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  1. Hello everyone, I'm Lee - nice to meet you. You might - although it's probably unlikely - recognise my name from the SM blog, where I'm currently writing about my 'homegrown challenge' with Watford. It's going OK so far. Anyway, the reason I'm posting is because I have started a podcast dedicated to Soccer Manager. It centres on mine and my friends' game world but, also, everything generally related to SM, too. Our hope is that it'll help spread the good word of SM - and also provide some more content/entertainment for current players of the game. The pod is obviously still a little raw at the moment, but I'd love for members of the community to offer their input, to submit their best SM stories and anecdotes for feature on the show, and volunteer for being interviewed on the pod. It's going to be a weekly show, which will hopefully continue to grow as we all interact. So please do get involved: all (constructive!) feedback and comments welcomed. Steven, the Operations Manager for SM, will be appearing on the pod, soon - once work on the new updates have calmed down a bit..! Oh, and if you do want to listen, the first episode is available here, and will be every Tuesday: http://www.acast.com/SoccerManager Thanks for your time.
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