed. I feel the space isn't being used efficiently. Too much empty space imo. Bugs: -Time stamp is wrong when replying to a message on the newsfeed. I just posted a message and it shows 5 hours ago on top of that message. -The drop down menu to view first team/youth team/full team is still not working on firefox. Other teams in the gameworld I'm in have that problem. -Filters are not working
  10. Strange that. Mine is different' date=' see attached. Also, I can't add players to my youth squad anymore. That's what I see on some pages. The full team, youth team and first team are like that. The loan list is normal. [ATTACH=CONFIG']n5115023[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]n5115025[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]n5115026[/ATTACH]
  11. I joined pavillions test 2 today. I have some early observations. Firstly, I like the new UI look. It looks clean and modern. Now my observations: -I have some issues on firefox(using 42). The font looks blurry in the overview. See attached. I also cannot use the drop down menu in squad view. Cannot switch to youth squad. It works fine on chrome and Edge, it must be an addon I have. -The new squad view requires too much scrolling compared to the old one. Can only view 7 players on 1 page as opposed to 20+ in the old one. I think viewing most of the squad on a single page is a must. The pl
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